Tuesday, May 24, 2011

[Gossip Alert] Teddy Riley ditches Rania? Riley to produce for SM/YG/Cube?

So some screen-caps of tweets by Teddy Riley (aka the 'has been producer' who's producing for the controversial yet talented girl group 'Rania') have surfaced on quite some message boards.

& it seems like...

  • He's ditching them
  • He wants then to join SM entertainment (Like that's going to happen)
  • & He's moving back to the US.
So does this mean the end for Rania?

Check out the tweets for yourself.

In that case what a pussy move from that guy. & SMent? Really now? This shit is fishy yet really interesting.

[EDIT] It's been said that he's having a press conference where SM/YG/Cube CEO's might be involved. I hope the CEO's are clever enough to reject his offer.

picture credits : omonatheydidnt


  1. lol at the retarded tweet by the JYJ stan.
    Their oppas have an ex convict as manager for heaven's shake!!!!

  2. Well, you still can't deny the fact that SM sucks and that their idols are way overrated...
    Anyways, Rania sucks too and Teddy Riley is lame.

  3. God damn. This shit could be a Kdrama.

  4. ^

    Everyone from the Big 3 are way overrated. Anyway, Teddy is a douche but this is unfortunate. I wonder how they will sound with a new producer.

  5. ouch...teddy riley doesn't care about rania? :S i wish them luck though... they're so talented.

  6. lol jyj stan cracks me up

  7. Now everybody knows you're fucking shady and a pussy ass nigga.

  8. teddy riley needs to fuckin have some shame on himself for leavin rania ... the girls need some fuckin badass producer to jumpstart their career and this fuckin controversy just ruins it.. fuck you and your shady business DR music!

    seriously the girls should fuckin survive this controversy , else their career will be shitted into pieces.. poor rania.


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