Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pre-School was NOT meant to be Sexy

Back in late April of 2011, the sexy girls of After School released their latest album, Virgin, featuring their newest addition, E-Young. Their ninth member was revealed sometime during the Gayo Daejun performances of 2010, which was only a few months after they added their 8th member during BANG!, Lizzy.

Now, if that wasn't enough girls shoved in rapidly into this originally 5 membered girl group (the lovely Kahi, Bekah, Jungah, Jooyeon, and Soyoung), then be prepared to watch out for 3 more. Dubbed by PLEDIS as the "Pre-School girls", Playgirlz and boyz were digging quickly for any information they could get on these new ladies seconds after find out they were featured on the Virgin album.

Found through an online audition (which only consisted of sending in your picture and them reading your me2day by the looks of it) looking for girls between the ages of 12 to 20 something (yeah, you read that right. As young as 12.), the three lucky girls chosen are:

Yoo Ara (age 19)
Kim Kyung Min (age 17)
Shin Yoonjo (age 20).

Being that After School presently has 9 girls in the group (until they ship off Bekah back to America), of course they must be compared to the ever popular SNSD by all the Sones. Already there has been a small hissy fit by some stating that After School is not only trying to copy the number of girls SNSD has (which will change ever so quickly I'm sure), but now are trying to steal their look, asserting that Yoo Ara is just a lovechild of Yuri and YoonA and that Shin Yoonjo is a clone of Jessica:

Well, either way, best of luck to the new soon to be recruits. Rumour has it that the Pre-School Girls will work with Lizzy and E-Young to create yet another subunit, Violet Girls. Also, good luck to Kahi who will now have to juggle 11 girls in total. PLEDIS, you are well on your way to having your own female Super Junior.

Oh wait, but PLEDIS is working on a boy group. Not only are they catering to the public with hot and beautiful ladies, but they are also trying to get some boys in on the action. After School Boys (a name that will apparently change), as previously announced, has revealed two boys:
Dongho and Jonghyun

PLEDIS representatives have stated that the boys will bring a "new and unique feel" to the music scene, which probably means that they will caked with make-up, nail polish, flashy & questionable clothing, and sexy dances. Apparently they already consist of 4 members and are looking for one or two more through auditions (so Korean boys 12 and up, start making popular me2days!).

What do you guys make of this? Do you think PLEDIS and Kahi are making good decisions with this Morning Musume style and adding boys to the mix?


  1. SNSD stole the 9 member concept from Morning Musume, so Sones can shut the fuck up about other groups having 9 members.

    I feel bad for Kahi. I bet she can't wait to get the fuck out of AS.

  2. they need to stop "enrolling" new members. seriously what the fuck. adding members is to After School as plastic surgery is to Z:EA's Kwanghee.

  3. I fail to understand how adding these girls is gonna do anything for the group. And seriously there is no hope for afterschool boys if the other boys are as fug as those two... just saying.

  4. Kyung Min kinda looks like Suzy...

  5. sorry but no. i don't like the graduation process. keep that shit in japan.
    it's good on a business side because you introduce new members to an already famous group so it seriously drops the failure rate. but it sucks for fans with all this adding bullshit and for the members that are already in after school.

    pledis, just make another fucking girl group!

  6. It's possible that Pledis make another group with pre-schoolgirls in. But it's also a rumor.

  7. hm... im interested in how this graduation process will develop.
    since after school is none of my favorite bands, it doesnt matter to me, if they end up being fucked up.

  8. Kahi should go to japan and do a solo

  9. Yoona + Yuri = that?
    What kind of fuckery is this?
    Morning Musume is irrelevant. SNSD made this whole "power of 9" bullshit

  10. ^ Morning Musume has been around since 1998. Shut the fuck up.

    Also, the first girl and the second girl are hotter than their SNSD counterparts without make up on.

  11. 'Scuse me. I meant first and third girl. No idea wtf is up with the second girl's bangs. -_-

  12. yeah, yoonjo does look eerily like jessica in some shots, and somewhat like yoona in others. since that basically combines the looks of the girls I find most attractive in my snsd, consider my interest way piqued.

    dal shabet's serri looks kinda like jessica too

  13. people say that krystal looks like yoona, and other times people say that krystal looks like yuri. they never mention anything about krystal looking like jessica.

    so yoona + yuri = krystal?? :D

  14. @kommienezuspadt

    No one gives a shit about Morning Musume. SNSD made the nine-member thing such a big deal.

  15. 8:24 - Probably because they're always changing the amount of members they have.
    AKF & kommie are just stressing the fact that MM have had it first.

  16. The thing about the graduating member concept is that it DOES give a group longevity. The other problem is that the group usually loses popularity once the more popular members leave and they add other people in to take their place, and because idol groups just don't stay popular forever. This is what happened to Morning Musume, and it's what will happen to AKB48 in a few years once their popular girls leave.

  17. Oh, and Morning Musume weren't the first ones to have the graduating member setup, but they were the first to do it with such a success.

  18. the third girl looks like she's worth it, she's much prettier than jessica...dont care bout the other two, i never cared about Yoona even when i was a retarded Sone, and i never will(except if she does another thing like that Saebyeok drama)

    as for the graduating member concept, Jewelry seems like they have it so they were the first one to do it in Korea

  19. After school was a great group, but now it's all fucked up. Seriously.

  20. I just hope the girls aren't just pretty faces and can actually sing and dance.

  21. 8:24 nine member thing is only big deal for sones (:

  22. Yeah Imma a sone, and I admit that After school copy SNSD.
    Sorry, not to sound harsh but they could have any no. they want but they chose 9,
    but luckly they threw one member out. so they're not 9.
    sorry if I sound too harsh, but there is only one original 9 member group and tha'ts snsd

  23. ^ How can you "admit" something that isn't true?

  24. I don't understand why they failed on "shampoo" promotion cycle when their song is much better than f(x) and 4minute

  25. @anon 3:33
    worst kind of Sone ever...

    if that's how it is then i suppose Shinee copied DBSK, oh wait, GOD also had five members so DBSK copied GOD, but HOT also had five, but Backstreet Boys had five members too...hmmmm

    some company in korea should make a 48-member group...

  26. ewww SKE48. just googled them and jesus, hyoyeons all of them. holy shit fuck are they ugly.

  27. 6:37 it was.. but korea likes only catchy shit :/

  28. 3:33 - LOL! Trolling, or just plain stupid?

  29. ^
    Just stupid. Very stupid.

  30. Well, SKE48 DOES sing better than SNSD. By the way, they're neither ugly nor Hyoyeons. If anything, they are the polar opposite of her.

  31. ^^^whooooaa ske48 does NOT sing better than SNSD, or even most kpop groups for that matter. ske48 is the epitome of what's wrong/disturbing with jpop.

  32. Matsui Jurina is the best

  33. @Anon 6:47 a.m.: SKE48 DOES sing better than SNSD. If anything, SKE48's songs are not painful to the ears unlike SNSD's.

    I have a question. Can SKE48 sing an anime theme? Certainly. If you have not seen the anime Shin Mazinger Shougeki Z-Hen, then you have not known how epic SKE48 is. Just saying.

  34. and I'm just saying they can't sing better than snsd (with a simple youtube search) and they're pretty fugly (simple googling). man are they ugly. lol I mean do the japanese they just pick these girls off the streets n package them into groups? especially the girl in the top left WTF is her story?

    btw i dont watch that naruto crap. fucking weeaboo otaku fag

  35. I don't watch Naruto either, mind you. I do like anime, but that does not qualify me for being a "weeaboo", you prick.

    I have searched on Youtube and SNSD can't outmatch SKE48. SKE48's songs sound a lot better than SNSD's. Asides from that, they can actually sing. In the case of SNSD, all they are good at is looking sexy, all thanks to SMEnt!

    The audition process for girl groups in Japan are trickier to pass than in Korea.

    So, screw your argument for you have failed.

  36. loooooooooooooooooooool you said "Can SKE48 sing an anime theme?" like that's some sort of barometer of singing. anime theme song? the fuck cares except for naruto fags like you. why does my honest opinion offend you fangirls so much? ALL I SAID was that your little jpop troupe/group/grade-c pleasure battalion looked fugly. skeet48 can't sing (LOL at you for constantly defending them and shitting on SNSD at the same time) and have a bunch of hyoyeons. end of story.

    weeaboo otaku faggot.

  37. Yes, they can. And they did.
    It might not seem like much, but because of that, I was introduced to SKE48's music. And they can still sing better than SNSD by a long shot.

    I'm not a Naruto fag either. In fact, I've grown to dislike Naruto over the years.

    Fugly? That applies more to Hyoyeon.

    And yes, I'm defending SKE48. Problem?
    I'm neither a weeaboo nor a faggot. I do like anime. Again, problem?

    By the way, your idea of anime only revolves around Naruto. You are such an uncreative idiot. Just because someone likes anime does not mean that the anime fan is a Narutard faggot.
    By that logic, I can also apply that to K-pop and SNSD. Problem? /trollface.jpg

    The story continues, with more of comeuppance going to you. Last question. Problem?

  38. hyoyeon IS fugly, thus I said ske48 has a bunch of hyoyeons. i thought i told you that I just youtubed them. unless you like that highpitched loli shit you weeaboo otaku fags do, no SKE487863534 does not sing better than SNSD. hell, i'm even a fan SNSD. so why don't you stop acting I like i insulted your mother and learn to not get defensive when I say they SKE4674486 are walking horrors. seriously though, that girl in the top left is a OLD MAN WITH A WIG

    Again, i don't watch that naruto crap, so whether they can sing a anime song is IRRELEVENT. can't believe you you expect me to be impressed that they sang in an anime ahahaha

    otaku faggot.

  39. Yes, Hyoyeon is very ugly. He/she is even uglier than John Nelou Rabe. If you've been on FaceBook last November and seen those anti-Filipino pages, then you know who I'm talking about. However, SKE48 is anything but Hyoyeon.

    I'm not that much into highpitched singing unless you count Vocaloid. But, the way SNSD sings is painful to the ears. The lyrics are flat, the rhythm is extremely ear-wrecking and the way that SNSD combines two failures is worthy of a facepalm at the very least. Add to that how SMEnt markets SNSD and you have a problem of epic proportions.

    If anything, SMEnt copied the idea of a nine-girl group from Morning Musume and applied that to SNSD. If SMEnt would copy AKB48 or the other "48" groups (SKE48, SDN48 and NMB48), then it would be a new low for the company. Sure, that group would get famous like their SNSD seniors but that's a small chance (30%). For the most that, that group could end up like f(x) - a failure.

    You have been trolled by my defensiveness. /trollface.jpg
    I'm not very defensive, but I do argue. Problem?

    Then you fail at arguing about anime. There's more to anime than Naruto. And, Naruto is not as good as it once was. If Naruto is your idea of anime, then you are extremely narrow-minded. Calling me an otaku faggot is not helping your case either.

    In the case of SKE48 singing an anime theme, I'm just showing how such a group is lucky enough to sing in an anime or game theme.

    By the way, you fail at trolling.

  40. i don't care about those little brown people. they're irrelevent as people and a country. but they did give me some lol when adam carolla trolled them.

    I'm just saying SKE4853647534653 is fugly. Oh and they can't sing better than SNSD. end of story. stay mad bitch

    "if anything-" do you understand that whole sentence is a nonsequitor you stupid weeaboo. you have some serious reading comprehension problems talking about group member numbers and shit lol. there are 9 muses in greek mythology oooohhhh. what kind of shitty argument is that? and ultimately who cares? why the fuck you brought that up is a mystery too. must be a otaku thing. god DAMN you're stupid.

    and who the hell is morning musume? and there are more ABC48 jpop girlgroups? are they trying to over compentaste for their ugliness? more ugly =/= better. hope they aint ugly as SKE48637456087845. FYI you should know by now that irrelevent names do not impress me.

    this faggot is actually trying to convince me that SKE48643543475424 is better than SNSD. go head thinking those SKE4843657669 horrors are better, i seriously dont give a shit. you're obviously a stan. stop trying to convert me faggot, I only like hot people.

    to sum it up. SKE48256745764 are still fugly, oh and can't sing better than SNSD looooooooooooool. go back to watching naruto you weeaboo faggot.

  41. It just isn't funny and Adam Carolla's humor is as dry as his intellect. Then again, you're racist. JNR is also racist, and it is ironic since he's racist against his own people.

    Again, I'm having fun trolling you with my defense. Problem? /trollface.jpg

    A non sequitur and yet you say a lot of those things? I see double standards...

    Reading comprehension problems? That applies to you. Problem?
    Morning Musume is a Japanese girl group who happens to have 9 members. They were the first in East Asia to have 9 members in their group. And then SNSD came along. By the way, SNSD is SMEn'ts answer to Morning Musume. True, SMEnt did partly use the 9 Muses idea for that, and yet their motivation for making SNSD is nothing more than a way for them to beat Morning Musume. As the saying goes, "If you can't beat them, join them".

    In the case of the "48" idol groups, there are only 4. If SMEnt does make one, then it would be a failure just as i have detailed in a previous of mine.

    Yes, they are better than SNSD. Then again, it's subjective just as yours is. I'm not trying to convert you; I'm debating with you. Problem?

    I'm not a stan either. In fact, i do not like stans. I do debate about music groups but at the end of the day, I don't take it seriously. Thus, it disqualifies me from being a stan.

    Yes, you like hot people. Then again, that is what SNSD is good for, being sexy.

    The more you ask "who cares" to my argument, the more it is answered by you. If no one did care, then why say it?

    Again, I don't watch Naruto and I have no intention of watching that series again.

    Your swearing and name-calling amuses me, for it proves that you fail at trolling me. :)

    In this debate, it is clear that you've gotten your comeuppance from yours truly and then some. Check and mate.

  42. nah adam corolla is funny. his little spiel on the philipines will forever go down in history as one of the most epic rants ever

    Im not debating with you weeaboo filipino faggot. Im SAYING ske48 is fugly. and they can't sing, unless you like that nasally shit, no they're not better than SNSD. geez.

    "---have no intention of watching that series again"
    looooooooooooooool i totally called on that.

  43. And yet it's not even funny. Then again, a lot of Western comedians including Adam Carolla have ceased being funny mostly due to them focusing on politics than comedy. Even Penn and Teller have ceased being funny.

    Yes, we are debating, and I'm winning since you've been running your mouth swearing to me instead of trying to defeat me. All your pathetic trolling attempts make me laugh. The more you try to insult, the more of an idiot you become. And, your idiocy is the type to which I can laugh at mercilessly.

    I'm saying that SNSD can't even sing. Problem? And yes, I do have an idea as to what SMEnt is up to with SNSD especially in terms of marketing. By the way, I'm not even a sone let a alone a stan. If the maxim "Know thy enemy" is something far beyond your comprehension, then you fail.

    Yes, I'm not into Naruto anymore.

    As I've said earlier, check and mate. Admit it, you've been owned. By someone you think of as lowly. :)

    Your comeuppance has been served to you and then some by yours truly. :D Take your comeuppance with you.

  44. such racists!!!!!
    calling some nations names doesnt make yours any better...

  45. Debating is about giving arguments not plainly swearing at someone (by the same names, lack of imagination?) and saying "they are fugly/horrors and can't sing. Naruto is all about shit."

  46. Sadly, my opponent didn't give a good argument. In any case, I overcame that prick and then some.

  47. ass raped by 100 turtles


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