Sunday, May 1, 2011

Something I don't understand

How the fuck is she cute? If Kim Yuna was severely beaten and had makeup to cover all of the bruises, she'd look like Sohee. Sohee is a mother fucking troll. I don't think she's ugly because she has monolids. Double eyelids wouldn't help her. The majority of our white readers can't tell the difference between single eyelids and double eyelids in Asians in the first place because it's so fucking hard to notice.

This is a bigger mystery to me than everyone thinking Yoona is the best looking girl in Kpop. Yeah, I'd jizz on her face, but I'd pick probably 20-30 female idols before I picked Yoona.


  1. 'Wake up in the morning looking like Ahn So-hee got my fugface outta the door I'm gonna hit JYP , before I leave I'm gonna bathe myself with a bottle of Jack, because when I leave for the JYPent gangbang I ain't comin back. Got my hello kitty on ma toes toes, trying on all our fucked up clothes clothes'

    Anyone wanna finish the rest? lolol.

  2. it's all dat baby fat

    and I think Yoona is just the common denominator when it comes to pretty. she just has the type of face that appeals to EVERYONE

  3. ummmm... Who the fuck is Sohee?

    And Yoona's face doesn't appeal to me at all. She's so plain and boring.

  4. 선미 주세요

  5. YOONA is plain.., boring and Ugly to me
    without make up her face is nothing~~~

  6. err hun how old are u?

    so immature

  7. ^whine more "p"

  8. Agree. YoonA face is plain and well, blah, too me. I don't think she's ugly, just not pretty/beautiful. I don't see the hype in her really.

  9. Hahaha! This is all so true.

    Hear! Hear! To all the Yoona and So-hee comments.
    There sure are waaaaay to many "better looking" girls than these two.


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