Sunday, June 26, 2011

Balloon Wars

There's no doubt that there will always be fanwars over everything and anything. These topics can range from singing and dancing abilities to how polite someone is in front of a camera. But in the end, at least these fanwars revolve around something like talent or charisma. ... Even though they know no one will win. Ever (it's all subjective, people. It's like we're all fighting a losing battle against delusional fans).

But then of course, we have the stupid fangirls who must fight about all the trivial things.

I'm talking about balloons.

Yeah. There are fanwars about what colour a freaking balloon is.

This trend started waaaaay back in the day when boy idol group, H.O.T, had white balloons adorn their fan meets and concerts. Then g.o.d picked sky blue with Shinhwa following with orange.

When this trend caught on though, things got messy.

CSJH The Grace, a four membered girl group under SM Entertainment, has the official fan colour of pastel rose pink. SNSD's is pastel rose. OH snap! Cat fight! Well, with 9 against 4, it's pretty obvious who won that contest. So with SNSD being so popular, they kept their pastel rose balloons and SM Ent. had to change CSJH The Grace to pearl pink. Now, you guys might say "OH but Shin-B, the names of the colours are different so stop bitching!". I'm not saying this because I think "everyone's should be different!". I'm saying this because I'm bored. And that it's ridiculous that fans are so nitpicky about the colours that represent them. But let me put this into perspective for all of you so you can share my understanding (or lack thereof of this situation):

SNSD's pastel rose

CSJH The Grace's new pearl pink

CSJH The Grace's original pastel rose pink

Yes, I can see they are slightly different. But holy balls. Let it go. Who's really going to care if they look similar.

But it gets better (or... worse I guess):
FT Island's original fan colour was pearl rainbow blue. Super Juniors is pearl sapphire blue. After School's was metal periwinkle. f(x)'s is light metal periwinkle. ELFs were all over that shit. They started protesting so much (along with f(x) fans) that PLEDIS and the PlayGirlz/Boyz had to change from metal periwinkle to yellow. Again, let's take a look:

f(x)'s light metal periwinkle

After School's original metal periwinkle

Super Junior's pearl sapphire blue

FT Island's pearl rainbow blue

After School's new yellow balloons

Seriously. There's enough difference that it shouldn't be a problem. But one prissy ELF had to further complain stating that, "From far away, they look the same! FT Island and After School HAVE TO CHANGE!!!!!111!"

God forbid any idols pick anything remotely close to pearl red or else Cassiopeias will be pulling out the pitch forks.

Maybe everyone should start looking into more innovative things like YG with their bandannas and specialized glow sticks (such as Big Bang's looking like a crown and Se7en's in the shape of a 7).

I'm waiting for the day idols choose livestock as their signature fan symbols. Coming from Canada, I shouldn't have a problem carrying a sheep to future concerts.


  1. sooo like balloon racism? =W=

    Dont all fanclubs have glowsticks also?
    I remember there this was this controversy with a beast member, cuz his glowstick had a resemblance to bigbangs??? idk...

  2. Funny thing about that.
    Fin.k.l, often cited as Korea's greatest girl group ever, had a balloon color of pearl red, yet Cassies seem to think they were the one and only.

  3. Isn't Vips' balloon also yellow?

  4. Brown Eyed Girl balloon is yellow too.
    Les ELF sont trop cons!

  5. lol @ f(x) fans bitching and they don't even have a name yet. i would worry about that before a color

    most fanclubs use glow sticks btw. they're more effective in dark places. how come no one uses patterns?

  6. @ mango and 3:33pm: Noted now! I will edit the post regarding the glow sticks. Thanks!

  7. lol shinee's color is "pearlescent blue" or "Aqua pearl". Its strange they didnt fight about it too

  8. considering most kpop fans are already sheep, you probably don't have to bring yours there

  9. ^ LMAO. Nice.

    Balloon colors, eh? -__- Must be nice to have nothing else to do but worry about balloon colors. Stupid fangirls. They need to get out and live a little. Jeez.

  10. I'd love to take a needle with me to Korea and go to one of those big concerts they have and pop some balloons. I never got the big deal out of some fandoms bitching over balloons.

  11. Lol this reminds me of the ZE:A + JeA shit.

  12. lol i love the fact that SJs + Shinee,+ Ft.islands colors are so similar. means i save on money ;D lol
    well, FT island now has a handchief or something like dad T-T

  13. Groups should just start picking colors from the ultra violet or infrared spectrum if people are going to bitch about the colors from visible radiation.

  14. I thought f(x) was that dumb but their faptards are way worse. Seriously, they can't decide a name. D:

  15. nice article about balloons

  16. Gilt, you are the new love of my life.

  17. it is so retarded to hv diff color for each group ^^

  18. haha shin... its an honour

  19. wow , i've never met anyone else that said "holy balls." we were meant for each other. loljk

    LOL yeah i read an article sort of like this around the time 4minute was picking their official color and i remember thinking how retarded everybody was for caring about shit like this. >_>

    you've been busy with your articles haha , keep up with the good work !

  20. @ blackbeltbaybee

    Omg do you use holy balls, too!? Hahaha that's like my favourite saying. We were fated to meet here <3

    Haha it's summer and I much prefer writing articles for fun than doing my research.

  21. haha i think i'm only gonna write on recent news that catch my attention. yeah i'm too lazy to go look things up xP although instead of being on this site at all i should be preparing/studying for the worst year of my life X.x

  22. Hahaha maybe we should find a different way of chatting. But to respond to the other comment on the other blog, no I didn't skip Grade 12, I just finished it earlier cause I did an IB Diploma (it's similar to AP that you guys have in the USA).

    Oh what year is coming up next for you? Good luck good luck~

  23. gmail chat if you have a gmail ? mine's just this username(BBBB) at gmail(dot)com.

    and LOL i'm a lot younger than most of the other authors on this blog X.x i'm starting junior year next year. yep. junior year of high school xP

  24. "wtf it's just balloons".

  25. its moments like this that make me ashamed to be an elf,they are known to be super psychotic bout the colours thing,don't nobody dear pick any shade of blue or else super nutso colour hogs will be on yo ass bout it.

  26. That is one of the reasons why people get turned off from K-pop in general.

  27. whoever bash f(x), go to hell :)
    2012 is f(x)'s year! ELECTRIC SHOCK!! :D

  28. Oh wells, Pearl Red and Sapphire oceans are the prettiest oceans :D


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