Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Girl's Day Sojin and CNBlue's Jonghyun

See David, this is why I like Sojin. Because she can sing. Yes, I know it's rare for someone like me to like someone who can sing in a Kpop group, but it happens. I'm with everyone else that Yura is the most fappable one, but I like Sojin's singing.

Secret's Starlight Moonlight MV

As the song itself hasn't been reviewed yet, let me get this off my chest: Stop with the fucking shoo-bi-doo-bops and sha-la-las. It's like I'm listening to fucking Wiggles music. The fuzzy, feel-good melody is actually not so bad, but it certainly won't win them any awards.

But onto the actual music video. The plot, as a whole, is rather generic. Still, it is interesting to see that they kept the hobo from the teaser (spoiler: He turns into a princely figure, but still manages to look derelict as fuck), and the settings (while not very convincing) are aesthetically pleasing. Sunhwa (the main character) looks surprisingly good, Ji Eun & Hyosung look gorgeous as always, and Zinger is just fugly (for the nth time).

Although I doubt it, here's to hoping that they'll continue their winning streak of 3 (Mazic, Madonna, Shy Boy; although Mazic never actually won).

Monday, May 30, 2011

Daesung is a murderer




Daesung was involved in an accident where he killed a motorcycle rider.

Say goodbye to your career Daesung.

BoA celebrates 10 years in Japan

The song that got me into BoA. Then I became a huge BoA stan. Her last Japanese album was okay, with individual songs being good but the album feeling a bit flat.

Just hoping album #8 is better than #7.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hyeri drops her panties

Fuck you DreamTea Entertainment for baiting us, fuck you.

Conservative-ass netizens have expressed their fury at such 'sexual behavior', while lubricant businesses have enjoyed an exponential growth in sales. According to many news reports, Korean men are skipping work and refusing to leave their houses due to this one video (it's already hit 300,000 views). It's been coined 'diaper fashion', which comes off as funny, but is very tempting in actuality. I'm sure Girl's Day is going to get a lot of shit for this, but publicity is publicity. Look where the 'bitch SNSD' controversy got them: Gee, Genie, Oh!, ect.

Hopefully this will eventually boost public awareness of Girl's Day and launch them into a much more successful career. Now if you'll excuse me..

Sandara Park can't sing for shit.

LOL @ 0:26

Tell that to her over-zealous stans and omg they would rip your heart out. I simply left a comment criticizing her in the most civil manner possible (shocker ain't it?) and within 2 minutes I had 15 + responses from
some retarded Blackjacks/Dara stans claiming that I'm an 'anti' and how I should 'gtfo because I can't sing better than her anyway'. My job doesn't involve being a singer so try harder you fail fangirls. How typical. Gotta love retarded fangirls letting their bias cloud their judgement. Oh K-pop why must you have this influence on 13 year

Well I'm sorry you delusional bitches but that tone deaf can't sing and y'all secretly know it. 'Fresh vocals' is probably on my list of Top 10 bullshit phrases in K-pop right after 'bagel girls'. Fresh vocals my ass. I do understand that she's overshadowed in the vocal department thanks to the other members being a million times better than she'll ever be talent-wise that is. Even useless 'faces' of the group like that troll-face Sulli from fail (x) has shown some improvement.

Dara bb, just sit there and make retarded expressions. Your fanboys and retarded stans will still admire you since you're the next best thing since sliced bread.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Let the denials begin

Taemin got fillers injected. Let delusional fangirls deny it.

Who do you think will make a bigger deal out of it? The delusional fangirls grasping at every straw to saw his nose suddenly changed? The SHINee antis? The antis have something new to use aside from Key's stupid hair and Minho's shitty rapping.

Me? I think it looks good. It's okay fangirls, cry yourselves to sleep over something trivial.

Dara's Troll Face 2

Herp derp.

I might even go as far as to call her pretty if only she didn't wear this awful facial expression every moment of the fucking day. I could probably write 100 articles on this topic alone, but I won't, due to readers' complaints.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Netizens are retarded

Taeyeon won the title of OST Queen on some music portal. As usual, it was a popularity contest. But I still felt like editing the picture anyway.

f(x)’s Krystal screams from intense pleasure on the set of ‘Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry

Get it girl.

The guy's probably like...

The Death of Korean Music

According to SBS, 12 new girlgroups will be making their debut in the second half of 2011. Twelve? At this rate, you won't be able to swing a dead cat without hitting a fucking idol.

A Glimpse into the Future by David Fresh

David: Hey Joon, how's Korea? Do you have a lot of friends?
Joon: Sure! Half my classmates are idols.
David: Holy shit! That's fucking awesome!
Joon: Eh, not really. None of them are as popular as Dal Shabet, yet.
David: Dal Shabet is my favorite <333
Joon: lol.
David: So.... How are your parents?
Joon: My mom's actually in an idol group!
David: Oh shit! What's the group called?
Joon: 87A.
David: .... the fuck?
Joon: Yeah, '87' was already taken :l

Bye bye, good Korean music.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

SM Ent. promotes drug use

Particularly weed and various hallucinogens.

Warning: Teaser includes random-fucking numbers, Illuminati symbols, the middle finger (a big fuck you to loyal fans!), nude sculptures, various glorified animals (encouraging bestiality, yum), and a million other things that you won't fully understand until you watch the teaser.

All this creepy symbolism and 'splendid' mixing makes this the perfect video to watch while high... Personally, I was laughing throughout the whole thing (full screen + full volume). On the other hand, it's definitely not something you could call "professional", and may influence younger fans to experiment with drugs (that's right, SNSD is PG-13 bitches!). SM executives, y'all need to learn to "handle your shit".
That said, the teaser will probably be 100x more entertaining than the actual music video itself (no offense girls).

A mediocre teaser from Secret

Although I love Secret, this teaser can only be described as mediocre. The song is pungently sweet (luckily, it's not their title track). Their clothes are fucking ugly and give off a hillbilly vibe. Sunhwa looks retarded here, although to be fair, Zinger always looks retarded. And Hyosung is cute, sure, but unfortunately her hair stylist was caught jacking off to Hyosung (in person! lucky bastard), so a temporary stylist (blind; female) was hired, to Hyosung's dismay. Ji Eun looks the best here, and actually manages to actually look cute in overalls.

And for you pedophiles: The teaser almost certainly implies that an average ahjussi (30+) is able to get 3 girls in bed with him (+1 male as part of the package deal), which should certainly spark your imagination.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Korean dramas need to stop using English titles.


City Hunter = 시티헌터. It sounds like Shitty Hunter. I lol every time I see the title of the drama.

Definitely the worst one is City Hall = 시티홀. It's pronounced Shitty Hole. I just think of an unwiped asshole every time I read that title.

But yeah, Kdramas really need to start using Korean for drama titles.

Speaking of City Hunter, I have a feeling it's gonna be awful. Sure, it has Park Min Young and Goo Hara, but I still think it's gonna end up being really 시티. I'll watch it if those two have a lesbian scene or something. Which means I probably won't watch it.

The epitome of gayness.

...and all this time I thought U-Kiss held that gaylordcrown seems like these 12 year olds boys are after their title. Yikes.

& L-O-L at the fangirling taking place in the comment section.



And a very cute song! Looking forward to their other songs and MVs! ^_^'

'Omo omo ()__()

I haven't seen a cuter clip in my whole life! damn tha law//// I WANT them *_*'

Seems like Pedonoona mode is : ON.

Just goes on to show that fangirls don't give a flying fuck about the music as long as the guys are ghei attractive according to their standards.

P.S. Bravesound...wtf why just...why?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Min joins the cast for Men in Black III

JYP Entertainment has revealed through their official website, that Min (of miss A) will be acting alongside Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith, and various other actors, as one of the many aliens in Men in Black III. The movie is set premier worldwide on May 25th, 2012.

On May 23rd, Suzy (also of miss A) celebrated Min's first acting role, by tweeting,
"Visiting Min in her alien costume, keke~ ^^"

Netizens commented, "I like Suzy more" , "Suzy looks amazing" , and "Min is really fucking hideous!"

[Gossip Alert] Teddy Riley ditches Rania? Riley to produce for SM/YG/Cube?

So some screen-caps of tweets by Teddy Riley (aka the 'has been producer' who's producing for the controversial yet talented girl group 'Rania') have surfaced on quite some message boards.

& it seems like...

  • He's ditching them
  • He wants then to join SM entertainment (Like that's going to happen)
  • & He's moving back to the US.
So does this mean the end for Rania?

Check out the tweets for yourself.

In that case what a pussy move from that guy. & SMent? Really now? This shit is fishy yet really interesting.

[EDIT] It's been said that he's having a press conference where SM/YG/Cube CEO's might be involved. I hope the CEO's are clever enough to reject his offer.

picture credits : omonatheydidnt

Monday, May 23, 2011

Yura and Hyeri celebrate their 200th day

Normally I wouldn't bother posting something like this, but there's jailbait on the left and one of the 10 hottest girls in Kpop on the right. Lose the blond hair and she'd probably be in the top 5.

I just noticed that...

Hyuna's ass > Hyuna's fail engrish rapping


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yunho is sex on ice

Kim Yuna's 'Kiss & Cry' has finally premiered. And boy, the things that happened.

I've always thought of Yunho (of TVXQ) as the most talented idol dancer, and his performance on Kiss & Cry only further confirms my opinion. Charisma, nasty expressions (rawr), and movements that remind me of Blades of Glory (definitely a good thing); he basically annihilated his 'competition'. I did find it funny that everybody was praising his short, little hop though.

Adding on to her labelmate's success was Krystal (of f(x); also the sister of SNSD's Jessica for those of you living in Wyoming). She wore a gorgeous black & red piece, and skated quite gracefully (read: I can't say skillfully, as not even Yunho could be called 'skilled' at this point). Her use of props (chair) pretty much sold me, and the music ('Tango') added an extravagant flair as well.

And finally, we come to IU. I'll be blunt: She was cute as always, but the performance was horrid. Not a single aspect of her performance could be considered extraordinary, even for a beginner. The song choice was horrible, skating- amateurish, and here's the thing that irks me the most: She lip-synced. Her cute noises in the beginning were done to prove that her mic was actually on, but IU rarely lipsyncs, resulting in a terribly obvious lip-sync.

The one positive aspect of this performance? Her adorable stutter while talking to Yuna.

Secret to come back June 1st

2PM's Taecyeon can sing!

Just skip to 2:53.

Ain't that horrendous impressive?

My dog's howl is more soothing to my ears though...give my dog a contract too JYP!
He can replace Jay Park just paint some abs on him...he won't bite I promise.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sooyoung is the skinniest bitch ever

Gaaaaawd, she has the most perfect legs doesn't she?
Sorry for lack of writing, but even I'm astonished at her obvious malnutrition.

Rania behind the scenes with MAXIM.

Oh lordy.
Sexually frustrated fangirls :

Sexually frustrated fanboys :

Either way I'm pretty sure we all want to make Rania feel real good...

Although watching an underage girl work it sure is awkward. Damn you sexy jailbaits.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Lee Young can play the drums

And why the fuck is she wasting her time in an idol group? Getting 4 seconds to sing when she could be in a band doesn't sound like a good trade off.

SNSD reveals teaser for their Japanese album

Whoever edited this teaser needs to get fired immediately. Or SM needs to stop being a cheapskate and blow more money on their teasers and hire better graphic designers.

This sounds good. I like it already.

...Hoot still sucks gigantic balls no matter what language you convert it into.

However their Japanese pronunciation still needs some work on.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

TOUCH's Han Joon looks like Manber

And he also covered Big Bang's 'Love Song', 'Stupid Liar', and 'Tonight', but who gives a shit? He fucking looks like Manber!

Well I think it's funny anyways.

Kwanghee and Jooyeon

Plastic Face and Horse Face could have worked as the title.


Honestly, I haven't read a single article about this shit since I don't give a fuck about JYJ, but props to KBS for trolling JYJ fans. Keep those douches off of TV and everything will go well.

ZE:A’s Kwanghee makes a baby cry

Well if you put the Korean equivalent of Freddie Kruger next to a baby what do you expect?
Furthermore isn't it a health hazard for babies to be near Kwanghee?


Ahem. Mothers why take such a risk?

Go green people!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another day, another fail girl group debut.


I guess Chi-Chi has a shoulder to cry on when both of them disband soon.


5 girls 1 guy. Old guy be pimpin.

Are you tired of talentless idol rappers?

Little girlies (excluding Manber) who think forcing masculine voices will make them "legit", who think talking quickly is the equivalent of rapping? Idols that don't know shit about writing real lyrics & multisyllabic rhymes? Are you tired of this bullshit? Well then, I recommend Rimi.

She is funny-as-hell, sarcastic, rhymes better than 90% of the rappers in khip-hop, and she possesses a voice capable of making any human ejaculate. However, there's no denying that she's butt-ugly. Even a bom-load (now an official measure) of plastic surgery would not be enough to fix her.

Which brings me to my main point. Safari Girl.

She's extremely funny, she can rap, she's crazy as fuck, she gives proper respect to khip-hop legends (her Youtube channel is "the482tv"); all legitimate reasons to call her the second coming of Rimi. What separates her from Rimi is one thing: She's fucking cute as hell.

Watch out for her, I have a feeling she's going to blow up.

Baek Ji Young's new song

BJY is as good as usual. First Korean song I've bothered to listen to ever since I was disappointed by 5dolls' new song.

Sica's 'Romance Town' OST + reminiscin'

Granted, her voice doesn't sound as strained or frail in this song. It seems she really put some effort & emotion into the song (rare for the apathetic queen).
Still, the truth is, her voice sounds like shit these days. Yeah, shit.
In fact, everything about her is shitty in comparison to the Sica of the past.

You see, Jessica used to be an amazing girl. She used to have a slender, yet curvy body,

Nowadays, she's has as much meat on her Kiera Knightley, or someone ghastly like that.

She used to have a powerful voice, and even though she could never compare to Taeyeon's raw talent, she was indisputably SNSD's second best vocal.

Now her voice is thin and tinny, I wouldn't praise her on a good day.

And most importantly, she was the most apathetic bitch you ever saw. Cold hearted, and never gave a shit.

These days, she shows up on Star King, all smiles and making cute little sounds, like she's 5.

Enjoy the OST.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Eunjung's 'White' teaser

Although it looks rather mild in comparison to other horror movies, it does have a rather interesting concept. Plus, seeing as it's an idol-centered movie, this ought to scare a few fangirls.

Lizzy's new picture

Who noticed the cleavage before the glasses?

B2ST/BEAST's MV for “Fiction”.

Dear Cube, okay I know your company's name stands for 'Certified Universal Best Engrish' but y'all are now just taking it to a whole new level.

'Fiction & Fact'? LOLWUT?

'Fact & Fiction' Cube.
You people have G.NA who's an
english speaker do yourself
a freaking favour and let her handle the translations etc if you want people not to facepalm at your fail Every. Single. Time.

Anyhoo back on topic.
The song's mediocre compared to 'Rainy Days' which I thought was freaking good.
When I saw the MV drop I was practically jumping in my seat thinking damn it's gonna be some epic ass shizzle what do I get? Some lame ass shit.

  • Kikwang for once isn't looking like a lost tranny
  • Park Bo Young is an eye candy to distract you from the fugness of Yoseob (smart move Cube!)
  • Junhyung stepping up his game.
  • Not enough sexiness from Dongwoon.
  • Yoseob's face.
  • Ze Engrish strikes again as usual 'Fiction' becomes 'FEEKSHUN'...sigh.
So the real question is do YOU Like/Dislike/DGAF (about) this MV?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hyoyeon is the reincarnation of Michael Jackson

And you all thought he was dead! Nah, he's just been trolling you as the ugliest member of SNSD, while slowly making that transition into the body of a woman. This explains the groovy dance moves and the abnormally skillful child-handling skills.

To you children who thought you were finally safe, beware, Hyorc is on the move.

IU's 18!

But.....she's too cute to fap to.

Anyway, happy birthday IU and I can't wait until you release your next song. There hasn't been many songs worth listening to in mainstream Kpop these past few months.

Yoseob takes a picture with Park Bo Young

If you see any articles about Yoseob's death this week, David is the first guy to look for.

SNSD's Mr. Taxi MR Removed Video.

[EDIT] Aww the MR removed vid was so shit that they ended up blocking it , bravo SM burrrrravo!

  • Taeyeon & Tiffany are slacking
  • Hyoyeon sounds like a dying cat
  • Jessica as always is not putting ANY effort into her singing
  • Yoona...lol no comment.
  • God bless Sunny and Sooyoung!
  • Yuri and Seohyun can do a lot better than that :\

Jeez SNSD step up your game even rookies like Chi-Chi are starting to perform better than you. Still lol-ing at the amount of delusional Sones blam
ing the 'mic being soft' oh bitch please try making better excuses right after how the backing track ALWAYS drowns out their voices.

This shitty MR vid makes me want to...


Why does f(x) keep winning?

Why? I like Lachata more than that piece of crap Pinocchio they're promoting, and I thought Lachata was their worst song until now. Oh well, back to capsule for me until a Kpop group releases a song I like.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

SNSD's Casual Hoot

To be fair, I haven't written a single SNSD article on this blog, 'till now. Considering how much I like them, I think I should be allowed one spazz article.

Taeyeon and Jessica look fucking awesome. I want to know why they had to perform in ridiculous wigs and unappealing outfits, when their casual clothes are leaps and bounds sexier than any outfits they've ever worn. True, not all of them look perfect, but I'll take what I can get.

I now know the reason why I think Hyewon is ugly

I'm just not into camels.

G.NA's "pretty" selca

Liberty Forward Party proposes ban on lip & hand-syncing

To be clear, I've never heard of this group, neither do I know what the hell hand-syncing is. But I do know that I love the fucking idea. Consequences for for not announcing that you're lip-syncing may result in a $10,000 dollar fine, or jail-time. Fucking jail! And to those of you saying that the consequences are a bit over the top (fine, maybe), you're still allowed to lip & hand-sync (seriously, what the fuck is hand-syncing?). You just have to shamefully announce it.

But seriously, I doubt the bill will pass. It just presents itself as kind of outrageous.

Edit: So yeah, I should have read the full article. Hand-syncing is when you pretend to play an instrument. Tough luck CN.BLUE

Friday, May 13, 2011

Is SNSD's Yuri possibly suffering from an eating disorder?

She went from being this...

To well this...

It's like watching a skeleton dance.
Everyone knows that Yuri's an exercise freak but this is just pushing it.
It's bad enough Tiffany lost her 'honey thighs' and now looks like an anorexic Sooyoung 2.0
& now Yuri's trying to compete with the twigs too *sigh*

Behavioral symptoms of bulimia

  • Secretive eating (missing food)
  • Avoidance of restaurants, planned meals or social events if food is present
  • Self-disgust when too much has been eaten
  • Bathroom visits after meals
  • The use of diet pills
  • Rigid and harsh exercise regimes <---- ahem.
  • Fear of being fat, regardless of weight
  • Bingeing that may alternate with fasting
  • Preoccupation / constant talk about food or weight
  • Vomiting and laxative use
  • ---------------------------------
Go figure.

Jay Park ft Dok2 Level 1000

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

A-Peace:The 21 member boy-band

Why am I always doing gay boybands?

A-Peace is set to debut under Golden Goose Entertainment (with that kind of name, they're sure to leave a legacy). Apparently they will be promoting as 3 separate groups of seven. Which totally makes complete sense, but, why the fuck are they considered a single group? Striving to be Japanese, I see. Anyways. The boys will be debuting on Japan's K-Theater (with its 200 seats), which is essentially Japan's way of making some moola off Kpop. That's fine; business is business. But I doubt they're going to make much money starring some Japanese wannabe Kpop group.

Summary: Just another boy band, granted, about 5x larger than your favorite group.
Unless you like Super Junior of course.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dear Suju fangirls

Stop denying that Leeteuk and Heechul have to enlist in the military this year. They'll be fucking 29 (Western) this July, so they'll have to enlist. God damn....just stop being so fucking delusional and stop thinking your oppas are above the fucking law. They'll have to enlist whether you whiny bitches like it or not.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bora's legs...

Are so fuckable, god be damned.
If she wasn't underage I would d- wait, wait. Waaaaaait. Yep. She's legal. I'll be right back.

Dara's Troll Face

Am I the only one who hates that face she makes? She uses it in every video that I've ever seen of her.

Autotune is "Lonely" without 2NE1

Yay! The first 2NE1 song I've liked since 2009 when they were my second favorite girl group. They really let me down in 2010.

The good: No autotune, but they still distorted Dara's voice. The actual music sounds better than anything they released in 2010. The lack of rapping is awesome too since I'm not really fond of CL's and Minzy's rapping.

The bad: Dara still can't fucking sing. No promotions for the song. That might be a good thing since it's not the typical dance track from an idol group. Song doesn't really lend itself to being replayed a lot unless you're a hardcore Blowjob...uhh..I mean Blackjack.

Bom didn't really look like Daffy Duck in this MV, so that's a plus.

It's not the greatest song released this year, but after the shit they released last year, my anticipation for the new album is up. Okay, it was really low at the beginning, so now it's just medium.

But please, kick Dara the fuck out...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5Dolls' Like This or That MV

The good: The team behind Secret's Magic, Madonna, and Shy Boy made the song.

The bad: Just about everything else.

I came into this with high expectations and a minute in, and I was disappointed. Why? It would sound a lot better if Secret had this song. Chanmi can sing, yes, but her four backup dancers can't. Then there was a rap segment near the end...good God, that's why everyone hates idol rappers in the first place.

Dear entertainment companies:

If you have members that cannot sing to save their lives, why turn them into rappers? You get the same damn result. They can't rap either. So why bother? Just give them their one short line and save the listeners from listening to bad rapping.

Hyewon is pedobait as usual, but half the time her face freaks me the fuck out, so Hyewon's fans can at least have some eyecandy. This is Soomi's first time since joining Co-Ed/5dolls where the makeup artists and stylists didn't fuck her over. Chanmi...cover up her face because her body isn't half bad. Hyoyoung...meh. Eungyo....mini-Shindong.

So, this song sounds alright, but wait until the lives and we will all be shaking our heads.

Monday, May 9, 2011

After School's sub-group 'Banana Caramel'

So basically, rumors started circulating that Nana & Jugs of After School would be in another sub-group, after a picture was uploaded of the two sucking on bananas. Tentatively named 'Banana Caramel', they would essentially give uncle-fans the fantasy of a life time. The best face & (arguably) the best body in After School. Mmm mmm mm.

To whom it may concern (okay, just Nana): Careful dear, don't use your teeth.

WHat's UEE's fetish?


She said that this was her boyfriend. Never knew she was into that. Next thing we know UEE will have a sex tape appear online with a horse.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Seo Ah's Abs

Brave Girls' Seo Ah recently uploaded some pictures of her... abs. And we all love a fit body, but, uh. Yuck. Boner-kill.

Kim Yuna's Kiss & Cry Teaser

IU & Krystal? Let me go get my pedo-lotion (lolwut).
But realistically speaking, I think this show is going to flop. Why? After about 3 months of watching their favorite idols skate, people will begin to realize that it's a total waste of time. How much variety can you get from the same fucking sport done by amateurs? At least Heroes (the show that's being replaced) had various entertaining activities that were worth watching.

5dolls' mini album delayed

Kim Kwang Soo can never make up his mind. First T-ara was supposed to be back in May, then 5dolls, and now 5dolls' mini album got delayed. You'd figure if he wanted to make some God damn money he'd have T-ara and/or Davichi release some music.

Who here thinks 5dolls' mini album is full of songs Kim Kwang Soo rejected for T-ara?

Netizens uncover English tracks similar to f(x)’s Danger, Dangerous & Beautiful Goodbye


SMent & remakes are bffs, the only ones that are unaware of their intimate relationship are newbies in the big bad world of K-pop.

Why would they give a flying f*** about originality anyway since their shareholders just want the cha-ching cha-ching to begin with?

As the saying goes 'You can't teach an old dog new tricks'.

As expected SM stans are flooding the original article on allkpop to defend almighty SMent, quite a lovely scene in the comments section...just grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

SM's new boybands


7 member group made of Koreans and a 5 member group made of Chinese.

Well, at least he's thinking outside of the box, but I'm still loling. The idea just seems stupid to me.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Tablo to speak at Stanford

Stanford's page.

Glad to see him doing something.

I still want the fat fucker who founded TaJinYo to get his ass whipped by a couple of buff black dudes. Just because you're jealous of Tablo graduating from Stanford doesn't mean you have to go defame him. That 50+ year old fucker puts fangirls to shame. Sucks Tablo never released a diss track about that fucker though.

Jay Park wins on Music Bank

Trolling JYP.

Damn fangirls are probably running around on all of the Kpop sites and tumblr thinking Jay Park is the shit now because he got a win on Music Bank.

Jay should be more happy that he doesn't have to be in Japan with 2PM as 2PM makes a mockery of themselves with their awful songs.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stop it IU

Stop saying you want plastic surgery on your nose. You're cute enough as it is, and having a beak pointy nose shouldn't be desired in the first place.

And f(x)'s Pinocchio is your favorite song lately? Come on...please...you could fart a better song than that IU. >.>

G.na Is Hotter Than Your Favorite Idol

Perfection itself.