Wednesday, June 8, 2011

AKF's thoughts on the prospects of girl groups in Japan

So with most of the well known girl groups going to Japan now I thought I'd write something brief about each girl group. We all know how well SNSD and Kara are doing in Japan so there's no need for me to cover them here.

2NE1: The earthquake/tsunami trolled 2NE1 and they pushed back their Japanese debut. They won't do well in Japan. People in Japan don't listen to an idol group for a hip hop sound. They listen to hip hop groups for a hip hop sound. Their looks are also detrimental. Japan is also #3 on Hyun Suk's priority list so whatever music they release will be half-assed anyway. They're under Avex, so they're automatically fucked.

f(x): They have Korean and Chinese members so that'll give the Japanese twice the reason to hate on f(x). They do have the image for Japan...oh, yeah, that's right, they have a fucking man in the group. They're also under Avex so they're fucked as well.

After School: Got off to a great start by riding Amuro Namie's fame. They have a couple of "senior citizens" (seriously, Japan's female idols are fucking young.) Really depends on what songs they use. They're under Avex so they're fucked as well.

Rainbow: In my opinion they're one of the top contenders for the #3 spot. They have a similar image to Kara but I don't find them as good looking. They're under Universal Music Japan, the same label as Kara and SNSD so they won't get fucked over by their agency. They're also debuting with A and the Japanese will probably love the dance. (Hopefully they get Jaekyung to lift her shirt high enough so that we can see her tits. Wishful thinking.)

T-ara: The other contender for #3 in my opinion. They have qualities similar to Kara and SNSD so that should bode well for them. They may try to whore out Eunjung and Jiyeon in Japan like they do in Korea and probably force them into dramas or some shit. They're under EMI so it's most likely they won't get fucked over by their company.

Secret: Secret is a wild card here. I'm happy they're debuting with Madonna because Hyosung gained a lot of cult followers with that song. I do think Shy Boy would have been a better choice for a debut song for them. Not sure if their image from Magic and Madonna will hurt them in Japan.

Brown Eyed Girls: Already failed.

4minute: Already failed.

So comment below and tell me how much you agree or how big of an idiot I am because my opinion differs from yours.

And yes, Avex does fucking suck. I feel sorry for 2NE1, f(x) and After School.


  1. well... avex is just gay

  2. i hope for secret to succeed, but imo they only would with the cutesy-retro-image. dont believe they will with madonna or magic...
    so yeah, i predict that after school takes place 3. despite avex.

  3. I don't think Rainbow should be compared to T-ara yet, even though it's another market they'll be entering.

    Or has there ever been a case where a girl group, that was not so popular in Korea succeeded in Japan?

    Also T-ara's japanese debut seems a lot more interesting right now. Question is just: Does the song "Bo Peep 2" follow their hit singles footstep or will we be just disappointed?

  4. I will never undersatd why people htink that kara os pretty

  5. "Hyosung gained a lot of cult followers with that song."
    lmao never thought of it like that, but it's so true. i can say that especially since i'm one of them x_x

  6. conclusion: anyone under avex is fucked

  7. avex is the best but for groups you are right!

    how ever I think that AVEX (can't count them out,they made a small rackty company in 20 years to become the biggest independent label in Japan)
    so maybe they might focus their efforts on AS in order to make SNSD money!!

    I WISH!! also AS has the package they have cute and sex

    also I want T-ara to go far,they rest bye!

  8. Hm, can someone explain to me why Avex is considered a large company but almost always fail at making groups successful?

    How does a company becomes 'big' when their artists are not as well known.

    btw. lol SM was prolly going to sign SNSD up for AVEX but because of the JYJ/homin issue decided otherwise. they made a good choice though (but it was obvious that the choice was due to timing)

  9. Don't ever say 4minute is a fail!!!

  10. I think Japan wouldn't take AS seriously as long the two old lady kahi & Jung ah still in the group. They are like 30+ yo and still doing idol music!? Wtf
    Japanese love Lolita not some cougar dance to pop music thinking they are teens

  11. Avex is good with the solo artists (they have Kuu, Namie, and Hamasaki.) They have a high failure rate with groups. DBSK succeeded in spite of Avex.

  12. When did BEG and 4minute debut in Japan?

  13. 4minute was the first in early 2010 and failed. BEG debuted last summer and failed.

  14. @Anonymous (June 8, 2011 6:41 PM)

    Jungah's only 28 and Kahi 31.

  15. And that is really old to be in an idol group unless you're part of SDN48, who get to be the exception. Oldest idol I'd seen in a group before that was 27, and she graduated her group in 2001.

  16. I agree with you on everything except for T-ara. How the fuck do humans listen to that bo bop beep yayaya crap? They are hot, but that is just about all they offer.

  17. Yeah BPBP must be their crappiest song, if you don't count the mess that is Yayaya.

  18. SNSD & KARA both have roots in the 'cutesy' concept, which, I'm sure, appeals to the Japanese. Both also have companies that were able to successfully market their personalities + looks (rather than music) as well; which tends to be the reason foreign fans love Kpop in the first place. lol @ Avex.

    i hope they get the fucking attention they deserve in japan as opposed to korea. they have an image and feel that makes me think they are this hybrid japanese/korean group. and the "A" dance will definitely get them some spotlight from the beginning.

  20. SKE48 can own those groups and then some!


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