Thursday, May 19, 2011

TOUCH's Han Joon looks like Manber

And he also covered Big Bang's 'Love Song', 'Stupid Liar', and 'Tonight', but who gives a shit? He fucking looks like Manber!

Well I think it's funny anyways.


  1. David marry me and have my black babies.

  2. Wow looks like David just found himself a groupie lol. On topic that guy's nose looks messed or I'm high :\

  3. Nah, she looks way too feminine to be compared to Manber. The hair and silly outfits look the same though.

  4. I wish I could kick both wankers in the ass for being such failures.
    And yes, fuck Manber and her fail! She's the fucking reason why I get turned off from f(x)! Looking at Manber is like eye rape!


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