Wednesday, July 11, 2012

K-Town: The Asian Jersey Shore

If you have nothing better to do in the next 12 minutes and enjoy a good laugh, I recommend you waste your time by watching the following video of K-Town's first episode.

K-Town, in short, is the Asian version of Jersey Shore. Nearly two years after news of a reality show in Koreatown was announced, the first episode of K-Town was released on YouTube. Turns out, no network wanted to pick them up. Surprise, surprise!

It's glaringly obvious that the show is as real as the female cast's boobs, but it's like a train wreck you can't tear your eyes away from.

And to all the high and mighty Asians commenting that this show is a disgrace to our race, you're failing to remember that Asians are not, and have never been, portrayed in the best light in America. We're notoriously known for being terrible drivers, cheap customers, math nerds, and having small Wangs. On the bright side, I think this show will help viewers explore a different take of the Asian lifestyle, starting in L.A.


  1. Agree w/ last paragraph. All races have bad people.

  2. scripted trash.

    i'm not even asian but I know it will only give arrogant cornfed farmers to complain about asian americans.
    good thing its not at all popular

  3. Replies
    1. Omg it's a PLAY BUTTON!!!! PRESS IT PRESS IT !!!! Watch me!!!

  4. In the first video... did they... did they just say they got Shin-B performing at their little soiree?

    Oh shi-

  5. Woah Chewbacca! Calm yo beard!

  6. when is MTV gonna do Compton?
    They need to find the wildest of hoodrats and follow their asses around. The only show comes close is cops

  7. Haha saw this yesterday. It was entertaining but I don't think i'll watch it. I can predict how everythings gonna play out by the first episode

  8. When that one guy was making an announcement, I honestly taught he was going to say that he's gay. Then he says he's engaged to a chick. Wow what a twist. I never saw that coming.

  9. even if I love her, but I can imagine CL being like this in real life.


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