Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another frozen face.

I thought that one chick in Rainbow (no, I don't know her name and don't care enough to look it up.) had really fucking creepy eyes and then I come across this shit. The chick's name is Shin GoEun and apparently she's a new soloist; this was her debut music video. The only reason I made it through the video is because I muted the video and took out my contact lenses (it still sucked) while looking for ONE screenshot in which she changes her expression. Needless to say, I couldn't find it. (She must not be quite familiar with all that plastic/silicone in her face.) It's almost as if Park Bom or Hyun Young gave her lessons!

[For those of you who are unfamiliar with Hyun Young...
Similar, no? But at least Hyun Young can kinda-sorta dance well. Remotely.]

Honestly though. Her face is the stuff of nightmares. I didn't think the music video sucked TOO badly at first, despite the retch-worthy concept/song, but I started getting creeped out right at about 0:18 (I don't even know what to say about that dance. I- I just- okay no.) If her singing/dancing had at least been decent, I think I would have overlooked the fact that she looked like an entry for a wax museum.

On second thought, no, I don't think I would.

Her voice is almost as bad as Hara's (no offense, but that's pretty damn bad.) And I know I'm gonna get at least one Hara fangirl all up in my virtual face whining about how she CAN sing and blahblahblah so I'll just post a video in advance as my response. For the truly lazy, the worst starts at 40 seconds in. (sorry no embedding for this vid...)

Okay I'm already bored with this and AKF wanted a "I'm the Best" review so I'm just gonna leave it at this.

-edit: Just kidding. I think I'm going to procrastinate on 2autotune1. I'm right up to the top of my mental pain threshold; I think writing that review right away might prove to be the end of me.

Who has the most beautiful (and fugliest) lips?

What is it with us and this interactive shit lately? (I, for one, blame Shin-B).
Anyhow, I was scrolling through the pages of Allkpop like your average Kpop fan, when I came across this lovely picture of Soyeon. On second thought, she has that creepy eyelash-spider shit going on (again) and cheetah print disgusts me, but whatever. I noticed that her lips were abso-fucking-lutely perfect; that it could easily be considered her best physical feature (it is). Then I realized that lips are an extremely under-looked feature that can often "make or break" a person's physical features.

So like the title says, who has the most beautiful / fugliest lips?

I nominate:

No idea who's rocking the Jay-Z lips in Kpop, y'all can find it for me.
Also: On my quest to find a suitable Hara pic (never did find one), I found some beautiful fanart.

''American music is all about sex, drugs and rock & roll while K-pop is so much better and innocent'' STFU.

[Looking for lulz? leave now.]
[& GTFO with your 'TL;DR' comments ]

If I had a penny for each time a K-pop fanatic went around dictating how ''Kpop is better than American music since the latter is ALL about sex, drugs and rock & roll'' I would be giving Bill Gates a run for his money.

  • If American music was all about sex, drugs and rock & roll why would SMent companies buy songs from Western producers if it was so goddamn inappropriate?
  • Furthermore whenever MV's by your oppas & unnies get banned people complain about how 'Koreans are way too conservative' and should 'loosen the hell up' but somehow the tables are turned when people complain about American artists and accuse them of being trashy 'Omg they shouldn't sing about blah blah!' . Hypocrisy at it's finest.
  • One must be in severe denial to not acknowledge the contributions Western pop has made to R&B, rock and other genres. If it weren't for Western music... K-pop would not exist. Credit should be given where it's due, so going around debunking American music and it's artists is just plain stupid.
  • Your favourite choreos from your idol groups...most likely to have been done by an American choreographer. Your idol's role models in the music scene...most likely to be an American artist like Michael Jackson or Beyonce.
  • Last but not the least fans are completely fine when their favourite K-pop groups have sampled music *cough f(x)/SHINee cough* BUT if an American artist samples the same music shit goes down, seems like double standards are becoming a norm in the K-pop universe. Want a beautiful e.g.? Read or reminisce this article posted by allkpop, tl;dr : Sean Kingston decided to an adaptation of the original song by purchasing legal rights etc, the same Finnish song that had been legally brought by our favourite remaker SMent for their bastard child SHINee and look at how mature K-pop fans were about this issue.
    ''With this discovery, Shawols immediately began posting angry comments on the video and message boards in English, branding Sean Kingston as a “total failure,” “SHINee copier,” “f***ing s***,” and even “burglar” and “blackdog,” spamming the comments section with plagiarism accusations and hate threats. One fan even remarked, “Bye bye Sean Kingston, when SM finds you ^^ are you ready or not~ you ready or not~ to die ;D.''
If you're looking for more evidence, I'm more than glad to present you with some. Mind you I'm lazy as shit so I didn't screencap the rest of the comments I came across or else this entry would have been flooded with screencaps.

Exhibit A :

Talk about irony. Omg y'all we all listen to K-pop because the lyrics are not shallow, derogatory & sexist because you know the lyrics in K-pop are like totally deep and moves us to tears since 90% songs about love from various girl groups who sing about how they become weak in their knees when 'oppar' passes by or winks at them which leads to shit loads of cheesiness and aegyo. Or boy groups/duos who sing about how they want to get 'High High' or how they want to put their 'Hands Up' and shove their drinks around in the ayer like they just don't care, yup we get it.

Oh and talking about sexism...haha did someone forget that SK just like many other Asian countries is comprised of a patriarchal society lead by men? What other reason can there be behind as to why girl groups who have to pull off the cute concept in masses since it's 'the safe option' and would garner attention by their male fanbase who are more than willing to spend since they have some disposable income. These lolita concepts exist for a reason, either you're too naive to acknowledge it or you just don't care.

Exhibit B :

The infamous youtube comments.

No words.

In conclusion, there's nothing wrong with liking K-pop more than American music but using stupid excuses to bash American music isn't cool either. Generalizing American music based on a few tracks or one specific genre you hear on the radio or see on TV doesn't make your statement valid at all. Looking for depth in pop music is stupid. Pop music in general is shallow. Listeners of Pop music aren't looking to listen to an album front to back and contemplate the underlying message of the lyrics. They want one easy song that they can pop on and dance to with their girlfriends. So if you want songs that don't make you feel queasy why not experiment with different genres as opposed to restricting yourself with one genre? For all you know you might end up liking or even better loving it.

I know this is a long post and shit but since some of y'all wanted serious articles so consider it a wish granted.
& have a cookie.

Rainbow's Sweet Dream MV

Yeha yeah I know this is "old" since it came out around the same time as 2PM's Hands Up MV.

Rainbow continues with their Jpop sound, mainly because Daishi Dance, a Jpop producer, produced the song for Rainbow. Well, I like Jpop and I like this song.

The MV is fairly boring to be honest. If it wasn't for the eye candy I wouldn't have even bothered watching it as many times as I have. Yoonhye's and Seungah's eyes don't protrude out as much but Yoonhye and Hyunyoung have terrible hair in this MV. Especially Hyunyoung. She's the maknae but she looks like she could pass off for a thirty year old with that hair.

Speaking of Hyunyoung I'm saddened by her weight loss. I would have been if she had only lost 1 to 2 kg since she really didn't need to, but she ended up losing 8 kg, which is about 17 lbs. So her face has slimmed down a lot and it makes her less cute. But the real killer is that it looks like she lost quite a bit of fat from her boobs, thighs, and ass. Noooooooo.

/crying forever

The guys in the military love it.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pre-School was NOT meant to be Sexy

Back in late April of 2011, the sexy girls of After School released their latest album, Virgin, featuring their newest addition, E-Young. Their ninth member was revealed sometime during the Gayo Daejun performances of 2010, which was only a few months after they added their 8th member during BANG!, Lizzy.

Now, if that wasn't enough girls shoved in rapidly into this originally 5 membered girl group (the lovely Kahi, Bekah, Jungah, Jooyeon, and Soyoung), then be prepared to watch out for 3 more. Dubbed by PLEDIS as the "Pre-School girls", Playgirlz and boyz were digging quickly for any information they could get on these new ladies seconds after find out they were featured on the Virgin album.

Found through an online audition (which only consisted of sending in your picture and them reading your me2day by the looks of it) looking for girls between the ages of 12 to 20 something (yeah, you read that right. As young as 12.), the three lucky girls chosen are:

Yoo Ara (age 19)
Kim Kyung Min (age 17)
Shin Yoonjo (age 20).

Being that After School presently has 9 girls in the group (until they ship off Bekah back to America), of course they must be compared to the ever popular SNSD by all the Sones. Already there has been a small hissy fit by some stating that After School is not only trying to copy the number of girls SNSD has (which will change ever so quickly I'm sure), but now are trying to steal their look, asserting that Yoo Ara is just a lovechild of Yuri and YoonA and that Shin Yoonjo is a clone of Jessica:

Well, either way, best of luck to the new soon to be recruits. Rumour has it that the Pre-School Girls will work with Lizzy and E-Young to create yet another subunit, Violet Girls. Also, good luck to Kahi who will now have to juggle 11 girls in total. PLEDIS, you are well on your way to having your own female Super Junior.

Oh wait, but PLEDIS is working on a boy group. Not only are they catering to the public with hot and beautiful ladies, but they are also trying to get some boys in on the action. After School Boys (a name that will apparently change), as previously announced, has revealed two boys:
Dongho and Jonghyun

PLEDIS representatives have stated that the boys will bring a "new and unique feel" to the music scene, which probably means that they will caked with make-up, nail polish, flashy & questionable clothing, and sexy dances. Apparently they already consist of 4 members and are looking for one or two more through auditions (so Korean boys 12 and up, start making popular me2days!).

What do you guys make of this? Do you think PLEDIS and Kahi are making good decisions with this Morning Musume style and adding boys to the mix?

Who have you been stanning lately?

Fuck yeah.

So who have you been stanning the hell out of lately?

Creepy fucking hands

Rookie boyband "HITT" (stands for Here Is The Top) will be debuti- WHAT THE FUCK.

... but on an afterthought.
Shock factor = I'm mildly interested = successful marketing tactic.
Bravo Sony Music, bravo.

Luna joins Immortal Song 2 (insert sadface here).

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. Luna (of f(x)), resident QQ-er, is joining Immortal Song 2 alongside Kyuhyun (of Super Junior).

Expect a bucket (or two) of tears. On the second thought, she's a pretty good singer, so here's to the off-chance that she departs the show before she ever gets last place (or anything remotely close to it). Because, you know, her crying ain't going to be as cute as Ji Eun's. No where near.

SNSD members are also being considered for the show. Basically: Taeyeon (there are a few others that can sing, but would get destroyed nonetheless). Here's to hoping she is added; then, hopefully pointless "Taeyeon sucks" & "Taeyeon is the all-time greatest" arguments will cease, and the results will do the talking.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

T-ara's Roly Poly MV

First off....


Now getting back to reality.

It's not TTL. Not even IGCBOY. But it's better than Yayaya and that's all I asked for.

Okay, this MV was longer than it needed to be. And it's only part 1. But since I like T-ara so much the 11 minutes went by quickly.

Since I grew up on music from the 60s-80s I really like Roly Poly's beat. I'm not fond of the high pitched voices when they sing. Still, Kpop has sucked balls this year and Roly Poly is the first idol song I've liked since Girl's Day's Twinkle Twinkle. I shit you not. That's how little I've cared about Kpop this year. Well, I have to enjoy the hell out of Roly Poly since it will be T-ara's only song in Korea this year.

More after the cut. I wrote way more than I expected...

How short is too short?

2? 3?

Whilst trying to prove to Kimmy (known to y'all as Suckmydee) that No Eul (of Rainbow) is actually quite beautiful, I stumbled across this video.

In the very beginning of the video, she sings what appears to be a shortened version of her part. No. Her involvement in the entire song is literally this x2 + an extra 2 seconds near the end. That totals to an approximation of 6 seconds. Which should be considered absolutely ridiculous, but instead, it's becoming a norm in Korea's pop scene.

So I leave you with this question (as well as the title): Which idol has the shortest singing time? (leave name + song).

Cute, gorgeous, sex- OH MY FUCKING BBQ WAT IS THIS SHIT?!

I've always seen Rainbow as one of the few all-around beautiful groups (KARA vaguely comes to mind as well). Girls like Jaekyung (who I find to be insanely beautiful, albeit insanely annoying as well), Jisook (adorable Taeyeon look-alike), and No Eul (gorgeous, really, and largely unnoticed) prove my point. However, over time, I found two major, bug-eyed problems: Yoon Hye & Seung Ah. Prominently, Yoon Hye. As you might have guessed by now, she's that ass-faced thing on the right. Sadly, she is enough to bring the group's insane potential to a full halt, killing erections all of the world.

But speaking of boners.

I can't even tell you what you're looking at right now, I have yet to fully understand it myself. Just know that Jaekyung is quickly climbing my "greatest Kpop idols ever" chart.

Goo Hara and Junhyung are dating.

People are calling bullshit, saying it's a publicity stunt. Delusional B2utys (however the fuck you spell this shit) are spouting some Coca Cola nonsense, listen up idiots: soda/chicken doesn't get you pussy, girls do. KARA fans are busy ... well, not caring (read: This is, in general, the difference between fangirls & fanboys; hence the name of the blog).

But whatever. Real or fake, I want to congratulate these two on being the first real, known idol couple in Kpop history (I'm probably waaaaaaaay fucking off, but as far as I know, I'm right). Too bad the press + fans will separate you two in a couple months.

Fuck like rabbits, while it lasts.

Monday, June 27, 2011

What the hell did I just watch.

"Just wanna feeling my heart!"
I thought GP Basic's Engrish was horrible and now I get this. Jesus Hubbard Christ. I'm honestly trying not to cry.

Wind Hold Venus (shitty name in itself...) is apparently the female counterpart to CN Blue, although for what reason I can't really imagine. I don't see much focus on the instruments at all. Their debut song was a resounding letdown. As I've mentioned, their Engrish is absolutely horrible; I fail to understand how "call me" can be pronounced "curry." God dammit, entertainment businesses need to stop incorporating a shitload of English in idol songs if the members can't pronounce the words (not like the words make sense anyway, but still.) And while I'm not a very big fan on CN Blue, at least they don't autotune the fuck out of their songs.

Autotune+Engrish = RAGEQUIT. I couldn't even finish the video. Watch it if you enjoy torturing your eardrums. Sorry for lack of text but I'm off to seek therapy; I think I've been scarred for life.

-edit: I forgot to mention that a lot of their Korean is very off as well... this is probably worse than 5doll's "Hey, You, Maria." Sorry, "I Mean You." (It's a Korean thing.)

Min inhales chicken...?

Fhat the wuck?

miss A's Min recently tweeted that she was inhaling chicken, and that it was her best friend. "Shawols" (who seem to think the world is centered around SHINee, when in fact that have zero public awareness in Korea) have interpreted her tweet as a subliminal message to resident chicken love Onew. Me? I think she's huffing.

She also happens to have an uncanny resemblance to Sunye (of Wonder Girls) in the picture.

About Romanizations

I wrote an extremely lengthy topic related to this before.

For those of you who can't read Korean, can you actually read that shit? I watch these videos and I'm like "I have no fucking clue what this shit is." Before I learned how to read Korean, I could never understand how to fucking read this shit. Like when a word starts with "gg" or "kk." I was like "How the flying fuck is that supposed to be pronounced?"

Then when it took me one hour to learn how to read Korean, I asked myself "Why the fuck do people fucking ask for this shit? It's incomprehensible and almost impossible to fucking read."

That's why whenever I sub a song and post it on Soompi I never bother posting romanizations. Someone could learn to read Korean before I finished typing up the romanizations, mainly because I'd be confused on how to fucking write the shit in the Latin alphabet.

I don't know. Maybe I'm "unreasonable" for wanting to people to take an hour out of their time to learn to read hangeul instead of people waiting 2 hours for someone to romanize the Korean into incomprehensible shit.

Asian babies are always so cute...

Seriously. 95% of all Asians were adorable little things when they were toddlers, but as soon as they grow up, they turn into hideous, fish-eyed (okay just these two) monsters that nobody wants to waste their cones & rods on. 4.9% of them discover the magic of plastic surgery, and the last 0.1% happen to be naturally beautiful people.

On the topic, twins are supposed to be hot, but Kpop seems to be fighting the rule. Boyfriend's Youngmin & Kwangmin coupled with the T-ara/5dolls twins (I still can't be bothered to learn their names) have proven that it is possible for twins to be absolutely fugly.

Question of the Week

I'm going to do something a little different today.

Something a little more... interactive.

Instead of writing my own blog post complaining about my own opinion, I want to hear your guys' down in the comments.

So, if you could take one idol/group out of the music scene forever AND get rid of all their fangirls (that means you won't hear their bitching of "whyyyy did they leaaaaaave" and "but zomg they were the bessssst. Better than all the other groups out there" FOREVER), who would it be, and why?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rant: Useless Members

Idol groups tend to have talented members and not so talented members. They coexist. In any given group you can name someone that can sing well (Taeyeon) and at the same time name a useless member (Yoona). While some members may be useless musically they might be useful in other categories, like eye-candy. This leads me to my rant...

Why the hell are members that aren't useful at all in idol groups? My first example is Shindong from Super Junior. It's not like they don't already have a shit load of useless members, and at least some of them are easy on the eyes. God he needs to get the fuck out of Super Junior. His fat ass can't sing, dance, or anything. He should just be a comedian like te other fat Koreans. Hyoyeon is also anothe useless member I find extremely annoying. She's so fugly and can't sing to save her life. D-fans (delusional fans as to not be confused with douche-fans) like to believe she is some dancing queen but she's pretty average.

It might seem like I'm picking on SM groups, but it's just because they generally have very useless members in their groups.

To keep it short, other members I find annoyingly useless are: Sulli (f(x)), Sohee (Wonder Girls), KwangHaeng (Coed), Kwanghee (ZEA), etc.

Who else am I missing?

Hyosung's sexy dance is fap material

Yes. Fuck yes.

But there's another reason why I posted this. FUCK YOU BEAST FANS! SHUT THE FUCK UP! Fuck you too MBLAQ fans, but it's the Beast fans that are worse.

YT comments after the cut.

Jiyeon stan is either super delusional or a great troll

As some of the readers from the beginning may know, I'm a T-ara fan but I hate Jiyeon stans more than I hate any other stan. Most likely because I'm around them the most. This article got a lot of Jiyeon stans to hate me.

Before I go on about the comments, I wanna say that I do like Jiyeon. Even with her mediocre-at-best singing, mediocre-at-best acting and her uncanny resemblance to a cyclops at times. I think she's better looking than Boram and Hwayoung at the very least.

Balloon Wars

There's no doubt that there will always be fanwars over everything and anything. These topics can range from singing and dancing abilities to how polite someone is in front of a camera. But in the end, at least these fanwars revolve around something like talent or charisma. ... Even though they know no one will win. Ever (it's all subjective, people. It's like we're all fighting a losing battle against delusional fans).

But then of course, we have the stupid fangirls who must fight about all the trivial things.

I'm talking about balloons.

Yeah. There are fanwars about what colour a freaking balloon is.

This trend started waaaaay back in the day when boy idol group, H.O.T, had white balloons adorn their fan meets and concerts. Then g.o.d picked sky blue with Shinhwa following with orange.

When this trend caught on though, things got messy.

CSJH The Grace, a four membered girl group under SM Entertainment, has the official fan colour of pastel rose pink. SNSD's is pastel rose. OH snap! Cat fight! Well, with 9 against 4, it's pretty obvious who won that contest. So with SNSD being so popular, they kept their pastel rose balloons and SM Ent. had to change CSJH The Grace to pearl pink. Now, you guys might say "OH but Shin-B, the names of the colours are different so stop bitching!". I'm not saying this because I think "everyone's should be different!". I'm saying this because I'm bored. And that it's ridiculous that fans are so nitpicky about the colours that represent them. But let me put this into perspective for all of you so you can share my understanding (or lack thereof of this situation):

SNSD's pastel rose

CSJH The Grace's new pearl pink

CSJH The Grace's original pastel rose pink

Yes, I can see they are slightly different. But holy balls. Let it go. Who's really going to care if they look similar.

But it gets better (or... worse I guess):
FT Island's original fan colour was pearl rainbow blue. Super Juniors is pearl sapphire blue. After School's was metal periwinkle. f(x)'s is light metal periwinkle. ELFs were all over that shit. They started protesting so much (along with f(x) fans) that PLEDIS and the PlayGirlz/Boyz had to change from metal periwinkle to yellow. Again, let's take a look:

f(x)'s light metal periwinkle

After School's original metal periwinkle

Super Junior's pearl sapphire blue

FT Island's pearl rainbow blue

After School's new yellow balloons

Seriously. There's enough difference that it shouldn't be a problem. But one prissy ELF had to further complain stating that, "From far away, they look the same! FT Island and After School HAVE TO CHANGE!!!!!111!"

God forbid any idols pick anything remotely close to pearl red or else Cassiopeias will be pulling out the pitch forks.

Maybe everyone should start looking into more innovative things like YG with their bandannas and specialized glow sticks (such as Big Bang's looking like a crown and Se7en's in the shape of a 7).

I'm waiting for the day idols choose livestock as their signature fan symbols. Coming from Canada, I shouldn't have a problem carrying a sheep to future concerts.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

[Old but funny] Taeyeon is better than Lee Haeri

"i think taeyeon already sings better than either of davichi girls. taeyeon certainly is a more powerful singer than either of davichi girls."

"ALL SNSD Member can sing, thats the fact.. They are much better than davichi."

"I'm a sone and I like SNSD's version more... but I gotta admit. No one in SNSD is better than them. Well... except for Taeyeon. Her voice is angelic... to me at least"

"Davichi's voice maybe stronger than TaeYeon, Jessica but TaeYeon voice is warmer and Jessica's is much more special~ sounds like an angel's"

Someone give me some eyedrops! I've run out of tears because I laughed too much! Lee Haeri is probably one of the best Korean vocalists of this generation and some Sones say this stuff. Hilarious. Minkyung is even better than main vocalists of idols groups. She only sounds "average" because she's singing with Lee Haeri. Most people would sound worse than they actually are singing next to Haeri.

Okay, off to get some eyedrops.

Where is all the good music?

For my first article, I chose not to write about any specific "news" articles if that is alright. In fact, I would like to write about these articles actually:

Admittedly my resources for said news articles are limited (consisting only of reading AllKPop, HelloKPop, and maybe even TokyoHive), but I find a small similarity between my sample size that I find somewhat mind-numbing, useless, or even annoying.

Now, I understand that most of these writers' jobs consist of posting this sort of daily gossip, but it somewhat disappoints me that so many people out there surround their life eating up this sort of "news" (or how I see it, brain garbage).

Since when is it important to know what an idol has tweeted as their lunch? Since when did it matter to us what face an idol made during a picture? Do we really care if two members of a group ate lunch together? How does it "change our lives" knowing what colour an idol decided to paint her nails?

Maybe I seem too critical or even pessimistic, but I feel like many netizens out there have so much more to do with their lives than reading these mundane, lifeless articles about various idols' tweets and me2day blogs.

I read those sites to know what new songs are coming out and what groups are debuting. I read these sites in pursuit of finding good music. And maybe I am the only one, but I do not enjoy having to filter through the countless articles of pictures and two-liner posts talking about an out of context line an idol said on a variety show that attempts to exploit their embarrassing stories.

Koren music has such a fresh diversity. The various music styles are enjoyable with new beats and meaningful lyrics. And not every song is about love (finally)! Many of the best groups (such as Epik High) have sung about real issues such as consumerism, war, and political corruption. Issues that are worthy of the title "news". And it is because of groups like that which have pulled me into the gravitational pull known as the Hallyu Wave.

But maybe that's just me.

Not all fangirls are idiots

Contrary to popular belief, we know that not all Kpop fangirls are delusional fucks. We know that the dumb, illiterate fangirls are minimal (97, 98 percent only). We know. So shut the fuck up.

GP Basic to come back with "Jelly Pop"

They were actually planning on coming back? Game wasn't just a one-time "oh-let's-go-troll-the-fuck-out-of-everybody" thing? As if Game didn't fail badly enough, the girls of GP Basic are back to gather more antis, hate mail, and pedophilic 40 year old men that ogle their 8 year old undeveloped asses through a computer screen at night. And here I was thinking that they, y'know, maybe went back into training so they could develop (physically as well as mentally.) for another eight years. You know they're too young when the average age of the group is 15. (Their maknae, Janey[12], apparently was even barred from appearing on music shows.) Or better yet, they left the music biz (as their leader Hannah did) because clearly none of them have enough talent to be a singer.

Game was pretty much autotune central; anybody else reminiscing about Rebecca Black's Friday? Really the only part that was left alone was Janey's shrieking, which was unfortunate because it definitely could have used quite a lot of autotune. Never thought I'd say it, but damn. Her voice pretty much beats out 2NE1's "No 1 Baddest Female (Rapper)" CL's and 4minute's HyunA's for "Most Annoying Female Rapper Voice." Pretty intense considering all HyunA does for rapping is squeal in varying tones.

Back to the actual teaser for Jelly Pop, I'm not anticipating much different from their debut song. "Tell me whatcha whatcha wanna" is definitely not going to fly. For a group that has so much that they need to prove, I don't think it should be too much to ask that they get a fucking editor of sorts that can actually speak English and fix up their lyrics. And for crying out loud, if that is in fact too much to ask, the least they could do is find some aspect of the song that doesn't have some major flaw in it to feature in their teaser (if such aspect is available). After some research I did find this - a fancam of their live performance of Jelly Pop at Osaka, Japan. The audio quality sucks so I can't make out the words, but the autotune is still quite apparent. Figures.

Their company has also decided to create another group called GP Senior that was scheduled to debut in the first half of 2011. I guess one fail group wasn't sufficient enough.

As a side note, I am one of the new writers on AKF and this was my "debut article" of sorts. Hopefully it didn't suck too much shit, and I'll work hard to improve and live up to expectations. Peace.

Open Applications are over; new writer added

As a few of you may know, I held open auditions back in early May to become an author of the blog. I recruited Antidelusionalkpopfanism, David, Suckmydee and Lickmypunani. To get people I didn't know from other sites/forums I held the auditions since I asked way more than 4 people to join. Those four joined after enough nagging from me.

As you saw the article yesterday, blackbeltbaybee was the first one to join and our newest addition is Shin-B, another female. I guess it's easier getting females who hate their fellow delusional fangirls.

In case you're wondering, their writing styles differ from mine so for those of you tired of my shit there are two more authors to write stuff that you might like more. Antidelusionalkpopfanism's return to the blog is uncertain but if we do think that we need another author it'll most likely be done as I have done it before or if another author is able to recruit someone.

And if you're wondering why we have seven authors it is to keep things different instead of 60% of everything on the blog being written by me.

Jiyeon "ruins" FT Island's performance

"Jiyeon spoiled the performance.... she had listen to "Hello Hello" song for a month... she really don't pay attention to FT Island perf... she also spoiled beast's perf last year.... replace another MC!!!!!"

"I am sure this is not her first time to listen this song.. how can she be so stupid! such an unprofessional mc... kick her out !!!!"

Too bad there's a lot of comments that say "Comment removed."

Seriously, FT Island fans should be grateful Jiyeon did this. Now more than 3 people are tuning in to watch FT Island perform their faux rock music.

Yes, I'm sure these commenters' parents were like "Oh, you just shat yourself after I changed your diaper three hours ago. How fucking stupid are you? You're so unprofessional. I want a new kid who never makes mistakes and never shits themselves."

But we all know if Hongki did this while T-ara is performing it'd be okay according to them.

For the record I didn't watch the video. I don't give a shit about FT Island pretending to play instruments.

2PM's 'Hands Up' song + MV

Fun fact: We don't always hate on boy bands. This is one of those moments (fangirls, read: treasure it).

While nobody in the Kpop industry can really claim to be a genius (especially G-Dragon), I've always appreciated JYP's ability to craft a mindlessly catchy tune. You may not like this song, but it's not freakishly awkward to listen to like many Kpop songs (i.e. Block B- Freeze), and it lingers in your memory for days to come. After a string of absolutely shitty "hits" (I only liked 'Thank You', which wasn't even promoted), the boys have finally released something worth listening to. I didn't even cringe during Taecyeon's parts (?!!!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!!!!!?!??!!).
Summary: I actually fucking like this song.

On to the MV.

There was nothing particularly original about it, as one should already have come to expect from Kpop in general (read: seriously, the whole industry based off a couple shitty formulas, but that'll be left for another article {read: hopefully taken by some of the more mature, serious authors}), but it was entertaining in couple ways. The drunk-selca camera effect added nicely to the club effect (especially Chansung), the random horse was quite entertaining (perhaps a nod to Supreme Team's 'Supermagic'), and the boys looked as if they were genuinely enjoying whatever the fuck you would call ... whatever the fuck they're doing. Oh yeah, and the whole thing was loosely based around alcohol. Huh.

Is this fucking late? Yes, but so was your period, and now you're pregnant with a baby you can't support because the boy who planted his seed in you is only 12 and certainly unable to support a child; unfortunately you don't believe in abortion so you're life is basically fucked. Whereas, I'll get what, 2 comments complaining that it was late. Tough luck hun.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Newest addition.

Welcome to the AKF team blackbeltbaybee! :)

Looking forward to your future entries!

- The AKF team.

Another female author ♥.

G Dragon has "world class flow"

So says a delusional fangirl in this thread on allkpop.

If you skim through it you can see me actually trying to show these girls real MCs but as with anything with delusional fangirls it was futile. I showed them Dynamic Duo and that one fangirl had the audacity to say the GD was better than Gaeko. Sad, sad world.

You can skim the thread for my real argument, this article is mainly a rap I just wrote dedicated to GD.

Greatness is a word in which GD has a no relation
Deity of no one since his generic raps offer no inspiration
Homicide of rap is what he is committing
Asphyxiation of real hiphop is an image that is fitting
Skill isn't something that seeps through GD's teeth and lips
Nonsense is spewed; value of GD's rhymes are beneath those dips
Oversold by the majority and only bought by fans
Shit rhymes and zero flow only sought by stans
King of idols but a peon to any MC
Ill raps from GD should be not be expected since his brain is empty
Large fanbases don't automatically make an idol rapper great
Listening to GD's terrible rhymes is the VIPs' fate

SHINee is compared to the Beatles

SHINee, barely 3 years old, is being compared by Japanese Shawols to the Beatles. The mother fucking Beatles. Easily the most popular & critically acclaimed band of all time? With more number 1 albums than SHINee even has hit singles and housing what may be the greatest duo in modern songwriting history; SHINee is being compared to those Beatles? Oh the fucking delusion!

Luckily, most international Shawols have realized how outrageous & delusional such comparisons, so I won't shit on y'all, but to those of you who still persist:

Come back when the boys write one song as good as the worst song on Revolver.
Seriously. I'll buy y'all some champagne and we'll have an underage orgy of sorts.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why we're "Anti Kpop Fangirl"

Kpop Secrets

I was looking at comments and stats and saw we got a lot of traffic from that tumblr site.

People there make a decent point: we talk too much about idols and not enough about fangirls.

But really, this blog would run its life course in five posts if we just focused nitpicking what delusional fangirls wrote if we did that every single entry. We do it time to time but it'd get old real fast.

The main reason the blog was named Anti Kpop Fangirl was that Kpop fangirls annoy the fuck out of me. I go to Jpop forums too and the fans are civilized for the most part but Kpop's fanbase is composed of a bunch of fangirls who piss and shit over anything that's not in accordance with their train of thought.

If you read the disclaimer (how many times are we gonna have to tell people to read what's at the top of the page...) you'll see the intention of the blog. It's to post our opinions on things. Rarely anything written on the blog is used for the purpose of trolling. Real trolling, as is intentionally pissing people off and baiting them. We don't do that. We post our opinions and a select few get pissed off. That's not trolling. On a normal Kpop site people can't post what they really think without fangirls bitching and moaning and sending you PMs about how "stupid" you are for not agreeing with them.

This blog is a place where we write what we really want to say. This is a place for people who hate fangirls and want to actually write what they want without fangirls jumping down their throat.

Please go look up what trolling actually means. The last troll article on here was two months ago when I wrote the Bom article about her looking like Daffy Duck, and that was mainly for the blog to be promoted at allkpop since that's where we probably get 60% of the readers from.

If you really want, I'll spend a couple extra minutes in my day and scan your tumblr (Kpop Secrets, not all 9079867 Kpop-related tumblrs), allkpop, Soompi, YouTube, etc. to find dumb shit fangirls say and write about it. But that still isn't gonna take up 90% of the blog.

We're also indirectly attacking fangirls because of our posts. We don't need to attack fangirls all the time. A lot of our opinions piss off fangirls and they go and write about it and complain in the comments.

Anyway, back to watching Bloody Monday season 2.

2NE1's "I'm the best"

*insert typical "I'm a fan of so and so but..." here*

Well, I once was a fan of 2NE1. When they had songs I could listen to. Anyway, back to their new song.

Too much CL. Her voice sounds fucking annoying when autotuned. Just terrible. That's why I can't stand when 2NE1 autotunes the shit out of their songs because listening to CL's voice is murder on the ears. Or Daesung on the ears. Whichever you prefer to use.

Bom's got a good voice but I don't buy Blackjacks' obsessive fervor over her. That's aside the point as her voice just doesn't fit the song. Her voice wasn't meant for electronic songs. It's just a terrible mix to me. I like her in songs like Lonely and I Don't Care but not here.

Minzy is good. Like the only good part of the song. Nothing else to really write about Minzy.

Dara just plain fucking sucks. End of story. Oh, she's great at making derp faces, sorry.

Time to clean out my ears with good electronic music.


The gayest move in Kpop award goes to:

Block B

Pop your thumbs and LEAN BACK!

Like AKF mentioned previously, it was difficult ignoring Zico's dreadful hair but I had to spare a moment to laugh at this so called "dance move". It tickled my vagina more than 2PM's FAIL shuffling. I didn't expect the supposedly "gangstah" Block B to be popping out drunk uncle moves. Should've promoted Halo instead.

You think you know any gayer Kpop moves? I challenge YOU!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lee Eun Mi's boyfriend stabs her to death

well, shit.

Said girl is an ex-member of Iris (and I say 'ex' for obvious reasons), and stabbed was by her (clearly) psychotic boyfriend for dumping him. R.I.P, and hopefully the idiot is jailed for life.

Still, maybe like two of you will actually go search up Iris (to pretty shitty results, I'm sure), so at least her death wasn't totally in vain.

For the mentally handicapped Kpop fangirls who visit here

Most of you know the blog post Suckmydee posted where that one blog user tried using their fail English to bitch at us. In the comments section an Anon told me there's more blog posts on that site about the blog. I read some and laughed. They still don't get the point of the site.

We hate Kpop Fangirls. We like Kpop. Why else would we have a blog talking about Kpop if we hated it? The dumbass fangirls cannot comprehend this simple fact: we like Kpop but hate Kpop fangirls. Kpop fangirls make it hard to talk to other Kpop fans on forums such as allkpop and Soompi. You say one thing that doesn't praise an artist/group and the next thing you know you have a couple of PMs of people bitching about what you wrote. This has happened to me at Soompi before. Fangirls can't handle the fact that their favorites aren't perfect.

Retarded fangirls, please get this through your deficient brains: we are antis of people like you. It's pretty fucking sad that I have to write this when another author wrote a fucking disclaimer writing a lot of this shit. Kpop fangirls are so retarded that a kid with Down Syndrome could call them retarded. Kpop fangirls can't comprehend simple facts such as that we hate them but like Kpop.

This blog was created for people to write down their honest opinions. Most of the comments are fairly good but there's always one butthurt fangirl that complains about shit, but for the most part, the blog is turning out how we wanted: a place to honestly talk about Kpop without dumbass rabid Kpop fangirls shitting all over if you don't agree with their opinions.

I'd write more but I wanna read some Liar Game.

Block B wants you to "Tell Them" that Zico's hair is retarded.

If you couldn't tell by the title, Zico's hair is retarded. If Zico's hair was in a special ed class, the other students would be calling Zico's hair retarded. Asian + dreads = rofl. My favorite Asian rapper looked terrible when he had dreads and it's not going to change for any other Asian male. Don't get dreads unless you want to be called retarded.

Okay, I watched 10 seconds of the MV and expected to rip on it because of Zico's hair.

Block B isn't that bad if you go into them with an open mind. They still suck compared to, you know, people who can actually rap (no you stupid fangirls, GD and Top don't count.) The song isn't that bad and is the only second boy band song of the year that I like (the other being Infinite's Before The Dawn.)

A Pink says they're an "It Girl." Guess what? I don't give "A Fuck."

Okay, this MV is cheap. It's fine when it's a song for a drama OST since the drama OST songs are rarely promoted. CCM artists are the only ones I know of that promote their OST songs. Anyway, back to A Pink (A pink what? Seriously...)

This song is definitely not promotional worthy. Honestly, it's alright but not worth repeating. It really does sound like a B track on a single and these girls are gonna waste their time boring people with this song.

UEE ain't plastic!

claims UEE's sister. Then she accidentally posted this:

Who the fuck is the girl on the left?! fuuuuuuu-. Now, I won't claim to know much about UEE's family. But Jesus, UEE's sister is probably getting her ass handed to her, in true Asian fashion.

Monday, June 20, 2011

UEE's 'Sok Sok Sok' feat Jonghyun

No, not SHINee's Jonghyun, "Jonghyun of After School Boys".

The song reminds me of everything else After School has done recently: bland & forgettable. Still, she sounds a tad less shitty than I had expected, so props. I don't know how she's going to dance to this though (which happens to be her only strength), so standing ovation to Pledis for fucking up yet again.

Jonghyun blew it with Shin Se Kyung

He's crying because he'll never fuck someone so hot again. If I was him, I'd be crying too. Seriously.

He'll probably miss rubbing his dick in between those two funbags Se Kyung has.

In other news, Se Kyung can live peacefully without fear that retarded SHINee fangirls might kill her.

But let it all out Jonghyun. Us guys can sympathize with you. I hope you got to bang her one last time.

Oh, by any chance, did you two make a tape? If you did, please upload it. Please.

Hyomin is T-ara's new leader

Another day, another T-ara leader. Core is a fucktarded label, but at least we'll see Soyeon as leader at some point (not that being leader matters at all, as Boram has displayed wonderfully).

Anyways. I love Hyomin and all (read: people always say this when they're about to bash an idol and are afraid of retaliation: it's usually not true. In this case, I actually do like her), but she has no qualities of a leader. She's quiet, soft-spoken, and doesn't command respect as does, say, Soyeon.

But once again, she has Boram's name to live up to, which shouldn't be hard (at all).

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Alert the presses, 2autotune1 is in the building y'all.

They have guns.
CL's teaser is so fucking short. 
YG the pedo-faced oldie is trolling as usual with a 9 second teaser.
& it's brimming with the deliciousness of club beats.
Only time would tell if the song's a I'm Busy 2.0 or as shit as Clap Your Hands.
I'm hoping it's a I'm Busy 2.0 since that song was the shit.

...for the hell of it I'm praying to God that Dara gets 3 lines so that her annoying ass stans will create some drama like they did with Lonely. Oh lord the comments on OhDara (her fansite where all her crazy ass stans unite) were freaking hilarious.

These are from the Lonely MV article on OhDara btw.

''You are right but sometimes we love to bless Teddy and YG too…. with hot boiling water''

''For me, if everyone thinks that MINZY is the most underrated 2ne1 member, I guess they fail cause Dara is the one. Dara can dance as minzy, can sing high notes as bom, and sounded great as cl. yet her doubters/haters NEVER saw it because YG kept on hiding her capabilities.''

Omg the highlighted bits made me lol so hard. Shit I need to stop, maybe I'll look at Kwanghee and the immense laughter would cease immediately.'s face is frozen

And she needs your help to unstuck it! Leave some constructive criticism on how she can fix her problem (please be sensitive, retarded people have feelings too). Also, refrain from suggesting plastic surgery, as it happens to have failed multiple times.

Jokes aside, I don't see what about her face was ever considered 'beautiful'. Sure, she has a glamorous body (if saggy DD-cups is your thing) and her voice is actually good, but she's not pretty. Simple as that.

Secret wins the Mutizen

You know, originally I was gonna post this for two reasons.

1) About damn time that someone other than Beast and Kim Hyun Joong won any awards.
2) I know a lot of people dislike Starlight Moonlight and wanted Secret to troll people.

But as soon as I started watching the video there was a new reason. A reason more important than the first two. A reason that coincides with the name of the blog.

As of this writing, the video has 676 likes. Not bad. It also has 160 dislikes.


Seriously? God damn. Your fucking oppas (Beast) were winning all of the awards until today (yesterday for some people) and Secret gets a win and B2ties are thumbing down the video while hoping Secret would give their Mutizen to Beast. It's okay to be sad that your favorite didn't win. To be this butthurt over it is laughable. There's also a chance that fans of Bae Yong Joon's knockoff are mad but SS501's fans have always been well mannered.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

f(x) Hot Summer MV

Yeah yeah. This should have been up yesterday. But I don't really give a fuck. Amber looks more manlier than ever. What the fuck is Sulli wearing? Is that a shirt of the Kool-Aid Man? Yeah, I like watching the MV on mute for Krystal and Victoria.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hyoyeon is the most popular SNSD member in Europe

and Kwanghee's face is all-natural; organic & biodegradable!

Look, I'm not here to shit on the girl, I've done that plenty of times. But I'll be blunt: that's a load of bullshit. She might be slightly more popular in Europe, but she's not the most popular member, not by any stretch of imagination. It's not that the other girls are delusional, no. Rather, I imagine it to be this sort of scenario:

(Cue cheesy flashback music)
You're captain for a dodgeball team, and you spot that one kid who is always picked last. He's a horrid player, but you choose him before anyone else. Why? You know he's not the best choice, but you pity him, and fear he might suicide if someone doesn't boost his self-esteem (read: in this case, suicide would equate to her leaving the group? idk).

I also imagine the above scenario to be the reason why Hyoyeon has any fans in the first place, but I'm sure they'll argue otherwise (if you are one of these rare specimen, feel free to drop a comment).

Eluphant's Kidult MV

Barfing at this comment: CAME HERE CAUSE OF DUJUN.

And that's the highest rated comment.

Just what the fuck?

I'm glad that beastly looking mother fucker isn't in the MV. You know B2ST was named B2ST? After Doojoon's face. Look at the fucker. Looks like he came out of a B rated horror title.

About the MV itself: I love the parody of I'm A Singer.

Well, Eluphant gained some attention by featuring a fucking monster in their song but the dumbass B2ties or however the fuck they spell their God damn fanclub name will keep fingering their vaginas to Junhyung's terrible rapping and forget about Eluphant by tomorrow.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Caribbean Bay CF

Forever jealous of Nichkhun. Or if I was a delusional fanboy and acted like the fangirls we rip on...


UEE goes solo

Fondly nicknamed "elephant-shoulders" by fans, UEE (of After School; no shit) will be releasing an album. The title track is said to be cutesy.

Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarf. Why is the (arguably: Jooyeon blows pretty hard too) worst singer in After School going solo before every other member (other than Kahi)? The fuck is this shit? Hopefully she doesn't promote much: I don't want to see her bigger-than-Bartholomew-Kuma shoulders while enjoying my weekly dose of music shows.

And in other AS news, Bekah is 'graduating'. Either she's getting bored with having a respectable two fans, or Pledis is kicking her to make way for younger, more popular members.

JYJ's Yoochun is groped

Warning: Defensive, delusional Cassies should stay the fuck away from this video & article. There is quite some gropage (new word!) involved.

A hot & steamy stage with red, sultry lights.
A couple European strippers and of course: Micky Yoochun (of JYJ; previously of TVXQ {read: left for a better paycheck [read: probably didn't get it]}).
1. Observe at 1:20, as some blonde bitch sticks her arm between his legs and rubs his pathetic excuse for a wang. His face crumples in pleasure and his body cringes.
2. At 1:44, the same blonde ho repeats the act, this time from the front. You can hear horny, or angry (or both), fangirls scream at the act.
3. 1:51, same girl again (good thing all the chicks are blind-folded, if not, they'd probably be dead or contemplating suicide by now {read: totally not a reference to ELFs}) rubs his ass cheeks.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kara's Go Go Summer PV

I only have one complaint. They're at a wear a God damn bikini. Anyway, yeah, time to rewatch this PV like 100 times.

Lizzy fails at baiting pedophiles

Now I'm sure pedophiles enjoy cosplay, but dressing up as a fucking infant, complete with bib and all, is (hopefully) not something any 40-year old fan enjoys. I have no idea whether Lizzy's "aegyo" is real or fake, but I could give a shit. She's always acting like she's fucking six years old; constantly putting After School's name to shame (not that the group has much going for them other than Nana). Once again: This is not cute, it's disgusting. Fans who think otherwise are the epitome of what we hate: delusion.

If she wants to gain my acceptance ('cause you know, that's really important to her), she should dress like this more often.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Secret releases the Madonna MV for the Japanese to fap to

SEXY HYOSUNG IS BACK EVERYONE! ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN! You know TS is gonna keep having the girls release cute songs in Korea.

On to the song.

- lmao @ Sunhwa's "Secreeeeet" in the beginning
- I'm glad the parts that were in Korean stayed in Korean. The singing is at a fairly fast pace and changing the parts to Japanese would have really slowed down the song.
- Japanese sounds better compared to the debut songs of other Korean girl groups. I'm not like "what the fuck are they saying?" and there's no voice distortion like in Kara's Mister and SNSD's Genie and Gee.
- Most of Zinger's rap is in Korean, which is a good thing. The parts that were in Japanese were terrible. Idols + rapping + Japanese language = trauma to the ears.

Most importantly....


Fangirls need to get bitch-slapped by reality.

When you criticize a K-pop idol and say that they're a weak singer or to put it bluntly a rather shiteous excuse for a singer hoards of delusional fangirls start bombarding you with clips of their idols singing whether it be solo stages from their concert or pre-debut clips.

The funny thing is those clips shown goes on to prove my point that they can't sing.

Furthermore they accuse you of being an anti-fan/hater and tell you that 'Oh really I bet you can't sing better than them or even dance better than them' because apparently it's my job to sing and dance for a living...yeah right.

For e.g. Big Bang's TOP/ChoomTOP's (whatever they call him) attempt at singing in 'Oh Mom' makes me want to jump off a cliff, it's great that he's trying something new and putting emotion into his singing however if singing isn't your forte then why embarrass yourself by taking such a risk? You're a 'rapper' so why not work on your rapping skills instead since it isn't really that phenomenal as people make it to be. However if you say that to VIP's or TOP stans and they would ALL show you the same clip of TOP singing 'No diggity' back in 08. Yes 08.

Oh and I forgot to mention why does G-Dragon sing anyway? He's the designated rapper of Big Bang along with TOP, can't he just stick to rapping? So when in BB's 'Cafe' (I do like this song very much btw VIP's) the song is somewhat ruined when GD starts to sing in his falsetto. Surprisingly Seungri (who's known for being the less talented vocalist) does an excellent job but he gets no credit whatsoever because GD stans are too busy fawning over how oppar's voice sounds heavenly and makes them jizz in their panties. Sure.

Ah, last but not the least Wonder Girl's Sohee. This girl can't sing. Point blank. Tell that to Wonderfuls and they shove clips of WG's 'Irony' down your throat where Sohee gets like 4 lines that barely prove anything at all plus the way she sings it sounds very she's in a rush to go to the loo.

I only used these examples since these peeps are the ones that I could recall off the top of my head. There are a lot worse ones out there.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Baekchan teases 8eight's comeback

You know what? I haven't even watched this yet. But it's fucking 8eight. About time. Time for some good mainstream music.

Been a slow couple of days

No Seungyeon, if you use that grip you'll scratch the hell out of someone's penis while stroking them.

Another shit song from f(x).

Looks like fail(x) are at it again with their string of remakes.
3.46 mins of my life that I'll never get back.
Their 1st full length album 'Pinocchio' being labelled as 'garbage' & 'flop' by K-pop fans was filled with rejected SNSD songs which left me with no hope whatsoever about this group's identity and future that SMent are trying or failing to establish. 

However, I was looking forward to the title track on their repackage album after I saw this MV teaser for their title song 'Hot Summer' that looked somewhat promising since it does look quite nice as Krystal & Victoria are looking unf. I couldn't care less that this song was going to be a remake of Monrose's 'Hot Summer' since it's SM we're talking about. SM + remakes = <3

On the bright side, fail(x)'s  failure of a rapper Manber has few lines so HOORAY! However Manber's crazy ass stans are busy complaining about how their oppar is being neglected. 

Seems like a long, long way until f(x) cements themselves in the K-pop biz, as for now they're overshadowed by their senior label-mate SNSD.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The blog has received 100,000+ views.

No really, in all seriousness I expected it to hit around the 2000+ mark max. 

Congrats to the AKF team!

Last but not the least, to our lovely readers who share the same hate for rabid fangirls and made this possible...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I can't believe I haven't shat on Minho yet here [updated w/ original]

I'm not responsible if someone commits suicide after listening to Minho anally rape Dynamic Duo's 죽일놈.

No comparison. You may have to listen to the original about 5 times before the horrors of listening to Minho go away.

Who do these fine ass, juicy legs belongs to?

Look at those thighs

They're so FINE!

So fucking sexy

Just ignore those horrible shoes

You want them




As if he couldn't get any gayer.

In response to this picture, fucking annoying ELF's commented: "O.O super sexy!!!", "so sexy lady HeeHee!" and shit like "Those are some of the sexiest legs ever. XD"

I expected atleast one person to say: "GAAAAAY!", sadly no. They probably didn't want a horde of fucktards chasing them and taking their social security numbers.