Thursday, May 5, 2011

Best MR Removed Idols


2. IU

3. Taeyeon of SNSD

4. Changmin of 2AM

5. Park Bom of 2NE1

6. Taeyang of Big Bang

7. Hyorin of SISTAR

8. Kyuhyun of Super Junior

9. Jonghyun of SHINee

10. Song Jieun of Secret

11.Yonghwa of C.N. Blue

12. Lee Hongki of FT Island

13. Suzy of miss A

14. Hyun Bin (actor)

15. Kim Yuna (ice skater)

16. G.O. of MBLAQ

17. Gayoon of 4minute

18. Kim Soohyun (actor)

19. Junsu of 2PM

20. Yosub of B2ST

I lol'ed at Suzy & Yonghwa. Not that these polls ever mean shit, mind you, but it's amusing to see how ignorant the vast majority of netizens can be.

And shoutout to Allkpop: Way to fail! MR doesn't mean Music Removed, it means Music Recording.

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  1. Fuck yea, another reason for the fans to bicker and talk shit.
    I welcome it.
    I agree with most of the rankings, some....I question.
    Where the hell is Soyeon and Hyomin!!! :P

  2. Soyeon...... should be up there.

  3. Suzy? where the hell are Soyeon and Hyomin?

  4. Nah, Qri's not as good as TVXQ. Better than the rest though.

  5. nah Qri and taeyeon just way way different she's not better than her still or IU but still better than park bom

  6. another shit pole result

  7. OMO!!!!,,... Taeyeon should be 1, Jonghyun should be 2 and Yoseob should be 3!!!!!!!!!!!,.......

  8. Lee Jinki should be on here. And I'm not even bias to him or SHINee for that matter. I think he does a great job live. Jonghyun, just being honest, is sucking live nowadays...

  9. Where they hell in Eunjung! She's caried T-ara on her own for years now... Smh.

    Eunjung should be number 1!

    (Suzy shouldn't be on the list...)

  10. ^lol recently all i've been seeing is a lack of singing ability in ANY members of T-ara...literally, none of them. not a single one. i used to believe in that short girl's ability, but even she has died >.>


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