Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Focus On Netizen Comments Has Gone Too Far

Earlier this morning, I was reading this article on Soompi and noticed a whole paragraph was dedicated to what netizens had to say. To the right in trending topics, there's this article about netizens wondering if a masked singer is Luna. Later this morning, while going on One Hallyu, I discovered that Netizen Buzz wasn't the only site dedicated to translating netizen comments. There's K-Pop K-Fans, Pann Choa, and even One Hallyu does it themselves.


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Crayon Pop - FM

Crayon Pop teamed up with Shinsadong Tiger, so the group should have its first good song, right?

Kpopalypse Defence League - three benefits of k-pop for international music fans

A while back I did a post about the differences between k-pop and western pop.  For those of you too lazy to read it, the conclusion is that there really aren't any.  Many of you reading this post found that post to be educational but quite a few of you also wondered why the fuck anyone would even listen to k-pop if it's identical to western pop.  To answer this question, let's welcome back the return of the...


Never one to leave his readers high and dry, Kpopalypse is now here to explain the benefits of k-pop for international music fans!  Read on for the trufax!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

EXID - Ah Yeah

EXID comes back with "Ah Yeah" to follow up on the success of "Up & Down". Does it exclusively focus on Hani to capitalize on her fapability capital? Does Junghwa ruin the song? Does LE give herself too many lines? Are Solji and Hyelin shafted again?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Why Jessica Really Left SNSD Part One

Hey everyone, I'm finally back. My firm mainly does partnership and individual taxes, so we bust our asses with the longer than normal busy season hours starting in March, so I asked AKF to cover for me for the past month. That's probably the last we'll see of our boss until December since the UCAAD will be studying for the CPA and LSAT, along with starting work this summer.

So our firm gives everyone the day off after tax season ends, even us interns, so I spent some time relaxing while watching a lot of the music videos I missed. I finally got around to listening to SNSD's "Catch Me If You Can," and while the song is disappointing, it's kind of what we expect from SNSD. It's not terribad like "The Boys" or "I Got A Boy," but it's really bland like "Mr. Mr."

Wait, we're all just a figment of his imagination and he's busy using a fleshlight fapping to Han Ye Seul in his mom's basement while eating casseroles. Forget everything I mentioned above.

Monday, April 13, 2015


Hey everyone, it's your good friend Kpopalypse, back again to share lovely positive vibes with all of you fantastic readers!  This post is especially dedicated to appreciating the lovely charms of Jessica!


Sunday, April 12, 2015

T-ara vs AOA - the final fap

That's right folks, it's Kpopalypse fanfiction time again!  This post is dedicated to those who wonder why Kpopalypse doesn't write "sexy" fanfiction.


In truth, the reason why I don't write sex fanfics is because that's what everybody else does.  You can read that kind of stuff in many other sites dedicated to fanfiction.  However, the constant questions got me thinking - if I were to write a fanfiction that focused on sexual themes, how would I do it?  Read on and find out - if you dare!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

SNSD - Catch Me If You Can Review

The girls are back! Well... eight of them, anyway. How are the ajummifying idols of k-yesterpop holding up in today's climate? Thoughts after the jump.


I don't have to say shit!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

EXO's Call Me Baby

I can't wait for tax season to be over so that HYSF can come back. Now I have to listen to this fucking song in his place.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Zaku Stream?!

Hey all.

I know it's been quite a while since I've last streamed, but I thought I could dust off the ol' webcam for old time's sake and put one on for your view pleasure/displeasure. As of now, I was thinking Saturday April 11th from 4 to 6PM PST (or UTC -7) would be my stream slot. The stream will be hosted here via Twitch.tv (zaku_bot1 if the link fails to work somehow).

If you've got any suggestions for stream topics, better time accommodations, or just want to show your support for the whole thing, feel free to leave a comment below.

Until then, toodles~

The March Honours List

Another month, another series of K-Pop releases. March saw some pretty high profile stuff come out, but I may deliberately not include them to be a dirty hipster. Read on to find out.

The Red Velvet Identification Test

Many k-pop fans are excited about the potential shown by Red Velvet, SM's newest girl group.  Many of them are also very confused, and have been asking Kpopalypse the following question:


Never one to let down the k-pop fan community, Kpopalypse is here to help you in your important quest for k-pop knowledge!


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Yokukuhan Teaser

Yokukuhan will be the third movie from Toda Erika this year (her first movie this year, "April Fools," came out today) and after nearly two years of not seeing Erika in anything, this is welcome. I still hope she does a drama in the fall (even though I won't have to watch it, but still).

SKE48 Dirty Preview

I was about to start jamming to the song after the first 15 seconds, but once the song actually started, ugh. Too slow with an uninteresting beat.

DA-TI DA-TI DA-TI show me your TI-TTIES! You would expect an J-idol song named Dirty would have a raunchy PV instead of this shit.

Nogizaka46 - Life is Beautiful

Link from this inferior site not named YouTube. Geaux Japan for still being archaic!

[MV Review] Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Mondai Girl

Just like every weeaboo out there, we have to refer to this song as "Mondai Girl" to make it seem as if we know Japanese. We're too cool to call it "Problem Girl," the translation of the title. That faggot shit is for white people.

Kiritani Mirei Graduates From College

Now that she has a bachelor's degree, I think the next logical step is for her to get a masters degree in sucking my cock.

How Long Can You Listen To Hamasucky Ayumi's "Last Minute"

Today's challenge! How long can you listen to this piece of shit, combined with Ayu's grating voice?

Watanabe Mayu To Star In a Drama That Has Nothing To Do With Dat Ass

So I was reading this news about Watanabe Mayu's new drama...and I got mad.

Koda Kumi Has Her 10th Number One Album

Japan: a country where anything is possible, you know, except for having kids. Congrats to the orangutan for her achievement!

AKB48 Manager Forgets He Is In Japan

So I found this story and the manager forget he was in Japan. Even if any pictures were released, they'd still be censored. That would be like censoring my MS Paint pics.

AKB48 To Have Another Subunit

Just what we all wanted: another group full of girls not named Kojima Haruna! Seriously, I'd only watch about two of these girls get raped by a tentacle monster. Pass.

Momoiro Clover Z Does Burakku Feisu


Pls Buy Our T-Shirts

Hey EXO-Ls!

I've been fooling around with a couple of EXO T-shirt designs (because you can never have enough EXO T-shirts, right?? LOL :D) and I think I've REALLY outdone myself this time!!



Kpopalypse Nugu Alert - EXTREME EDITION

That's right cockheads, Kpopalypse is back again, and this time he's bringing to you a very special edition of Kpopalypse Nugu Alert!

dongpris copy

In this special EXTREME EDITION of Kpopalypse Nugu Alert, the nuguest nugus that ever were nugu will go toe-to-toe in an ultimate nugu battle of nugu nuguness!  Can you handle the extremity?

[MV Review] ℃-ute - Turn The Next Corner

℃-ute is one of the top tier J-pop groups out there. This is definitely my favorite song since Kiss Me.