Thursday, June 16, 2011

JYJ's Yoochun is groped

Warning: Defensive, delusional Cassies should stay the fuck away from this video & article. There is quite some gropage (new word!) involved.

A hot & steamy stage with red, sultry lights.
A couple European strippers and of course: Micky Yoochun (of JYJ; previously of TVXQ {read: left for a better paycheck [read: probably didn't get it]}).
1. Observe at 1:20, as some blonde bitch sticks her arm between his legs and rubs his pathetic excuse for a wang. His face crumples in pleasure and his body cringes.
2. At 1:44, the same blonde ho repeats the act, this time from the front. You can hear horny, or angry (or both), fangirls scream at the act.
3. 1:51, same girl again (good thing all the chicks are blind-folded, if not, they'd probably be dead or contemplating suicide by now {read: totally not a reference to ELFs}) rubs his ass cheeks.


  1. Yoochun is the ugliest member of DBSK. He looks like an old man.

  2. Yoochun's first time being groped by someone who's not a DBSK member.

  3. i think i got the elf-reference. im not sure, but what I THINK was meant is funny so it actually doesnt matter at all what david really meant.

    ant i also lol'd at the first read-part. so true!

  4. Mmf. Thank you for this video.


  5. though i like seeing kpop guys with sexy girls and touching (HA! just the image of fangirls tearing out their hair in frustration).
    SHE'S ass teasing HIM?
    that doesn't sound...right.

  6. The dancers are american, just saying. Nice vid though, I wouldn't mind taking his place...

  7. What's wrong with getting groped by sexy girls ? O_o

  8. lol only david... imagine the amount of ruckus this would cause if it was like jaejoong instead of this noname kid.

  9. david, your getting worse and worse.. you used to actually be funny. now your just fucking narrating a fucking video, nobody wants that shit. gtfo or be funny again

  10. he's always been by far the worst author. suckmydee & lickmypunani are the best. akf is just okay. anyways, worst read ever. i'd rather feed the fucking fish

    mm fish.

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  12. That's called "groping" ? Get out and get some.

  13. You're really making it big AKPF! Hate letters, retarded anti-fan saying you were better in the old days.

  14. Implying that being groped by hot chicks is bad.

  15. purple lol, face facts
    before they bashed people, revealing cold hard truths that more famous news sites like allkpop wouldn't do.
    they are trying to be more professional now, what the fuck is this?

  16. although i will admit news has been slow in the industry, but still. look at other authors, still finding good stuff and making fun of kpop.
    but look at the archive, really busy in the first couple weeks, hasnt gone above 20 since 05/01-05/08

  17. 8:34 - I'm not sure about the others, but I've always found it necessary to keep a hint of professionalism in my articles. After all, I think articles should be:
    a) Legible.
    b) Somewhat entertaining
    Our main goal was & is to slap delusional fangirls in the face; but it's not like we don't occasionally troll (or in this case: notify y'all about something interesting that never made it to major news sites).
    Regarding Allkpop, don't even. They're not professional, they're pussies that only want to appease hormone-ravaged fangirls + make money while doing it. They used to be mad opinionated (and admittedly, funny) like us, but they've long since sold out.

  18. Some girl groped him, big deal. I swear, that girl is doing those fantards a service on how to grope their idols.

  19. Don't worry, the female dancers groped Yoochun, Junsu and Jaejoong and none of the fans had an heart attack because of it. JYJ are grown men, if they want to dance with sexy ladies then let them be, what's the point of making an article about it ?
    And I didn't get the Elfs' reference (not a fan of SuJu), mind to explain ?

  20. So they totally find it ok when guys are doing it to eachother but god forbid one of their precious idols gets touched by someone of the opposite sex.(cue horror music) O give me a break! Though I will say that was... different from what i'm used to a kpop artists show being.

  21. Yoochun get some~ Lol I bet she was honry on that day, I didn't see her doing that in the San Jose Concert.

    I'm a Cassie. d:

  22. Better paycheck? You mean three men decided they didn't want to cater to your deluded fangirls and left? (P.S. For all your claims that you are "different" you aren't. Clearly you want to suck Yunho's dick for a living.)

    And they did get a better paycheck since with one lousy concert they managed to buy houses in upscale neighborhoods. Something few other SM artists can claim. If Yunho and Changmin decided to stay that is their business. SM has a history of artists leaving....because SM are another pile of shit.

    What I don't get is why you aren't angry that your precious oppa has to work like a dog for an income he could just as easily earn doing something else? The point is that he was part of a group that dominated Asia and had the biggest fanclub in the world. Where is his compensation? Popularity? Won't cut it once he starts becoming old.

    It doesn't strike you as strange that the biggest group in Korea still lived in a dormitory together? You really find that normal? You think it is normal that the two oldest {25} still don't have a stable girlfriend? And if they did they couldn't introduce her in fear of jealous fans' backlash? You think these are conditions anyone wants to stay in?

    And if the courts of Korea agreed that SM's contract was abusive (and anulled it) I can assure you they have very little incentive to lie about their reasons for it. They aren't hormonal losers like you. They are grown men and women of the law that see SM Entertainment for what it is; An exploitive company.

    JYJ aren't like you. They don't hang of Yunho's words for a living. They have brains of their own and if they decided to leave good for them. If you seem to believe this new TVXQ is great then why are you so hung up on JYJ? Seriously bitch you suck the worst.

  23. to anon at 8:22pm. well done! i seriously imagine that these groups of people- perhaps too young or dont know the reality of life. seriously, i dont really care if the guys really leaving for money coz yeah- if u're really that popular, u at least shud earn what u shud get.

    those people out there, u shud work ur ass off then try complaining money is not important.

    plus, i dont even see those sm artists that so called helping generate more idols/talented singer watever buy a house/ a car that is theirs and not the company.

    when u're still young n still famous, go n get that money
    coz when u're old and not that famous, at least u wont rotted on a cold road- just sayin
    it's imply to all human being that live in this world that need to work hard to get money- coz apparently we dont get fed by silver spoon.

    money is important. money is reality. go get some and then u cn complain whether their decision to leave is right or not.

    some view artist as idol/oppa/onni that can wowed u.
    well, i view this as a job. u got that talent. u got that job. the pay not satisfying? worry not. just leave. u cn get other job coz u got the talent.

    people who dont get the talent? well just stay n rot there

  24. Just want to correct posted that they receive better paychecks now you can find the new that yoochun bought a two million dollars villa

    Regarding the video, he is just performing i do not see what wrong on the reaction on his face. He is a professional. Those people who put meaning on this are idiots filthy minded


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