Friday, December 16, 2016

End of an Era

Well friends, it's time to hang it up. Over the past few months, I have lost all interest in writing for AKF. I think it's better to end AKF now rather than drag out this sparse posting for another couple of years.

I am getting much busier with my personal life because of work and needing to study for my professional exams to get my license, and I may end up even doing a masters degree later on. Aside from that, I have been actively tackling my depression and enjoying doing things that don't revolve around me sitting on a computer shit posting and trolling all day. Lastly, I'd rather spend time with the girlfriend than to deal with stupid fangirls online.

I have also come to the point in my Kpop fan life where I would just rather enjoy things than to have to be expected by tens of thousands of readers to react to everything that happens on a daily basis. I expect to be in the Kpop fandom for the long haul as I really like a lot of the new groups. I just don't care to write about it any longer.

You'll still be able to read new articles from Kpopalypse and suho_ftw on their own sites and on Asian Junkie, as I got IATFB to add suho_ftw to the site. I'll be retiring from writing for good.

I want to thank all of the authors who were a part of AKF42 and all the readers and commenters who came here over the past five and a half years.

Maybe someone will make a site that has the same spirit of AKF in the future or maybe not, but I enjoyed growing AKF to what it was and I hope you all enjoyed the ride.

Monday, December 12, 2016

So you want to be a k-pop songwriter - Kpopalypse's 7 steps to certain success*

I've written before about people wanting to become k-pop idols, and how realistic (or not) that is... but what about people who aim to be songwriters?  Is k-pop songwriting a realistic goal?  Can it make money?  How to best approach pitching your songs to the k-pop market?  Never fear as Kpopalypse has all the trufax!


Saturday, December 10, 2016

Jessica - Wonderland

Jessica made a surprising comeback seemingly out of nowhere. The neckbeards on NB are probably thinking "lolol, Sica's business is doing poorly, so she needs another music comeback" while ignoring the fact that plenty of other musicians around the world run fashion labels and still produce music. But hey, don't let me stop these same people who bash Jessica from fingering their assholes to G-Dragon as he comes out with his weird fashion crap.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Guess the Kpopalypse 2016 end-of-year lists!

For those of you who give a flying fuck, click the Raina to do the Kpopalypse "guess the end-of-year lists" survey!


Note that this is only a survey about the Kpopalypse end-of-year lists, not AKF as a whole.  Have fun!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Round-Up Reviews: Ladies' Code, BAP, SHINee, Up10tion, Hyoyeon

Finals week start tomorrow and I don't have time to give each their own individual reviews since I'm preparing for finals. So I'm just going to wind up some thoughts on the releases in one post.

Nayeon's Vibrator's Top 10 Songs of 2016 - #10 - Twice's Cheer Up

I'm going to do the top 10 list a little different this year. Instead of doing one post that lists all of my top songs in them, I figured I would try highlighting each song. It's December, usually the time of year when no one really tries in K-pop except to grab a few quick wons from Christmas ballads, so I'm starting the countdown a little early this year.