Monday, June 6, 2011

International fans vs. Korean fans.

[Disclaimer : If you're looking for lulz this article is probably not for you.]

So I was wondering, why do international fans keep bitching about k-netizens when they're probably just as bad?

Sure we've had various instances when k-netizens tend to exaggerate everything from compliments (calling female celebs with decent skin 'flawless' 'she must have saved a kingdom in her previous life') to sarcasm (calling Kwanghee 'handsome' 'hilarious') and possibly death threats (death petition for G-Dragon during the controversial concert ordeal). Last but not the least those rather horrendous blood letters *shudders*.

However on the other hand, keeping in mind that the translated comments on K-pop sites are nit-picked from sources are perhaps only a small proportion of all the comments. I'm pretty sure that there are level-headed K-netizens out there, since a lot of older netizens that hang out in the Naver forums that don't listen to idol music as they're in university/have jobs or a life in general, should be able to offer a lot more valid opinions regarding controversies, general affairs, etc.

This brings me to my other point, international fans.

On the one hand it could be argued that international fans are the primary reason why the over-hyped 'Hallyu wave' exists and is successful due to sites such as Allkpop or Youtube that have a significant part in promoting the K-pop of now, never know what the future holds!

On the other hand, how many international fans even bother buying their bias's CD's, digital singles from iTunes, posters, DVD's etc? With mediums such as Youtube and Mediafire/Frostwire a lot of international fans succumb to illegal downloading or act like a 'free rider' (lol blame Economics for infiltrating this article with it's jargons) contributing to negative externalities (fudge you Economics). Although the same could be applied to Korean fans.

Furthermore international fans are incredibly whiny. I think it's rather disrespectful to complain about subbing teams not subbing videos of their bias on time. They tend to forget that people on those subbing teams have a life to lead, they could possibly be university students or have jobs that are demanding.

Oh I could go on and bring in a few other prominent points for discussion but I'm hungry.

In conclusion, we international fans aren't angels. We have flaws too, so when we point fingers at Korean fans/netizens and accuse them of various things think about whether if we're just as bad or if not worse.

Food for thought.


  1. One of the best articles I've read on this site, so far. No needless trolling and flaming, just pure truth.

    I'm a Filipino fan myself, and I'd usually pay around $25 just for shipping and tax alone, and that's if I'm buying a single album. Add $6 for each album after the first one (excluding price, of course), and the cost skyrockets easily. But because of my damnable honor, I bought all my bias' CDs.

    Yet, I've seen international fans (who probably torrented all their kpop, btw; I've only known two other kpop fans who bother to purchase, and they're pretty ncie) who act like their opinion should be heard by the artists themselves, not to mention the unfortunate who happened to read his/her comments.

    Funny how the ones who actually support the artist turn out to be the least belligerent.

  2. Wow best post on the site

  3. I only buy CDs I think are worth buying after getting trolled by SNSD's Run Devil Run. Never again am I buying an album before I listen to it.

    But I agree with this post for the most part. I get really tired of international fans shitting on Koreans.

    About the subs: wholeheartedly agree. Learn fucking Korean or be patient. Subbing isn't easy. It takes the subbers several hours to sub something. Variety shows are worse since it's harder to make out what they're saying. I shake my head every time I see some whiny cunt asking for subs.

  4. ROFL I bet you bought Oh! before Run Devil Run.

  5. ^I agree. Good article!
    And btw, what are those "horrendous blood letters" you speak of...? Never heard of, sorry...

    What annoys me the most about international fans, ist that they always criticize korean fans as "creepy crazy ass fans" and what not (for example when taeyeon got pulled from stage recently, or with the dream concert 2008 thing...), but actually western fans can be just as creepy! i mean... john lennon got shot by one... and also when you just look around on tumblr for 5 minutes you cant help but shudder about all those obsessed fangirls fighting about their OTPs and fapping about their biases in public... (best comment i read yesterday: GD, fuck me sideways!
    And now tell me again, crazy fans live in Korea... Yeah...

  6. Some crazy ass fans sent Taecyeon (?) letters with their period blood and pubes all over it.

    @Anon 8:22 - Thankfully I didn't. I knew they were gonna repackage the album, so I waited for RDR, listened to it, got pissed that I only liked a couple songs and haven't bought anything SNSD related since.

  7. ^
    In my opinion, their first album had a lot more repeat-worthy songs (5 for me) than Oh!(3), excluding the singles.

    Their Japanese album grew on me, though. Initially liked just two songs, Let It Rain, and Born To Be A Lady, but the other songs are starting to warm up.

    :P Of course, that's just my opinion.

  8. international fans? LOL they're all fucking inbred brain-dead morons from singapore, malaysia, (insert other shitty country here).

  9. I wanted lols :(

  10. Anon @ 11:22 - Way to make yourself sound like an ignorant asshole.

    Anon @ 11:48 - There is a reason as to why a disclaimer has been put on top of the article. You wanted lulz? Go stare at JYP's face. Works every time.

  11. ^

  12. ^lols

    "Oh I could go on and bring in a few other prominent points for discussion but I'm hungry." <--lol. yeah. well most fans int'l or Korean are happy to stay in their bubble of superiority and obliviassness, so it's probably good that you're not wasting your time going into further depth on the topic. But good read.

  13. This is pretty much common sense. A lot of international fans just don't want to admit it...Dara fans being one of the worst. I purchase music legally if I like it enough. I don't like buying blindly.

    The subs shit is annoying and so is the bitching about mistranslations. It's don't know Korean, sit the fuck down.

  14. ^Why do fangirls even want subtitles anyway? Isn't their oppa's face enough?

  15. ^
    If the majority of K-pop fans had common sense this blog wouldn't exist ;)

  16. ^
    reply directed to anon @ 1:50.

  17. ^

    They choose to act like idiots because in their mind, K-netizens will always be far worse for whatever reason. They can say what they want because "K-netizens kill people, they complain about everything, etc." but they're no different and they know this. Like I said, it's basically common sense. Most fangirls are simply blind or tragically elitist.

  18. ^
    Exactly my point. Int. fans tend to always give themselves the blind eye while they easily jump on k-netizens.

    'Most fangirls are simply blind or tragically elitist.'

    The bandwagon effect does play an important role too.

  19. i don't buy singles cuz i don't think it's worth it. hell, i barely buy full albums unless i think it's worth the money. i spend money on crap like posters or random merchandise lol. i'm also very big on donating/helping out international forums that i like.

  20. ^
    Well yes I never disagreed. The bandwagon effect has a lot to do with it. Thing is though, Int fans know exactly what they're doing. They simply don't care because they think they're better and more important than the K-netizens (and they couldn't be more wrong lul). It's sad, really, and part of why the Hallyu wave will probably never fully progress.

  21. I buy singles and albums only when I really like the tracks on it. RDR repackage is the first album (first kpop album ever!!) I bought from SNSD, im just glad it included some of their songs from previous albums that I like, though some of the songs, I have no taste for them.

    Honestly, I barely see the difference between a K-netizen and a international-netizen of kpop. I see it all being the same because in the end, you have the crazies and the ignorant in both.

  22. Best article I've read, by far. I agree with you on pretty much all points.

    While Korean K-pop fans have their psycho moments, international fans are perfectly capable of being just as nuts as them. International fans might not mail their favorite idols letters written in blood, but a lot of the constant bitching on the internet makes me want to kick them all in the mouth. Korean fans harass their idols directly, international fans harass other international fans on the internet.

    Both annoying.

  23. What's the point of writing an article and then replying to it afterwards? Most of the post+replies here consists of three really fail trolls. You guys have like what, 20-30 bored trolls around here. u troll me i troll u. Fuck u guys are fucking boring. Aim higher shit bags. Go troll korean fansites and troll harder at 6theory. I don't want to see your fucking reactions to your articles. I want to see some butthurt fangirls, which I fail to see here. Don't be a fucking pussy. There's always proxy. I've been banned 10 times from 6theory and yes i am hijacking this. Jpop trolls are definitely superior than kpop trolls. Dissapointing. I'm off to troll akb48 weeaboos.

  24. ^
    Oh Hi there dumbass.
    In case you haven't noticed this is an opinionated blog. Most butthurt fangirls wouldn't feel the need to drop a comment since they're mocked by most readers on here, however we do have a small proportion of morons being butthurt. Expressing one's opinion doesn't make you a 'troll'. We're here to say whatever bugs us about the K-pop world whether it be fans or idols. You don't like it? Don't fucking waste your time reading it.

  25. If anyone thinks that Korean fans are worse, yeah...the International fans can be as crazy a bunch of clusterfucks as them. Majority of VIPs(mostly fangirls), SONEs and maybe ALL the Blackjacks and ELFs here in the Philippines are fucking crazy as hell. Abandoning their common sense and letting their stupidity prevail. They fucking think that their Super Junior, SNSD, Bigbang or 2NE1 is the best. And when you try to argue even the smallest point, they go batshit on you. But I admit it's what makes bashing their biases fun.

    And I haven't bought an album yet, so I can't say anything 'bout that.

  26. follow-up comment

    Lizzy in a "bikini".

  27. @anon 4:20
    Follow up to what comment?

    I love Lizzy, they need to put her in a small two piece...

    @anon 7:23
    You been banned 10 times, well big woopty fucking doo, congratulations on being asinine from posting a feat which we dont give a fuck about (aside from me commenting on it anyways :P )

  28. @Rotaryknight

    the comment above it.

  29. negative externalities bit made me LOL
    I gave an economics exam a couple of days ago xD

  30. I don't even understand why subbers sub. Is it out of the generosity of their hearts (fucking lol), do they genuinely like pleasing rabid apes, or are they making money, and I just don't know about it?

  31. Now about the Int. Fans (cause I am one) i'll agree that we do beg for subs but, come on that's like our only way of knowing what these guys are saying and please don't say learn Korean cause these idols sing in english all the time and 85% of them don't even know what their saying "elastic, fatastic." But anyways now that I know more about these I seriously think the Int. Fans are calmer. If anything the are more willing to 'tell it like it is'. We're quick to point out 'now that was gay, whytf did they have to do that, did he really just say that?' etc ect

  32. Southeast Asian K-pop fans have been known to be second to the Korean fans in terms of being rabid idiots. They claim that their idols are the best thing since rice or bread and they have been known to attack people who simply disagree with their musical tastes. Sure, there are sane fans but they are quickly becoming the exception these days.

  33. I am a southeast asian kpop fan, filipino at that but sorry to burst your bubbles everyone, i get my CDs shipped from korea. My friends who share my fandom do too. My biggest kpop fandom is 2ne1 (Specifically dara) but i don't think they're the best or that she's a good singer, if that's what you want to hear (see in this case) from me. I hear shit about about 2ne1 and dara everyday but i don't go shitting on other people. Why? because i have friends who dislike them. tolerance is all we need to coexist.

    And i would be one of the first to reprimand you if u ever complained about subs. I'd probably tell you to go learn korean

    Okay, so what i'm really trying to say is: stop generalizing people.

    I don't usually publish my opinions but the comments here appear to attack my race directly. Only an idiot would want to be called an idiot and as far as my ego is concerned, i am not.

  34. THANK YOU. Subbing is suppose to be fun, and ppl constantly bitch about it sucks the fun out of it.

  35. Totally agree about subbing. Really now people? These people don't have to sub for you. They could just pass the subs among themselves and we would never see it. But at least they are trying to help everyone else by giving you subs for FREE that you just have to click a few buttons and put no knowledgeable effort into. So wait a few more days... the world won't end just because you don't know what happened in your favorite drama the day of. These people have lives too!

  36. I buy my after school albums.
    The only thing that really pissed me the fuck off is some type of mothers group posting an ad in a newspaper petitioning to ban "personal taste" because it could cause their sons to become gay which will lead them to get aids.
    I wanted to punch some cunt in the face after that one.

  37. I'm an international fan and I # buy merchandise to support my bias group on a regular basis. And I know hundreds of other international fans who do the same. LITERALLY.

  38. SNSD SUJU BIGBANG 2NE1 is the best.
    2pm and wondergirl missA will never reach their level


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