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Is this an anti-hallyu site? 

No. We'd turn into one if you paid us shitloads of money though.....not taking payments from a suspicious bank in Nigeria FYI.

Are you guys anti-fans of individual idols/idol groups?

No, we're antis of delusional fangirls who give us second hand embarrassment and often ruin the Kpop experience for a lot of casual fans.

Are you guys a bunch of misogynistic people since you don't hate on fanboys?

If we were misogynistic we wouldn't have female authors. Fanboys can be pretty stupid too, it's just that you don't come across an idiotic fanboy that often as compared to encountering idiotic fangirls on forums and various social networking sites.

So what is the purpose of this blog?

Just a collection of individuals who mock the ongoings in Kpop and often express their views regarding the antics of idiotic fangirls, music and other random shit. We're kinda like South Park in a sense I guess.

Why are you guys so mean? What have my oppars and unnirs ever done to you?


Welcome to the internet!

Who is the AKF team, how many people are you and where are you guys based? 

Check the Authors page. 

Some of the things you say are quite offensive, as in racist, homophobic and xenophobic. The fuck is this? 

If you can't differentiate between sarcasm and satire from bigotry then you're too young for the internet.

Do you guys even like Kpop? 

Yes we do, if we didn't there would be no point in making this blog.

Is Anti Kpop-Fangirl (the author) a girl?

No. HE isn't. The fap posts about Soyeon when the blog started should have given it away.

Will you guys ever sellout and become shitty like allkpop?

As long as Anti Kpop-Fangirl is in charge, no, not a chance. Who knows what his successors will do though.

Why have there been so many authors?

Some quit because they didn't have time to write any more. The others got fired for fucking sucking at writing. AKF decided to start adding authors when he didn't want the site to revolve around him any more, which is why there are roughly ten authors on the staff at a time.

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