Thursday, June 30, 2011

''American music is all about sex, drugs and rock & roll while K-pop is so much better and innocent'' STFU.

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[& GTFO with your 'TL;DR' comments ]

If I had a penny for each time a K-pop fanatic went around dictating how ''Kpop is better than American music since the latter is ALL about sex, drugs and rock & roll'' I would be giving Bill Gates a run for his money.

  • If American music was all about sex, drugs and rock & roll why would SMent companies buy songs from Western producers if it was so goddamn inappropriate?
  • Furthermore whenever MV's by your oppas & unnies get banned people complain about how 'Koreans are way too conservative' and should 'loosen the hell up' but somehow the tables are turned when people complain about American artists and accuse them of being trashy 'Omg they shouldn't sing about blah blah!' . Hypocrisy at it's finest.
  • One must be in severe denial to not acknowledge the contributions Western pop has made to R&B, rock and other genres. If it weren't for Western music... K-pop would not exist. Credit should be given where it's due, so going around debunking American music and it's artists is just plain stupid.
  • Your favourite choreos from your idol groups...most likely to have been done by an American choreographer. Your idol's role models in the music scene...most likely to be an American artist like Michael Jackson or Beyonce.
  • Last but not the least fans are completely fine when their favourite K-pop groups have sampled music *cough f(x)/SHINee cough* BUT if an American artist samples the same music shit goes down, seems like double standards are becoming a norm in the K-pop universe. Want a beautiful e.g.? Read or reminisce this article posted by allkpop, tl;dr : Sean Kingston decided to an adaptation of the original song by purchasing legal rights etc, the same Finnish song that had been legally brought by our favourite remaker SMent for their bastard child SHINee and look at how mature K-pop fans were about this issue.
    ''With this discovery, Shawols immediately began posting angry comments on the video and message boards in English, branding Sean Kingston as a “total failure,” “SHINee copier,” “f***ing s***,” and even “burglar” and “blackdog,” spamming the comments section with plagiarism accusations and hate threats. One fan even remarked, “Bye bye Sean Kingston, when SM finds you ^^ are you ready or not~ you ready or not~ to die ;D.''
If you're looking for more evidence, I'm more than glad to present you with some. Mind you I'm lazy as shit so I didn't screencap the rest of the comments I came across or else this entry would have been flooded with screencaps.

Exhibit A :

Talk about irony. Omg y'all we all listen to K-pop because the lyrics are not shallow, derogatory & sexist because you know the lyrics in K-pop are like totally deep and moves us to tears since 90% songs about love from various girl groups who sing about how they become weak in their knees when 'oppar' passes by or winks at them which leads to shit loads of cheesiness and aegyo. Or boy groups/duos who sing about how they want to get 'High High' or how they want to put their 'Hands Up' and shove their drinks around in the ayer like they just don't care, yup we get it.

Oh and talking about sexism...haha did someone forget that SK just like many other Asian countries is comprised of a patriarchal society lead by men? What other reason can there be behind as to why girl groups who have to pull off the cute concept in masses since it's 'the safe option' and would garner attention by their male fanbase who are more than willing to spend since they have some disposable income. These lolita concepts exist for a reason, either you're too naive to acknowledge it or you just don't care.

Exhibit B :

The infamous youtube comments.

No words.

In conclusion, there's nothing wrong with liking K-pop more than American music but using stupid excuses to bash American music isn't cool either. Generalizing American music based on a few tracks or one specific genre you hear on the radio or see on TV doesn't make your statement valid at all. Looking for depth in pop music is stupid. Pop music in general is shallow. Listeners of Pop music aren't looking to listen to an album front to back and contemplate the underlying message of the lyrics. They want one easy song that they can pop on and dance to with their girlfriends. So if you want songs that don't make you feel queasy why not experiment with different genres as opposed to restricting yourself with one genre? For all you know you might end up liking or even better loving it.

I know this is a long post and shit but since some of y'all wanted serious articles so consider it a wish granted.
& have a cookie.


  1. Great and unfortunately accurate article.
    Reading comments about how K-pop is so much better than trashy American music always makes me sigh in tired disgust. I'm willing to bet the majority of k-pop fans don't even bother looking up the lyrics to their songs, and yet they feel so confident in the innocence of k-pop.
    Well, I guess it's to be expected when the demographic of kpop fandom consists mostly of shallow teenage girls.

  2. Ugh I know, I mean I don't know if it's the language barrier but seriously Kpop has loads of trashy shit. I mean bangkok city by Orange Caramel is anything but innocent.

  3. You'd have to be very naive to miss all the underlying messages in kpop. The only reason it's not more in your face is probably because of censorship laws.

  4. n0 wai. kpop uber inosent yo. oppa and unnie pighting!


    kpop fans are saying they like fx ver better because it isnt sluttty and trashy as the orginal ;D

  6. THIS.
    No matter how many times I want to tell people...

  7. do i get a cookie? i want one... ://

    anyways LOOOLS
    soo many kpop songs are just plain retarded, hence
    "i want to be your boyfriend, be my girlfriend?" idk the rest of the lyrics but granted boyfriend by boyfriend is not even on par with Friday by Rebecca Black, it is worse, and their facial expressions were...
    Mazeltov by Kwanghee's group was asdfghdjksfhls

    i can go on forever really,
    id rather listen to sex, drugs, and alchohol, or whatever "American Music" is, then crap like "Bad Girl"
    but i like kpop for the most part,
    i guess its on the same level of shittiness that "Americans" produce, since they copy off of it.

  8. i think people see kpop as more innocent because of how there are so many <18 year old girls debuting with a 'cute' concept.


  10. I couldn't have put it any better, THANK YOU.

  11. There's also those instances when a kpop vid makes it on the front page of youtube and one person says they're like Lady Gaga or Britney Spears.
    Then all you see is "STOP COMPARING THEM THEY ARE WAYYY BETTER THAN GAGA OR BRITNEY." and they go on to bash American music and fans of American music. Pretty sure it's happening on 2NE1's vid right now. Crazy ass Blackjacks.

    I personally listen to a lot more Kpop than American music even though I'm American but I've never been that stupid so I don't get it :/

  12. most Asians in general are more subtle about sexiness (well, about everything really). they focus on "charm," while America just focuses on sexy. that's the only real difference between western and asian pop.

    some times i'm not sure if it's a curse or blessing that i can't understand Korean; when i'm listening to a kpop song i'll occasionally think "i miss lyrics" but then i listen to Ke$ha's latest song and realize maybe i don't miss lyrics THAT much.

  13. if Pop songs are the basis, then American music wins in the "deepness of the shit" aspect since even they're pop songs tackle serious issues(e.g. Gaga and Michael Jackson)...

  14. @anonymous at 3:20, you think Japan only focuses on charm? AKB48, Kumi, ETC ETC... .. Don't say "Asia" because thats not true of ALL of Asia.. remember that Asia is HUGE!

  15. Kimmy...... fuck you.
    Making the rest of us look bad.

  16. I expect essays from all of you now.

  17. @ 3:41
    Essays are very rare on this blog. Don't get used to it LOL.

    @David - Pfft, y'know how much I love your articles <3

    @3:20 - Ke$ha's only 1 outta the million other peeps out there. Ke$ha doesn't define pop music alone. Plus why are you looking for lyrics in a POP song? You're meant to dance your ass off to that music in a club, not analyse it lol.

  18. lol kpop is original? roflmaomg


  19. i just don't understand why people listen to kpop for the lyrics, especially when they can't understand it. just read some poetry or something.

  20. This needs to be posted on 6theory. ASAP. :O

  21. If you have to go to the lyrics to get meaning out of a song, then either that song is lousy or that song wasn't suppose to have any meaning to it

  22. The only thing I got out of this article is the cookie.

  23. my favorite line that delusional kpop fans spit at american music: "OMG THEY CAN'T EVEN SING! THAT'S WHY I LISTEN TO KPOP! IT'S REAL TALENT/MUSIC!" <--- lollllllll.

  24. @ friglet
    lol so true. Love the hypocrisy of kpop fans.
    I lol at people that say American music is all about drug sex and violence. WTF are they listening to. Sure the popular songs are about those lol but its far from generalizing the entire music scene on it.

  25. Some people must be fucking blind, deaf and stupid to miss all the sexual innuendos in their oppas and unnies' songs and MVs...
    And they call american singers slutty but did they look at the outfits girls groups are wearing with ridiculously short shorts/skirts/dresses showing their underwears and all *smh*

  26. K-pop is based off American pop music, last time I checked. Thus, it would not be a surprise that K-pop is not unlike American pop music.

  27. people need to stop pretending like pop was ever about making music.

  28. tl;dr but from the title..

    most of these obsessed fans obviously haven't heard anything other than the mainstream "kesha" of "rihanna" because judging english/american music based on the only music playing on the radio is obviously cool.

    and besides, the only reason why koreaboos state "k-pop is so much better and innocent" is because they don't fucking understand a word of it. or just because they don't believe their lovely idols could suggest anything like that.

    "Americans have music like about sex, drugs etc & it really doesn't have anymore meaning to it anymore. Back in the days(even though I'm only 13), the music has more meaning! I miss the old days! Most Asian music are meaningful while others are cute like SNSD's music. You know? I really like Asian music even if I have no idea what it means!"

    SNSD's boyfriend lyrics: “I'm so Ready, Boy Give it to Me”...“So many boys wanna give it to me..”

    Normal person: Why ois the beginning kindda erm...ermm......Horny?!
    SONE#2: not really.. give it to me means give me your love...
    SONE#3: people in South Korea aren't perverted like in the USA.
    SONE#4: I don't think Jessica and Tiffany know what we think when they say "Give it to me"
    because they don't live in America, and I'm pretty sure they aren't aware of the new perverted era in America.

    i also remember one even stating something like "omg,, there's no way snsd could mean that...i mean they are innocent unlike americans and they don't do all that sex stuff"....DERPP??


    SNSD's baby baby lyrics:
    "Please baby baby baby You are inside me
    You came in so deep, afraid you might see, my bashful confession
    baby baby baby going to you cautiously
    In a small voice i will only let you hear"

    wwell, how do you explain this then, SONEs? ಠ_ಠ

  29. fuck, even half of k-pop i've heard *these days* don't have meaningful lyrics, they are all about:
    3. crap that doesn't even make sense, like f(x)'s music
    5. ???
    6. meaningful stuff like *see below*

    the exceptions; such as epik high and others although they are on hiatus

  30. agree with @5:43. I never look for a translation, only the hangul.

  31. Amazing job.
    Funny and true.
    I want more articles like this one.

  32. @Anon 5:36

    Two thumbs waaaay waaay up.

  33. 5:36 - Well, I just searched up the lyrics to prove you wrong.
    Holy shit.

  34. I love this article so much, Thank you AntiKpopFangirl!!

  35. Brilliant post.

    I was just having a conversation with a friend about this.

    It's sad and every time I read a comment like that it makes me rage. It's not even just Kpop fans though, it's Asian pop fans in general.

  36. This is exactly what I have in mind. Bravo! What a great article.

  37. niceee article... this is why i appreciate classical/instrumental/jazz music more .. like because no talking is involved lol..(+and it's pure skill)

    But honestly, I listen to k-pop/j-pop/mandopop or any other songs that I don't even understand what the lyrics about, just for the beat (or melody?) to help me stay awake while

  38. everyone has their opinion.....
    if they don't like american...fine.
    just the same way you hate k-p[op most of the time...

    just practice what you preach....

  39. I don't hate K-pop.
    I hate the annoying fans.

  40. I like kpop more mostly because i like korean better. But it can be either korean or american, i wont listen to songs about drugs or whatever. Nor half naked woman. But i find it funny how fangirls think cute means innocent. Thats just another men fantasm so ... Whatever. I know what i mean xD

    1. American pop isn't ALWAYS about sex, drugs or being horny!
      American pop is diverse! it can be cute, romantic, sad or anythin'
      I like kpop(only rain and boa) but what I don't like about it? is the annoying and crazy fans! they always insult apop!
      Apop and kpop has its own UPS and don't think that APOP is the only one singing about drugs and sex, even kpop has fair.

  41. LOL i just found this gem on allkpop replying to a comment saying that they hope lady gaga and lady heehee perform together:
    "Gaga is a trash. Pot-head. The only reason she is famous is because she happens to be an American, OK? As far as music and performance-quality wise, Kpop is superior.
    I wouldn't put too much stock into it."
    Hhhhahahhahaa no.

  42. If you hate Kpop so much why are you listening to it? Just stick with your gay porn

  43. You piece of shit antikpopfangirl I agree with the person above. You say your an antikpop peson yet you talk about kpop on and on. Like the above, just lsten to your Justin Bieber and masturbatee to your gay porn you hypocrite faggot

  44. @ 2:13 & 9:47 - I apologize for the fact that I worded my statements in simple English...yet it's so hard to comprehend the basics which could be easily understood by a 10 year old.

    It's okay, I understand if English isn't your first language, I'm a pretty considerate person in general.

  45. I'm a kpop fan but i detest those crazy kpop fans that trash american music as you described. You made perfect points, they think the music is all innocent but it's not you probably don't even know what the hell they are saying to determine if it's innocent or not. For example, hot summer by f(x), those lyrics are far from innocent and Hands up and High High is talking about drugs.

  46. @ comment above me, that is far from the actual meaning. Obviously you do not understand any Korean at all because the lyrics are that of a party. Not a birthday party however. but, you should actually LOOK IT UP before you accuse 2PM and GD and TOP of singing about drugs.

  47. @ all comments, from what Ive read here some people are saying "Korean music doesnt make any sense." and "Its not just KPOP fangirls, its Asian fangirls in general." thats just fucking racist. You hypocrites. Youre saying Kpop music has drugs and sex when you all have no right to say that. These singers know AT LEAST 3 languages and work their fucking ass off to produce these songs. How many languages do you know? 1. English. Do you work your ass off and put on a smile when you havent slept in days? No, you have your lazy ass in your chairs typing away at your computer. And at AntiKpopfangirl, fuck off. Seriously. You need to learn that people have opinions. Dont just say "Oh stfu fangrils" when you need to stfu.
    - A

  48. i really don't think kpop lyrics are based off of american song lyrics... sure, sment might buy the songs for their artists, but aren't they only buying the instrumental?? i'm confused

  49. ''Kpop is better than American music since the latter is ALL about sex, drugs and rock & roll''
    I HATE comments like this...i.e. which is why i stopped listening to so much kpop music cuz ALL KPOP IS MUSIC ABOUT LOVE. 99.99999% of the fucken just chants "saranghae saranghae.."blah blah blah or how they say..yea i'm the fucken best..gonna show the world..yea uh huh okay.

    American Music is NOT all about drugs, sex and rock and roll..dip shit.. you even TRY eminem? yea he tells his story in his music..lupe fiasco? tells the problems we got in america. PEOPLE IN AMERICA HAVE MORE PROBLEMS THEN JUST LOVE. AND YOU NOE WAT CRAZY ASS FANGIRL? drug usage is ACTUALLY a problem in america..YOU mite not know it..but it's the fucken truth

    oh and korean music is oh so innocent right? yea..okay sure. all the "dance moves" that korean girl groups do is just them being whores anyway with just bending over and that stop trying so fucken hard already. have any of you listened or watched Rania? yea if you did then you'd see how that song is so fucken sexual..the short shorts, freaken leg length boots. and in that SNSD song..yea okay so innocent..and if listen to big bang's make love..yea that song in just the TITLE is about sex. and in gd & tops mvs..all you see are girls freaken dancing like whores..tell me more kpop fangirl..tell me how that's innocent.

    here's a thought..maybe if you crazy ass fangirls who bash american music KNEW KOREAN and fully understood the songs then you'd know how kpop music is as fucken innocent as you think it is.

  50. Once upon a time, I wrote essays for articles haha.

  51. HAAAATERS GONNA HAAAAAAATE. :D Lol maybe if you people understood cultural differences, you wouldn't be talkin' shit like this. The "innocence" factor isn't the only reason kpop fans love kpop, maybe you should pay attention to the sane fans instead of the batshit insane ones. I'd respond fully, but I'm "just tooooo dayum lazy". ;D Have fun with your shit-ass American music, if it can even be called that. 널 씨발 놈!! ^_^

  52. ^^^^ Haters gotta fuck ;)/

  53. all your precious oppars and unnies are sucking the ceos dicks to remain employed

  54. comment above your only saying that cause you want to be in their place. oh and it's Oppas

    Antikpopfangirl, have you look up the lyrics, i have and the some songs have great meaning and some don't and yes some have sex, i can tell GD G-dragon breath is all about sex, yes but you can't say all is like that Hyuna is a girl who sometime dances really sexy but as a fan i like her because of personality, ah some oh you are even reading the whole lyrics, I listen to major of Kpop and the singer can really sing, beyonce even said that hyorin from sistar is on her level of talent so please if you don't anything nice to say don't say anything at all P.s kpop artists listen to american music so yeah

  55. wow you stupid kockface....kpop is the best just go die in a whole

  56. Kpop fans are the first who bashed and insulted AMERICAN POP!!!!
    It's the truth, we haven't done anything wrong to you guys, and then you said "APOP is super horny,all about sexy,drugs or anythin' bad"
    Wow! your KPOP is too perfect! having influenced by the American music, you say it's really ORIGINAL?
    Treat us fair and we'll treat you fair too!
    and hey! Lady Gaga isn't a bitchy whore! how dare you say that?!!??!!??!!
    She is the MOTHER MONSTER you bitch! she is unique! maybe she's weird but she is incredibly ORIGINAL AND TALENTED!!!!!! respect guys respect !

  57. well well well. i wonder why all of you would rather listen to american trash. American pop was way much more better in the 80s, until the mid 2000s where nelly furtado, timbaland, shayne ward, leona lewis, david archuleta, jordan sparks, and carry underwood were introduced. now, with the appearance of the trashy gaga, sex-alcoholic maniac pitbull, girly voice bieber, and of course the damn adele, American music is in ruin now. Guess what, Kpop is based on american pop in the 80s to the 90s, where American music was so much better at that time, just like backstreet boys, n sync, michael jackson, michael learns to rock, new kidz on the block etc etc etc. bleh, i hate american music now, unless if someone trained by simon cowell appeared again in american/british music industry. simon cowell is the only one who knows a lot about music, thus produce much more talented artist, rather than pitbull, gaga and bieber.


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