Wednesday, April 1, 2015

[MV Review] ℃-ute - Turn The Next Corner

℃-ute is one of the top tier J-pop groups out there. This is definitely my favorite song since Kiss Me.

I fucking love the girl who starts singing in the beginning of the song. Those crooked teeth give me the hardest hard on that ever hardened on. You thought all of those bumps in a masturbatory toy felt great? Wait until you get a blowjob from a Japanese chick whose teeth go in all different directions.

The MV has such great production values that makes me want to spend $50 on a DVD + CD version and spend $10 more to import it. If you thought Kpop MVs looked good, you have been missing the fuck out!

Don't get my started on the song. Someone showed me Wagakki Band the other day and I told them to get that shit out of here while listening to ℃-ute. What isn't there to love about a song with a chorus that is indistinguishable from the laid-back verses? With the whole song sounding the same, you have a vested interest to listen to all four minutes of this masterpiece.


  1. Omg, they're hot. Japanese group of hot girls, imagine that! If it wasn't for the crooked teeth, I'd think they were Korean.

  2. Fuck, it just hit me: now I have to learn Japanese names :<

  3. Giving Saki and Mai a white top makes them look like background dancers. lol

  4. That dancing is some next-level shit there.


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