Saturday, June 4, 2011

Immortal Song's 1st episode

Spoiler: There are no real spoilers here, as I'm just covering the preliminary rounds.

So on June 4th, KBS's new idol-centered 'I Am Singer' (seriously, they made it the fucking same: Crying-audience shots, contestants watching in awe, ect) aired its first episode. For those of you who still don't know, it is a singing variety show starring 2AM's Changmin, Super Junior's Yesung, IU, SHINee's Jonghyun, Sistar(19)'s Hyorin, and B2ST's Yoseob.


Changmin acting like a total fag on stage, and still giving one of the best performances (the interaction between the idols at the end may please some).

Hyorin performing "Goose's Dream" (also performed by Suzy in Dream High, albeit lip-synced; read: Hyorin still manages to sound much better).

Yoseob, and his beautiful, elfen face, singing a gorgeous ballad to his mother (emotional twist: They show her watching it, what a surprise!).

Low points:

IU: No climax, and she was clearly bored with the song itself.
Yesung: Too many pitchy moments in the beginning.
Jonghyun: Sounds like a fucking wolf.

Preliminary Results:
Changmin, Yesung, & Yoseob were tied for first; Jonghyun was 4th, Hyorin was 5th, and IU placed in last. The top three were given first pick (of songs).


  1. wtf yoseb highlight?

  2. His second half was better than any of the other three, but I was pushing it.

  3. 100/100 is off the air already? I stopped watching after the new format, but it still makes me sad the show is over. I might watch ep 2 since Secret's Jieun is supposed to be in it.

  4. 'Jonghyun: Sounds like a fucking wolf.'

    ...isn't that his USP? :\

  5. Of course, sing a momsy song, make them cry, even better, put the mom in, and you're automatically in for the win. Typical.

  6. ^Fuck, you're right. Bastard hoodwinked me.

  7. So the purpose of this thing is to show people that idols can sing and to do that they brought idols how are main singers in their band and/or have already shown they can sing by appearing 10000000 times on TV ?!!!!!


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