Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another frozen face.

I thought that one chick in Rainbow (no, I don't know her name and don't care enough to look it up.) had really fucking creepy eyes and then I come across this shit. The chick's name is Shin GoEun and apparently she's a new soloist; this was her debut music video. The only reason I made it through the video is because I muted the video and took out my contact lenses (it still sucked) while looking for ONE screenshot in which she changes her expression. Needless to say, I couldn't find it. (She must not be quite familiar with all that plastic/silicone in her face.) It's almost as if Park Bom or Hyun Young gave her lessons!

[For those of you who are unfamiliar with Hyun Young...
Similar, no? But at least Hyun Young can kinda-sorta dance well. Remotely.]

Honestly though. Her face is the stuff of nightmares. I didn't think the music video sucked TOO badly at first, despite the retch-worthy concept/song, but I started getting creeped out right at about 0:18 (I don't even know what to say about that dance. I- I just- okay no.) If her singing/dancing had at least been decent, I think I would have overlooked the fact that she looked like an entry for a wax museum.

On second thought, no, I don't think I would.

Her voice is almost as bad as Hara's (no offense, but that's pretty damn bad.) And I know I'm gonna get at least one Hara fangirl all up in my virtual face whining about how she CAN sing and blahblahblah so I'll just post a video in advance as my response. For the truly lazy, the worst starts at 40 seconds in. (sorry no embedding for this vid...)

Okay I'm already bored with this and AKF wanted a "I'm the Best" review so I'm just gonna leave it at this.

-edit: Just kidding. I think I'm going to procrastinate on 2autotune1. I'm right up to the top of my mental pain threshold; I think writing that review right away might prove to be the end of me.


  1. You don't have to review 2NE1's song. No one does. I was just stating that there was no way in hell I was gonna review it after I had already reviewed the song lol.

    Oh, I only made it to the 1:00 mark in the song.

  2. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS DANC- forget it. I'm used to this shit now.

  3. I normally dont watch MVs that are new to me. A bad MV can spoil a good song, so I just tab out of the MV and just listen to it.
    The song isnt bad, but its not great.
    You guys kept talking about the dancing, so on my second play through I actually watched it and....I am like David. I am too used to this shit, seeing seiyus singing and dancing (Nakajima Megumi) made me blind to this shit lol.

  4. 2autotune1? Unbelievable.... HIGH FIVE!

  5. prettier than Bom, but her expression scares the shit out of me...

    nice song though...

  6. HEY AKF AND OTHER ADMINS. Take your time to check out the notes in thie facebook page. I thought it was a good page at first but it's being a fucking denizen for fangirls. Thought you might find some LULZ there.

  7. Lol when 2NE1 came out with Lonely, where'd the 2autotune1 comments go? Now that they have a song with slight autotune, man, people are just jumping on that word like hungry hoes. But I look forward to having a nice giggle at your trololol review, blackbeltwanabee :)

  8. ^at lonely i thought 2ne1 was gonna change their style (FINALLY). unfortunately, no.
    and "slight autotune" ? are you deaf? I'm the Best has more autotune than it has real voices.

  9. 10:05 - i think it's pretty damn sad when you can only name a single song that lacks autotune for any given artist. and where in the flying fuck did you get the term "hungry hoes" LMFAO[x not to mention a "hoe" is a gardening tool. and i don't think "wanabee" will ever be a word either , sorry to say. i'm not even going to say anything about the autotune. ignorant dumbass is ignorant.

    oh , all these poor uneducated people these days... it's really quite sad. makes you want to help them out a little... y'know , by shoving them off a cliff and ending their misery.

  10. It Hurts, Stay Together, IDC, Love is Ouch - I assume you are not a fan or you chose to ignore those. And "baybee" is a word then? Contradicting much?

    Apart from the chorus in IATB, it has less autotune than Can't Nobody + Go Away. That's what I meant by "slight", and that's the chorus, which does not override the amount of "real" voices. Lol @ "are you deaf", nice job at poking fun in reference to those who really are deaf. Don't exagerrate. If I was deaf, oh, are you dead then?

    In case you didn't get it(so painfully obvious you didn't) "wanabee" was substituted for "baybee". Come at me then with another shot, I don't mind if you do. If you say I'm not worth it, ok, sit down and write your review then.

  11. wasn't it "painfully obvious" that i'm not a fan ? o-o wow the ignorance is seriously giving me palpitations. just because the song has less autotune doesn't mean that it has "slight" autotune itself. by your reasoning - there are uglier people than Hyoyeon and therefore she's pretty. yay that makes sense :D

    and i did get it dipshit. i was saying that because you have issues with spelling. and you have no life if this is how you have fun , yo[=

    god damn , BlowJobs (and SONEs) are the reason for this blog's existence. you'd think they got the idea by now

  12. ^ seriously... this article wasn't even ABOUT 2NE1 lmfao.

  13. GTFO damn BJ needs a life

    Good article. You should review better bands like B2st

  14. ^By saying that B2ST is a better band puts you in the same dump as the BJ. Fail.

  15. Well golly gee, sorry for having my own opinion and way of thinking and that it is inferior to your oh-so-intelligent ways. Really, I do apologize you feel like my reasoning is so flawed. You must think your superior tone is making me feel weak. So very weak D:

    Kid, learn to attack without needing curse words. It'll make you look attractive, promise. And look like your hormones aren't running wild.

    LOLOLOLOL @ "you have no life is this is how you have fun". And who's the one spending their time looking for ways to troll on kpop and responding to an online anon? Man, according to your little theory then, I should be dead by now. Typical.

    Who said I was a BJ anyway? As if I can't like a group but not be a fan? But idc, go ahead and call me anything you like, insult me, bash me, but as long as you reserve the right to post here, doesn't stop me from coming. You mad? That's nice.
    Now get that review done pronto or make yourself useful with some grilled cheese sandwiches.

  16. ^
    dude, people that write those kind of rebuttals are the ones that are butthurt the most.

    You are so FUCKING butthurt. People can curse all they want, we dont have to be as fucking pretentious as you are, especially on the the FUCKING internet....are you FUCKING annoyed now. Are you?

  17. @Anon 12:07
    I don't even understand where you derive your logic from. I wonder how you've managed to survive this long. Are you a blond by any chance?


    and my my... what a demanding little BlowJob you are. tsk. talk about flawed reasoning , "according to your little theory then, I should be dead by now" LOL what exactly was my theory ? and what's with this infatuation of yours with death ? seems like the method i suggested WOULD help you out a little. find yourself a cliff kiddo

  19. 9:49; Are you butthurt that I don't think cursing makes you look cool? That's why you want to annoy me by proving that cursing is so awesome? Keep trying.
    And lol. Did I say people can't curse? Read, don't assume.

    Wow, pulling a blonde joke in 2011. Stuck in time? Find a better insult.

    Thanks for ignoring my points I made to you, you probably didn't know how to respond to them anyways. Your "you have no life" comment is your theory, so if I have no life, I would be dead, wouldn't I? Do you even know what "infatuation" means? Look it up. You're exagerrating again, bad habit.

    Replying to me only shows how much you value my opinions enough to want to make the effort to comment. You all reply to me because you can't control your emotions and mind enough to decide "oh this troll, let them be stupid then, not even gona spend my time on them". Thanks for paying attention lol. (If this is how I get attention, I must have had a sad life/no life right? Already ahead of you. Think of a new one.)

  20. nah , i didn't acknowledge them because you'd be too stupid to understand the correct process of logic[= wanna write another essay for me ? i hope you know i'm keeping your comments for future lols

  21. ^

    "You all reply to me because you can't control your emotions" Uh, "Contradicting much?" -_- This bitch needs some grammar lessons. It's *Contradictory* or even *Hypocritical* sheesh. And I like how one word lit the fuse up this butthurt blowjob's ass

  22. ^ The one word being "2AutoTune1" sorry

  23. I'd fap to Hyunyeoung

  24. ^
    You have strange tastes dude.

  25. Lol, again, "the correct process of logic" of which you possess is only your sole opinion that is neither above nor better than anybody elses, so don't pull that on me.
    I hope you know I had a good "lols" throughout this ordeal, but sorry to say, I don't feel the same for your comments. I never did or will try to make an effort to remember whatever you've said before.

    Hey 4:18, if you think I was angry and flaming at this, it's more like I reply to get more from you because I know you'll come back to this like a pathetic puppy. Picking on my grammar; one of the best things to do when you don't know what else to pick on. I like how you care about me (:

    You're like rabid fangirls, except you excessively bash instead of excessively praising. I see no difference.

    Anyways. Dara can't sing for her life,Bom is a plastic nightmare,CL is a try hard man, and Minzy is a little whore dancer. That's what you like to hear huh? Lol I'll leave you with that to feast your hunger on. It was great while it lasted, I loved your comebacks and insults, makes me realize how similar you are to raging fangirls. Peace, stay trolling, and get laid <3

  26. ^
    do you seriously have to write an essay for every single comment you make? CHILL. OUT. Hopefully when you said "I'll leave you with that" you meant it. See ya later! <3 ya too! (oh, and that was sarcasm, in case you couldn't tell. you probably couldn't, seeing as you didn't understand half the things anyone said.)

  27. talk about not having a social life. and talk about needing to get laid ! jesus. and ^ yeah that fucktard didn't even understand like anything. COMPLETE ignorance

  28. lol excessively bash. i haven't even written the 2autotune1 review yet and this brainless twat already thinks i'm bashing. that's funny[x

  29. Why would you bother coming back and writing these essays if you actually had friends and a life?


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