Wednesday, April 1, 2015

How Long Can You Listen To Hamasucky Ayumi's "Last Minute"

Today's challenge! How long can you listen to this piece of shit, combined with Ayu's grating voice?

Did you even make it to the guitar riffs 1:30 in?

Did you actually finish the song?

Are you still wondering why Ayu keeps ruining her legacy?

Are you deaf yet?


  1. Yes.

    Btw, tell me a good Ayumi song, please, part of her good legacy. The only one I remember was the one where she walks between two walls in blue attire, and her tie color changes a lot. It had a kickass start. Can't remember the name :(

    1. The song you mentioned is: (don't) leave me alone.
      Her hair in the MV is nice but anyway...
      I will always be her fan, but the songs I really like by her are mostly the kickass rockish numbers.
      I know you only asked for one track...but I like to boast of my ayumi song knowledge few retain these days.

      Uptempo songs I recommend:
      1. startin (however, the MV sucks!!!)
      2. evolution
      3. Rule
      4. M
      5. My All
      6. momentum
      7. July 1st
      8. independent
      9. blossom
      10. BLUE BIRD
      11. Step U
      12. Is This Love
      13. Depend on you (I have never gotten sick of this song even once)

      1. Seasons
      2. no more words (i don't know why few seem to care about this awesome track except me)
      3. Far away
      4. Rainy day
      5. No way to say
      6. Sunset~ LOVE is ALL (there is another version of this song. Most people prefer the Sunrise version but not me)
      7. Pride
      8. Heaven (also, the MV is said to be somewhat creepy)
      9. Who...
      10. Daybreak
      11 still alone
      12. NEVER EVER
      13. Key

    2. Ourselves is a pretty good song that is not a boring ballad. I can't find the MV on YouTube just a live. But I think jpoptsuki has the MV.

    3. I located the link for it, here it is:

    4. @Ham it up yeah i know that but that's the short version/: thanks though. (:

    5. 'still alone' is a great song. It was my first Ayu and first Jpop song. I also like 'Bold and Delicious', but I know I should be mocking it furiously.

  2. The only Hamasaki Ayumi song I like is Boys & Girls:
    There's also a Young Punx remix of Step you, which is really great.

  3. I got all the way through. The song actually didn't bother me nearly as much as the infuriatingly shitty video did.

    1. I didn't even bother to watch the MV.
      I simply left it playing while viewing other tabs.


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