Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh FT Island how you've fallen....

I use to be excited whenever FT Island put out a new song but after their attempt at remaking "Like The Birds" they've pretty much just gone down hill from there (not that they really made it that far up the hill to begin with).

Either way, the song was boring so it deserved a boring MV and they delivered. Just a few things to note about the MV though:

1. For a child actor Hongki really can't cry well on camera and his face looks more distorted than usual.

2. Hongki's hair and nail where extremely distracting. His hair looks like a birds nest, I was just waiting for the finches to show up.

I would also like to note that no one was hurt in the making of this video just in case some of the "fans" forgot. Also I sometimes wonder if the female actresses are safe after they shoot the video, I worry for this ones safety :/

Monday, January 30, 2012

A message to my love...

Recently, you have all heard me cry and die a little bit on the inside (just joking, I can't cry) upon hearing that Janghyun will momentarily leave Sunny Hill to complete his mandatory 2 year military service.

But before you leave, Jangy, I just have to know...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

[NSFW] Hwayoung Slips Up at Inkigayo

T-ara wins a Triple Crown on SBS Inkigayo today, but no1curr because Hwayoung stole the spotlight with KPop's first ever nipslip.

You prayed to the fapgods for this day to cum. Your prayers have been answered.

Friday, January 27, 2012

[MV Review] Dal Shabet - Hit U

Dal Shabet makes a comeback, throwing aside their old cutesy aegyopop in favor of a sexier and more violent approach. Full review after the jump.

[MV Review] Six Bomb - Chicky Chicky Boom

New girl group debut =  fresh blood in the fap market. But are they fappable enough for your right hands to stan religiously? Full review after the jump.

Question of the Week 28

This week's Question of the Week comes from Wafi:
Which idol would suit better in a different idol group? 
ex) KARA's Gyuri would be better in Secret. 
Or: Which idol group would be better off without one of their members?

Thank you for your suggestion for this week.

I found boy-less f(x) not bad.

But seriously, I would take After School and take out Lizzy and UEE and bring back Bekah. Then make them produce songs like "Because of You" again.

Also, and not permanently, but maybe for just an album or a few songs, I would have liked to see a collaboration between IU and JOO. Those little cootie patooties are two of my favourite Korean singers who can actually sing. Except JOO needs to get her shit together and sing live properly. She is still just too damn nervous.

I am sure we will be hearing a lot of "TAKE DARA OUT OF 2NE1 CAUSE SHE'S A TROLOLOL!!" and definitely "GET HWAYOUNG THE EFF OUTTA T-ARA!!!1!!one"

If anyone has suggestions for later Question of the Weeks, please send them to zomg.oppa.sareanghae@gmail.com, or leave them in the comments below. Thanks!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

B.A.P releases MV, LOEN trolls the fans.

Y’know I didn’t give a fuck at all about B.A.P but my sister was all like “OMG I’m so totally a fan!!!” and I was like 

Eunjung kneecaps herself to get some fucking sleep

So you may have heard the terrible news about Eunjung getting injured again.

I think it's pretty obvious that after experiencing a leg injury a year ago, she was able to weigh the pros and cons and decided to take a hit in order to escape their terrible slave-labor schedule from which Jiyeon not-so-subtly seeks legal protection.

P.S. If you don't like the language of the title, too bad. It expresses the fact that Kim Kwang Soo should be getting kneecapped.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Troublemaker is no longer sexy

I generally enjoy Shinyoung's parodies, but seeing her in that outfit made me want to gouge my eyes out.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Lim finally realizes what she should do in front of cameras

Lovey Fancams

When I see a fancam like this, I think 3 things in order.
  1. Dude is probably for real in love with Taeyeon and this is some sort of shrine-like dedication. Creepy.
  2. Hmmmm... Okay, maybe he just needed to cover up the obnoxious sound of the screaming crowd. Understandable.
  3. No, wait... He's totally copying the style of the Gravure videos he watches to capitalize off SONEs. Hilarious.

    Question of the Week 27

    This week's Question of the Week comes from Chichi Maki:
    Which fandom do you dislike/hate the most and why? What fandoms are you currently in now?

    Thank you for your suggestion for this week.

    Personally I hate the snooty Sones "POWER OF NINE KEKEKE~ All of you other girl groups stop copying the greatest group this universe has ever seen!!1! No other idol will ever be as good as these legends".   Puke.

    Currently, I do not identify myself with any fandom. But if I did, I suppose I would be a PlayGirl, BlackJack, VIP, G.NI, Inspirit, or Everlasting. Or whatever other idols I liked. But I do not count myself as a fan enough to be labelled. That is too mainstream for hipster me.  

    If anyone has suggestions for later Question of the Weeks, please send them to zomg.oppa.sareanghae@gmail.com, or leave them in the comments below. Thanks!

    Thursday, January 19, 2012

    Just what exactly is an "Anti-fan"?

    As many of you know, fangirls enjoy labeling those who find flaws in their biases as "anti-fans". Which would imply an equal level of dedication and bat-shit crazy, something you will rarely find (not denying their existence). Instead, you'll generally find ravishingly handsome intellectuals with cold, calculating opinions. A couple jabs here and there doesn't mean I want to write death-threats and send poison drinks, it means I have a fucking opinion, and I'm speaking it. But really, the phrase 'anti-fan' is thrown around way too loosely these days. You don't like them? Anti-fan. You don't like their song? Anti-fan. You misspell an ambiguous name incorrectly (lomanization bitches), ANTI-FAN. Of course this entire mentality came into being because if every single critic wasn't an anti-fan, that would mean normal people had reasons to dislike their oppars, which was simply unacceptable. Hence, mind-fucking fangirl logic.

    tbh, last sentence was just an excuse to post this

    Tuesday, January 17, 2012

    Monday, January 16, 2012

    This fangirl needs to realize WGM is fake

    We Got Married has to be one of the worst TV shows I have ever watched, regardless of where the show came from. Surprisingly, fangirls love this shit. I figured every female who appeared on this show would have been hunted down by the legion for having a fake marriage with oppa. Okay, there are instances where that shit happens, like this one, but then there are fangirls on the opposite side of the spectrum who ship the WGM couple as if they were real.

    Sunday, January 15, 2012

    [AKF Subs] Boram Snaps

    We at AKF believe our readers should get the fastest news coverage, so we (read: me) have decided to create a brand new subbing team (read: me) dedicated to bringing you most accurate high-quality subs you've ever seen (suck on that, Soshified Subs).

    This week's release brings you shocking footage of Boram on a variety show appearance. Catch the subs after the jump.

    G.NA reverts back to her true form

    I'm amazed you haven't gouged your eyes yet.

    Saturday, January 14, 2012

    Why you shouldn't cover Kpop songs

    Taecyeon to Make Stateside Acting Debut?

    Catapulted into success by hit dramas like Cinderella Sister and Dream High, 2PM's Ok Taecyeon has apparently been approached by some big name directors in America to star in a Hollywood blockbuster!

    "I'm receiving lots of offers and scripts from Korean directors, but you know what? Why play in the little leagues when I could be the next Rain?" Taecyeon ambiguously commented in a recent press release.

    Although negotiations between JYP and these directors are allegedly still in progress, we at AKF have found a leaked trailer for what industry insiders speculate is the movie offer that Taecyeon is most likely to accept.

    "It's a very natural role for him to play. Hardly any makeup or styling was needed, and he got into character rather easily. You might even say he was born to play this role." one JYP official said, asking to remain anonymous.

    T-ara's Boram shows off her T-line

    "T-ara's Boram has mesmerized fans with a new selca that highlighted her classical beauty."

    Rainbow Pixie Hoi Hoi MV

    For once, a Kpop teaser was correct. I saw the teasers for this MV and thought "Well, this looks and sounds like ass." I watched the MV and said "Well, this looks and sounds like ass."

    KARA Continue to Shit on SNSD

    While SONEs will forever be collectively creaming themselves over SNSD's amazinger album sales and tout their Japanese "successes" as proof of some sort of global indoctrination into the Cult of Soshi, KARA lets their money do the talking. A more effective way to say shove it, in my opinion.

    The Oricon has released their annual report for group earnings for 2011, and once again, KARA continues to roflstomp SNSD.  Using the gross sales album numbers for 2011 (Dec 27th 2010 through December 19th 2011 for those of you number crunchers curious),  KARA's earnings tallied about $63 million (4th overall), while Girls’ Generation came in behind them with about $52 million (5th overall).

    But before you cream your panties and shout "OMO HALLYU HWAITING~" please keep in mind that AKB48 still shat on both of them combined (literally) with their chart-topping $211 million. This shouldn't come as much of a surprise because guess what? People like people who can actually speak their language worth a damn.

    When approached for comments, SNSD's Tiffany had only this to say:

    Friday, January 13, 2012

    When idols resemble creatures

    If you like Jessica and/or Hara, get your pitchforks ready.

    True Artists ? Or idols ?

    Now I don't fault anyone for liking any particular idol group or enjoying quality picture time with a specific idol. But when I read comment like the following it makes me sad and slightly disappointed in, well the 12 year old that wrote it.

    As you can see this particular delusional fan truly and wholeheartedly believes that his/her beloved Big Bang are TRUE ARTISTS (as they so put). But then again this is just an example of many kiddies who've written a similar statements saying that their groups are true artists and NOT idols. I've seen this written for MBLAQ(especially during their recent release), Beast, 2NE1, BEG, Super Junior (I don't even understand who would even think about writing this about Super Junior), etc...

    Now I'd just like to state one thing (this is my opinion anyways) if your favorite group was manufactured in a basement by a lecherous CEO for years and has very little or zero say in what they wear, how they act, what they sing and where they go than yes, they are in fact an idol group and no they are not TRUE ARTISTS.

    I believe this will be my new pet peeve of 2012.

    [MV Review] Nine Muses - News

    Nine Mooses Muses makes a comeback after their earlier retro throwback, and while they still haven't entirely left Funky Town, it's enough of a departure to be actually listenable. Full review after the jump.

    Question of the Week 26

    This week's question comes from noraeoke:
    If you could perform a solo to introduce people to K-pop and impress them, what song would you pick? Just pretend that you are an amazing dancer/singer or whatever.

    Thank you for your suggestion for this week!

    HyunA's Bubble Pop. No, not actually. I do not want to disappoint my parents by looking like a prostitute and performing like a stripper. Or Rain's "Love Song" so I could take off my shirt and blame it on trying to stay true to the performance.

    To be honest, I think I would do a Big Bang ("Tonight") or 2NE1 ("I am the Best" "Clap Your Hands") song because they seem to have the most fun during performances. Or even Miss A's "Bad Girl, Good Girl" or Brown Eyed Girl's "Abracadabra". I don't know. There's a lot of good ones. But I would look pretty badass if I could pull off Jang Woo Hyuk's "Time is [L]over" properly.

    If anyone has suggestions for later Question of the Weeks, please send them to zomg.oppa.sareanghae@gmail.com, or leave them in the comments below. Thanks!

    Thursday, January 12, 2012

    More SNSD members decide to try rapping

    CombatBaby aka CronoDroid dug deep and found out Tiffany (and some other SNSD members) produced a rap. As usual at AKF, we could only find the lyrics. Some asshole keeps destroying the audio before we find it.

    Taemin's new doppelganger spotted: Sunny

    Of course, bitches have been praising Sunny's recent transformation to no end, since they absolutely love it when female idols look like men (Amber, CL). However, the line should be drawn when you exude less femininity than an actual male, regardless of how much cleavage you show. Granted, Taemin is not exactly a paragon of masculinity...

    On a mostly unrelated note, I recently google-searched "APINK YOO KYUNG", and 6-fucking-37, she looks like one of those U-Kiss members while they're cross-dressing. om6.

    Wednesday, January 11, 2012

    SimonD Shows How it's Done

    Supreme Team‘s Simon D has shared a bit of beauty advice for all the potheads out there out there.

    On January 11th, Simon D posted via Twitter, “My eyes are bloodshot due to smoking doobies all day, but you can’t tell because of the color of my hair.”

    Fans laughed at the truth of his statement, since their attention was drawn to the redness of his hair and not his eyes or his joint. They agreed, “Well, guess I know what to do next if I have bloodshot eyes,” “Dual purpose hair color!” and "G-druggin, are you listening?"

    Source: Simon D’s Twitter

    Looks like we've finally found a new Chris Brown in Kpop y'all.

    It's none other than a poor man's Taylor Lautner aka Teen Top's CAP.

    The MC of the show 'Wide Open Studio' asked the Teen Top members about what kind of parents they'd like to be and the ever so charismatic CAP opens his big ass cock sucking mouth and blabs the following : 

    The other trannies in the group feign shock (they're used to him shoving his dick up their asses in the dorm anyway I guess, loljke)  and ask 'WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?', to which the little bottom bitch responds...

    [MV Review] Wonder Girls - The DJ is Mine

    This reminds me of OH FUCKING HELL JYP WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!

    The only way this is good for the Wonder Girls is that the American girls are fatasses compared to them. Worst of all, this sounds like it could have been Nu Shoes, one of the best songs on their Korean album.

    Tuesday, January 10, 2012

    MBLAQ’s It’s War review (aka the reason why I hate MVs with storylines)

    Didn't want to do this then I realized I've been MIA like an irresponsible lazy ass so I said fuck it and started watching.

    Monday, January 9, 2012

    It's Eunjunffffffffffffffffff time.

    Deleted all of the content. - AKF

    Wonder Girls are the first victim of dubstep

    Sohee and Lim were a bad enough combination...add dubstep and now a naked Rosie O'Donnell seems more appealing.

    PICK a nose any nose !

    Et voila your options:
    Oh wait was there none to your liking? I wonder why?

    (I don't understand people who want to look like idols...wouldn't it just be annoying after awhile if you kept getting mistaken for them? At least you could have a job as an impersonator after they die. I'm well aware lots of people bring in photos of celebs in order to look like them but KARA? Really? Maybe I'm getting old and don't understand the "cute" appeal.)

    My new favorite person.

    Sunday, January 8, 2012

    Fangirls react to kids react to kpop!

    "they are just judging people without even knowing them, I really didn’t know that kids are this bad, kids used to be cute and innocent but what I see is all evil, judgmental, tasteless grown up wannabes!! but whatever this shouldn’t upset me because that’s just how they think, and who says they know anything? because people like them will never understand, just like when they were asked “why do you think people like them??” they all answerd the same stupid answers :D no one was smart or kind enough to know that looks are not the only thing why people like them!! The answer is and will be “because they got taste in music (unlike us) and because of their personalities!!” Eh whatever who am I kidding as long as I and all Kpop lovers know that these kids don’t know anything what they are talking about I’m fine!!
    (oh but really they made me so angry, I tried so hard not to cry TT^TT)"

    • Creator: Dude our show isn't getting enough fucking views what do we do.
    • Consultant: I've got it. We get the kids to insult k-pop.
    • Creator: BRILLIANT.

     Because Kpop is the most relevant thing in the world and addressing the issue is bound to make you more popular!
    Ugh, I just want to slap these kids for not having good taste in music.
    rofl. Anyways.

    Fangirls have been raging like this for a while now. Before you go and do the same, I urge you to remember that they are just kids; why the hell would you take them this seriously in the first place? Plus, if Bonamana had been your first kpop song, I'm sure you would have reacted similarly. To those of you who missed the previous article, 637637637637637. Why is there a gif of Suzy and IU you ask? No reason. Nooooooo reason at all.

    These kids are going to piss you Kpopturds off!

    Yup, they juuuuuuuuust dissed your oppars and unnirs harharharhar.

    & they speak the truth!

    AKF presents new male solo artist: Daebak

    Anti Kpop-Fangirl is very proud to present to you Daebak, an extremely classified project which started decades ago to create the ultimate male soloist. The result? A well-built teen with the ability to b-boy, rap, sing, and rip shirts with relative ease. We believe that Daebak's many talents (including the ability to speak fluently in nine different languages) will completely revolutionalize kpop as we know it.

    Lookout for a teaser in the near future! In the meanwhile, we encourage you to enjoy some of his underground hip-hop work (under the moniker 'Priority').

    Saturday, January 7, 2012




    Oh fuck, there's more.


    LOL of course. Let's ask an Asian person if they like Kpop too, whelp here it goessssssss.

    @ 4: 26

    Omg yes. Walk up to a random white girl and ask her if she likes Kpop, whelp here it goessssssssssssssss.





    Fucking Koreaboos.

    The Retard War, Round 90753765

    I've avoided this shit for as long as I could...

    Son Eun Seo is hot

    She's the only reason I sat through Jay Park's Star MV. After the autotuned shit in the beginning, I was ready to stop watching it, but then Son Eun Seo showed up.

    Yeah, it's the same girl that resembles Seohyun.

    You want my opinion on the song and the MV? Here.

    Hyoyeon's message to anti-fans.

    "I'm not ugly. I'm just different."

    "We'll blacklist your ass"

    Overly-possessive fangirls are back at it again.

    Friday, January 6, 2012


    Hyorin ruins all good things.

    There is an upcoming MBC show called 'Pit-a-pat Shake', yes seriously, that is supposed to be a spin-off of We Got Married. I know what you're thinking: "WGM is one of the stupidest Korean shows in existence!" I agree. It's a scripted show with a terrible concept whose participants can't even take the show seriously. So why should you be excited? Because Seungyeon. And because Sunhwa.

    Dear Hammie's never had a real chance to shine as an individual (all the other KARA members have), and you see, she's got a bod. Plus, she's really fucking adorable. As for Sunhwa,
    yeah. And Lizzy, while known to infuriate people as much as Dara with her annoying personality, is admittedly hot. That bikini shot will forever be embedded in our minds. So she is still a worthy addition. (Note: I used to hate Sunhwa with a blazing passion for her entire disaster of a performance on Invincible Youth with the whole "blank Sunhwa" persona. However, I am a male with e-sexual needs, and with Sunhwa's recent transformation, I had no choice but to submit to her overwhelming sex appeal). You may be wondering to yourself about now, "so why the fuck is this fag complaining?" That's where I'd answer, "shut the fuck up and read the title".

    First Dream High 2, now this pit pat shit? How dare she!
    I can't wait for the day she takes an arrow to the k-
    fuck. I just took an arrow to the

    Question of the Week 25

    Happy New Year, everyone!

    Welcome back to another year of Anti Kpop-Fangirling!

    2012's first Question of the Week is:
    If you could rename any idol/group, who would they be, what would you change it to, and why?

    I think I am going to hear a lot of "4Minute to PhoMinuteSluts!" from SuckMyDee.

    I don't know. I think I would change the name of any group with a stupid English name to something that makes sense. Or change the "Epik" in "Epik High" to "Epic" because my OCD tells me to spell properly.

    And to celebrate another full year of hating on silliness/ridiculousness, this will be a double question post!
    Why did you choose your username?

    Gee, I wonder why Anti Kpop-Fangirl called himself that.

    To be honest, if I could, I would change my username as an author. My current username was a spur of the moment thing. Shin-B is an anglicized version of 신비, which means mystery. The more you know. I could not use one of my usual usernames for fear of my family finding this double life of mine.

    If anyone has suggestions for later Question of the Weeks, please send them to zomg.oppa.sareanghae@gmail.com, or leave them in the comments below. Thanks!

    Thursday, January 5, 2012

    AKF's Top Fans of November/December!

    We, the writers at Anti Kpop-Fangirl, would like to thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts! It is due to your support that we have become the number one English-speaking, kpop-fangirl-hating site on the world wide web (that uses Blogspot). All thanks to you guys! We have even nabbed the top 3 results for the Google search "suzy is a fat whore", a phrase that managed to place 3,932,261 on Yahoo's 'Trending Now'! Wow!

    Wednesday, January 4, 2012

    Koyote Repeat The Same Words

    Wait, Brave Brothers didn't anally rape the song and then dickslap the song with his shit-covered dick? Or maybe Shinji is that awesome and this song wasn't the equivalent to being raped like the rest of the songs Brave Brothers composes. Whichever one it is, it's the first Brave Brothers produced song I like since 2009.

    I don't really like Baekga's parts. Not because I think he sucks or anything, but he mentions Brave Brothers whenever he raps. It's fucking annoying. I'll give an example of how annoying it is by emulating him for the next section of the post.

    Tuesday, January 3, 2012

    Lovey Dovey International Version

    Following in the footsteps of Big Bang and other sunbaes, T-ara has made an all-English version of Lovey Dovey for release in Japan and America. As Tiffany did for The Boys, Hwayoung has written a whole separate version of the song, yet the big surprise here is that she also performed the entire thing for the studio release, technically making it her first rap single. The song and MV are about her trainee days at CCM but she requested that Qri and Eunjung be the stars since they were the ones who really took her in and taught her what it's like working for Kim Kwang Soo.

    Y'all may find Kahi "gorgeous"...

    But let's be real here, she's just an uglier, scarier, older Boa.
    She only stands out because she's in After School.
    Warning: Do not stare directly into eyes.

    Click here for the pic

    EDITI don't give a fuck about Kahi, her talents, or even her looks. It just annoys me when fangirls praise her looks like she's the next fucking Hyori. It's probably part of some feminist ploy to boost the self-esteem of man-faced bitches like Kahi and Blake Lively.

    IU You and I

    First, I wanna say you're better off watching the dance version of the MV. I found the story version pretty boring and there wasn't enough IU in it. The dance version focuses solely on IU, therefore it's the better version to watch.

    Overall, I like the song and replayed the fuck out of it the first couple of days it came out, but God damn, I feel bad for IU. She's going to be stuck doing songs like this forever until she eventually loses her popularity. This song has the same formula and atmosphere as Good Day, as will the rest of her title tracks. Trust me, I hope to be wrong, but it is Kpop after all. Hell, Super Junior has been releasing the same song since 2009. I don't see it being any different for IU. Oh wait, she might shuffle and throw in a little dubstep into her next single.

    Monday, January 2, 2012

    A blast from the past: I wish Kpop were still this good.

    T-ara Cry Cry + Lovey Dovey MV Reviews Part 1

    Yeah, I planned to write this about five weeks ago or so when Lovey Dovey was originally supposed to come out. Fuck you CCM. Now I'm watching Cry Cry again because it's been a while.

    Lovey Dovey Review

    The song a hell of a lot better than that Cry Cry/Black Eyes shit. Time to pay attention to T-ara again until the song gets old after 10 performances like T-ara songs always do anymore. Oh, and...

    Qri oppar FTW.

    Soyeon gives Dara the bitchface.

    Kudos to Soyeon for overcoming her desire to rape and kill Dara. It is a struggle all idols must overcome, only then may they reap the fruits of their labor. Although it does look like Dara just barely made it away unscathed, so would I recommend not making another derptarded face in public for the next year or so.

    Sunday, January 1, 2012

    Sistar finds Jesus.

    After Sistar's embarrassing wardrobe malfunction at the KBS Gayo Daejun, the ladies of Sistar confessed, repented, and devoted their lives to Christ, with Hyorin explicitly promising never to show her tanned ass cheeks ever again. No, they're not entirely giving up their life of stardom, but at least these dresses are progress, right? At this rate, we'll have them in nun habits in no time at all! Hallelujah! With a new year, I bring you a new Sistar. Watch out for their upcoming single 'Ma Jesus'!

    cr; prettyrickyrock@tumblr

    A Pink My My

    This song is...