Sunday, March 9, 2014

CL Receives Death Threats Over MTBD

And this isn't because the song is fucking terrible, it's because there is supposedly something from the Koran in the song. 


This happened a couple of days ago and wanted to wait for people to calm down so that the likelihood of them thinking rationally would increase from 0.0001% to 0.001%. That's still a 10x increase in probability, so math is on my side.

I'm not going to pretend that I know the first thing about Islam, but in this instance, I don't even care. Death threats over a fucking song is really fucking ridiculous. Sure, hate the song for it being shit, but don't give death threats over a fucking song. God damn.

I doubt YG will even notice this, but I hope nothing is changed. It would set a precedent that anything can be changed if it offends someone. For example, the conversation I had with mcf over at Asian Junkie about this:

Kpopalypse oppar already beat me to setting up a religion, but I could easily find a way to use Yeseulology as a pretense to ban anything that I could find offensive. Grow some balls/ovaries and stop getting offended by everything.

However, if YG Entertainment does need protection for horde of angry Muslims, I would suggest Rita from Tales of Vesperia to be CL's protection.

Rita could "Blah blah blah Tidal Wave" all of CL's new anti fans.


  1. Ugh, the first thing I thought of when I saw this post was "I wish I could edit their death threats." If you're gonna be that hateful, at least proofread.

    1. I don't believe that Google Translate has a proofreading function yet.

  2. I liked this post so much that I made "be a cunt" in my Rainaism post link to here.

  3. I'm pretty sure you are taught by your "god" to be forgiving, in which you haven't done. It's really understandable that they can't think rationally, I mean they keep believing their religion is right even when it is misogynistic.

    Most religions are evil, and this is no exception, all they bring is war and hate, if people would think rationally instead of relying on an old fiction book, maybe we can get somewhere.

    "God" is also supposedly equal to everyone, but fucking hate gays (psycho much?).

    Some of my religious 'friends' even freaking said that masturbation is a sin, like fucking really?

    1. i'm sure this post is supposed to be the "no religion war please" type of post, not "religion is stupid and fake" type of post, which i would remind you, will still spark the war and hate, so why blame on one source?

      i can give a full length of lecture to you on how religions are not what you think it is, but what's the point? judging by your words and tone, i would say that you just speak with your penis, not your brain.

      see what i just did? i create war and hate. you are going to be so disagree with me that you may even reply me saying my religion is a fake and some other stuff. but i used sex approach to make you hate me, so what about that?

      if you hate those who hate gays, don't even be in here. all of us are homophobic. you are not one of us. we do love lesbians, though...

      masturbation is a sin for tons of reason. but, if you want to disagree me on this sentence, tell me what sin really is and why masturbation, which involved imagining things that could have been sex outside marriage, and in reality will also waste your potential babies, is considered otherwise.

      history mentioned on how war sparked even without religion. World War 1? A royal member was dead. World War 2? Continuation of WW1. America kills children of Irag and Afghanistan? Oil. Jews captured half of Palestine by force? Land. Pull out the religion context from those and you can still find more reasons why war started.

      It's all human's fault for stuff, not any other thing. Human made decision and rather than think rational like what you just said, you blame on religion, which marked as people's way of life.

      Have you ever do researches on Muslim, Hindi, Buddha, Christian, and any other famous religion? What are their common points? Kindness.

      Like I said, you wrote your comments with hatred and all other stuff inside your head with 1) thinking rationally, 2) act like those haters the authors of this blog hate the most 3) all you do is spark war and hate on how lame your opinions are.

      Last note: GO HOME! YOU'RE DRUNK!
      (I just sparked war with the theme of alcoholism. tell me if that has something to do with religion or not)

    2. Not everyone in this site hates gays.

      I should be asking why the fuck is it a sin? Who are you hurting? Sin for me is when you hurt someone.

      What's wrong with sex outside marriage if both people are taking responsibility?

      In my country people burn churches and mosks, because their religion contradicts each other.

      Of course it's love, but you're forgetting the polygamy, discrimination, slavery part of it.

      Words can't really convey much emotions over the Internet, and it seems that if anyone is angered, it would be you

    3. " I mean they keep believing their religion is right even when it is misogynistic."

      This is a huge misconception, actually.

    4. While that might be a misconception, they still have another form of discrimination

    5. I'd just like to say that I like and approve of gays. More gays in the world means less competition for the girls that I like. All men should actually be gay. Try it. You never know if you never go.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. we all can sit here and blame cl and yg for using something that somehow makes people think it's quran language (which i have to say it's arabic, not quran. that's a book), or you can all compare the similarity of this incident and the time muslim chant is heard in ocarina of time.

    you know why this happen? because there are no MUSLIM around them. they don't live with one to tell them it's not okay to do such.

    why did i say this? it's still their fault, right?

    in a way, yes. but i am talking about how people react by this: PURE SHIT!

    it's their problem, why do we care? if you don't want to hear that, don't hear it! Ignorance is still a bliss.

    what do you achieve by hating her or defending her like medieval armors? Still nothing.

    So, why the hate/love?

  5. This is the reason why there still is a such thing as poverty, Covert to Yuraism and get rid of poverty today!

  6. Time to call the holy trinity: Jiyeon, Hyomin, Eunjung, to discuss on what proper method of punishment CL will have. Not only did she violate the sanctity of religion, she also committed crimes against humanity, the holy trinity let that last crime slide because Baddest Female had the power of delusion x1000, but it has gone too far. Jiyeon suggests that her and the rest of her gangnam unnies inconspicuously tweet and shade CL until CL retweets and apologizes for not having enough determination to become a proper rapper. Hyomin suggests they all take pictures with CL but oddly point up to the sky and "mistakenly" poke her in the eye. Eunjung, the final say in the matter, suggests they all take turns stuffing Rice Cakes down her throat, for funsies on a Japanese Variety Show, and make the masses butthurt because "thtz srsly dngrus", they know bitch, that's the point. Let us pray and hope the Trinity finds the proper answer. lmaoallkpopmadeapollaboutt-araand2ne1andeveryoneisgoingbatshitinsanebecauseslay-araisat60%and2ne1isat40% #slay

  7. First of all Muslims are mad because Quran is something holy to them, and it is used for prayer.It should not be associated with music for any reason, so muslim or not, should not use it for a backup track for a song BUT sending death treath is fucking stupid, wether it is sent by a muslim or a normal fangirl to the gf of her favourite oppa (or imaginary husband). the worst part is that issues like cl controversy are not dealt with like this in islam. people who send these threats are fucking retarded and do not represent the religion in in away.
    In my opinion,Cl is definitly not at fault, because come on it's Kpop, she got the song all ready she only wrote few words and sung it, it's not like if she is the one who composed it but it was actually teddy. this boy who was smart enough to find the video of the boy recieting Quran** among the shitload of youtube videos but he couldn't wonder if it's okey to use it and now that he and yg know that it's not ok, they just continue what they are doing like it's nobodies busniess without even an apology or what soever.the way as i see it, it is a plagiarism issue before anything else.

    u tell that the boy's voice is used in cl's song.

    1. You can't claim copyright on something as old as the Quran. Legally, it's public domain at least as far as copyright laws are concerned.

    2. I'm not talking about the copyrights of the Quran, i'm talking about the copyright of the voice of the boy reading it *or reciting it*, the voice that was used in the song. Quran recitations are actually sold in CDs just like music.

    3. The Quran is sacred and treasured. Its the words of god unlike Christians we don't joke about our religion we take it seriously. I don't give a crap that CL/Teddy park don't know any muslims they should have least have some sense and know how many people they would offend by putting Quran in music.

  8. I don't see why the death threats are such a surprise. Don't idols get death threats over social media for the most ridiculous reasons? They're dumb and unwarranted regardless, but it's to be expected from a typical netizen that embraces the hive mind mentality. If people have the desire to bring change or do something productive, being an ass on the internet won't do a thing.

    Anyways, CL has offended my ears more than enough in the past.

  9. If you had to censor or edit any work of art/entertainment deemed "offensive" by some group of people, NOTHING could get released at all.

    Everything single thing out there is guaranteed to offend some group of people.

    That group of people being organized as a religion doesn't make them any more important or legitimate than a group of people organized around a common interest.

    Should girl groups also stop doing "sexy" concepts because some religious and social groups are offended by it?

    It doesn't necessarily make you "ignorant" or "disrespectful" (two words being thrown around by dumb netizens about this CL issue) just because you do something that offends someone.

    I wouldn't blame a business for censoring itself because of the potential impact on their bottom line or even a person censoring themselves out of fear of personal safety.

    But it does not necessarily make them "wrong" or "disrespectful" if they choose not to do that and just ignore the complaints and deal with the haters.

  10. Nothing is going to change and YG isn't going to make an apologie because apparently nobody cares in Korea (or they didn't notice the "seriousness" of the situaion), and I bet YG is not going to be so stupid to point it out while 2ne1 is under promotion. The people who feel offended should calm the fuck down... and why are they lashing out against CL anyway? It's not like she did something more than add a couple of "hey hey" and "I'm bad bad bad" and shit like that in the song...

  11. If your religion is worth killing for, please start with yourself.

  12. I'll bet most of those "threats" are from non muslim trolls. And any real muslims who are posting death threats should bury themselves up to the waist and toss a big rock straight up in the air and let it come down on their head for being ignorant dummies. And for those who may take offense, this is not directed at all muslims since all of the muslims that I've personally met have been normal lovely people, but to those psychotic dopes who will use any excuse to be stupid under the name of their religion.

  13. $uho is God. Join the church/temple/whatever you want to call it of $uhonism. XD jk.

  14. LOL @ the threats, why don't people know the difference between 'avenge' and 'revenge'

    this is CL's solo song, she should know every little thing about it including what is being sampled.
    if she knows what it is, then she needs to educate herself about the world second largest religion.
    if she doesn't know, then she's just another idol puppet who doesn't research the material she's promoting. Either way it doesn't look good for CL.
    No-one involved in this mess deserves death threats though.

  15. CL didn't use koran. Just melody was the same with Indian music.

  16. I am extremely confused by this, Firstly I see absolutely nothing whatsoever which could possibly offend Muslims. All it is is sampling someone reciting the Quran. Second even if it was offensive, how come Muslims are so offended by this when Christians rarely ever speak out when the entire internet shits on them for not wanting gays to live miserable lives as married couples?

    1. they are offended because Quran is a Holy book used to pray and to be close to God, and it should not be associated with music for any reason.

  17. Hi all, I hope those reading my comment will keep an open mind. Too many comments were made with regards to the above mentioned topic by Muslims and Non-Muslims alike. Islam practised in different part of the world DO have their differences. Even thought the 5 pillars of Islam remains the same. So kindly hear me out and give me a chance. It's upsetting as a Muslim to see the religion dragging through the mud...again....I grew up with racism and discrimination against me as a Muslim. But I count myself lucky that my parents are peace-loving and patient people. It's hard to practising Muslim especially when I travel. God knows that going through airport security is not fun at all.

    1) It's not sampled from some Indian music.

    2) The Muslim boy who was reciting a passage from the Quran (this is the spelling that I grew up with.). Not singing the Quran. You cannot 'sing' the verses of the Quran because it is forbidden. Singing praises to Allah is known as Nasyid and it does NOT contain verses from the Quran, though people probably misunderstood as Nasyid tends to be sung in Arabic, mixed with local mother tongues.

    3) Th little boy was reciting the Quran with Tajweed.....not the usual way Muslims recite the Quran on a daily basis...which is in normal, soft tone because when you recite the Quran, it is between you and one else.

    Those not familiar with Tajweed...Basically, Tajweed is a set of rules for proper pronunciation and recital of the Quran. It is meant to replicate the way the prophet Mohammad (saws) recited the Quran. Learning tajweed means learning how to pronounce the letters in the words correctly, which covers matters like when a consonant is silent or not and how long a vowel is kept.

    To the Non-Muslims and Muslims who are not familiar with Tajweed, it is easy to understand why they thought the boy was 'singing' the Quran. That is how reciting the Quran with Tajweed sounds like.

    I hope I am not confusing anyone further. I tried my best.

    Controversy or not...YGe stocks are climbing...they laughing their way to the banks...

    As for those saying why 'Muslims' are only ranting about it now....have you thought that there are BJs or other Muslim Kpop fans do have a life outside of the internet? Maybe they heard it much earlier but did not say a word because they chose to remain silent and not spark an unnecessary war over the internet? maybe the one who started it all, was a hater of 2NE1 or a troll? pretending to be a Muslim BJ? I don't know...there are so many possibilities....

    As for those 'issuing death threats' at CL, they are ridiculously childish and embarrassing towards the religion and those majority of Muslim who are normal human being. But to invalidate the main reason why some Muslims are offended just because of those idiots, kind of sucks for the rest of the Muslim who were offended BUT did not condone such stupid acts....

    Islam is not misogynistic. Human beings are can't take the Quranic verses literally....Times has changed over the years....what was practised no longer practised least where I grew up....those Islamic countries that chose to practised the Syariah Law to the fullest extent...well that's their cultural perogative....I don't walk around in a burkha...I don't walk around with a male relative accompanying me around.....THOSE practices are NOT practical in modern times. Some countries chose to practise such, it comes down to cultural practices.

    The Quran is a holy book is still used till today as a Guide. That's why we Muslims need Islamic scholars to help us interpret the Quran and deliver fatwas.

    tl;dr.....idiots exist in every religions, cultures, countries, and even kpop fandom....

    1. forgive the multiple typos...



      too many to go through...sorry!

    2. "you can't take the Quranic verses literally"

      same problem with bible

      if anything is bad in the books, people sugar coat it and put it so much out of context in order to make it look good.

    3. You can say the same about atheists that diss religions though. They choose random verses of the bible or whatever and twist it to make it seem bad. Even though most atheists have no clue about the religion they're dissing, they just feed through the palm of the media.

      Same crap, different smell.

    4. I'm not sure about this twisting of facts, you can just look up the said book and see if they twisted it, since most of them quoted it.

      Plus I don't see much benefit of atheists twisting the facts, they don't have anything to defend.

    5. @myownlittlebubble THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Finally, someone says it....

  18. I found myself watching that stupid video at the end, thinking that something interesting was going to happen. stupid video.

  19. I'm glad Teddy put that bit in the song Why are they even watching these vids to begin with? Wouldn't watching 2NE1 be some catastrophic sin as is?

  20. I am Muslim, and I have seen comparisons on YouTube and it does look like they have used part of the boy's voice. They haven't used the actual words, but the parts where the boy lengthens the verses.
    For those who don't understand, this is quite offensive. It's like using verses from the Bible in an explicit rap song and mocking it.

    One thing I've noticed is that Muslims take religion far more seriously than others, especially Christians. We believe 100% of what God has said in the Quran, whereas Christians only believe in the parts that they prefer.

    Even though Muslims are angry, no one deserves death threats. Islam teaches us to co-exist and be friendly with people of other religions, and to respect them. I don't know what these people where thinking. It's not entirely CL's fault, the producer is more at fault.

    I don't hate YGE, but I think they should have known. Like, how do you randomly find a clip of this boy when making a song? Unless they searched 'Middle Eastern vocals' or something, this isn't possible. There are 40,000 Muslims in South Korea, and I'm sure YGE have heard of Islam before. It's really silly of them to make such a big mistake, but I'm happy that they've fixed it.

    Islam is one of the purest and kindest religions in the world. Remember, it's not the religion that we see; it's the people.
    And for everyone criticising Islam, please learn and understand it before you say anything. Thank you (:

  21. nice article with a lots of information for their reader

    House of quran

  22. sometimes.... i really believe people don't believe in their religions as much as they think they do.. uhm... like, is it okay, in their QURAN to THREATEN others??? wtf assholes!! they better be careful because KARMA IS DEFINITELY LOOKING FOR THEM!


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