Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kim Yuna's Kiss & Cry Teaser

IU & Krystal? Let me go get my pedo-lotion (lolwut).
But realistically speaking, I think this show is going to flop. Why? After about 3 months of watching their favorite idols skate, people will begin to realize that it's a total waste of time. How much variety can you get from the same fucking sport done by amateurs? At least Heroes (the show that's being replaced) had various entertaining activities that were worth watching.


  1. I'll probably watch it for a month just because of Kim Yuna.

  2. I watch figure skating,cuz of my mother and it isn't that bad

    but I really hate Kim Yuna she is so freakin arrogant and has the bitch/diva attitude. So yeah I hope it flops like she did at the world championship.

  3. ^Yeah like you're half-Korean.=)
    ^^I don't get the hate towards freaking arrogant bitches with superdiva attitude who're just doing everything they want or just being themselves even though they're super popular. Oh whatever, jealousy just takes away everything, especially one's logic.

  4. ^ "I don't get the hate towards FREAKING ARROGANT BITCHES"

    LOLOL, I can't believe I just read that. I mean come on, didn't you just answer your own question /facepalm. Looks like someone else needs a lesson in logic.

    (ps not the same anon as above..)

  5. some people find arrogant bitches hot.

  6. @sakurako If you really wanna know, come to my house and I'll show you my birth certificate. If I was faking to be Korean, wouldn't it be better to say I'm full?

    Anyway, I dunno if Kim Yuna is an arrogant bitch or not. Outside of skating, I've only seen her on Infinity Challenge.

    Most people who hate Kim Yuna are Japanese, so that's why I asked the first anon if they're Japanese.


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