Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shindong wants to fuck After School


They're on a totally different level, fattie. Stick to your 12 year old girlfriend.


  1. I'm amazed he has a skinny girlfriend. His GF must be a gold digger..or in this case, a bacon digger.

    1. Grow up >:p Damnit,why am I even wasting time here? Guess my love for K-Pop tells so... hope you'll stop bashing them, I don't care if you don't like them,but please pleasepleaseplease pretty pretty please don't bash them! Say you don't like them or anything, but don't say UGLY words!

  2. who doesnt like bacon
    damn you epic meal time!!!

  3. "We don't hate on groups or individuals"
    And then you go and call Shindong a "fattie."
    This is quite rude if you ask me.
    I like a lot of your posts because they shoot down delusional fangirls but this... really? :/
    You're like a teenager bullying an overweight child. Grow up.

  4. How the hell is calling someone fat hating on someone? A fat person is fat.

  5. A fat person is fat and a bully is a bully.

  6. Plus this isn't the only article here that says something hurtful about an idol. In fact a lot of them do. I thought this was a place to degrade the crazy fangirls?
    There are multiple posts stating that idols are ugly.
    Are you going to say "an ugly person is ugly?"
    Isn't that a bit mean? Isn't beauty in the eye of the beholder? You can criticize someone's looks and have your own opinion on them but some of the things said here are quite harsh and biased.
    And it also seems like you're taking what the crazy fangirls say, getting enraged by them, and taking it out on the idols rather than the fangirls that said it.

    You also focus a lot on how idols look which seems rather shallow.

    And by "you" I mean all of the people who write here, not specifically one person since I wasn't paying attention to who wrote what...

    Please, if you're going to run a blog about the crazy fangirls, focus on them rather than their idols. Don't say rude things about their idols to enrage them, say rude things about how fucking delusional they are.

    Shindong being fat is irrelevant to crazy fangirls, as are a lot of the other articles here.

  7. "We don't hate on groups or individuals (except Kwanghee and Manber), we're just expressing our opinions which can't be freely expressed outside this blog"

    lolokay. Using a derogatory term towards an overweight man and making fun of him by saying he can't get beautiful women and saying that his girlfriend is 12 years old. Wow, not hating at all :)

    This is just an incredibly rude post. Stick to talking about fangirls, not making fun of someone because he's not skinny.

  8. "How the hell is calling someone fat hating on someone? A fat person is fat."

    You make it sound like you just said "Shindong is fat" but you called him "fattie," laughed at him, and degraded him and his girlfriend.

  9. Is he serious? O_O

  10. Probably a way for him to escape from Heechul's dick-raping everyday.

  11. Stop bashing Super Junior, what did they do to you?EH? Did they hurt you? Did they say someting bad about you ? No? Then get off this stupid block you fucking dumbass

  12. stupid dumb ELFs so damn sick of seeing them everywhere


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