Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Taecyeon to leave 2PM?

There's been rumors of a mixtape coming from Taceyeon, shocking Korean Hottests. Some are thinking that he wants to leave the group and try the underground for a while. Others are thinking he's doing this for publicity and then moving on to a full time acting career. The rest of the fans are crying at the thought of another member leaving.

An undisclosed staff member from JYP leaked out the lyrics to one of the songs but the audio hasn't been leaked yet. Without further ado, here are the lyrics.


* Better than the duo who thinks they're dynamic
I write better rhymes when fucking girls in my hammock
There's also this team who thinks they're supreme
Only thing they do better than me is produce wet dreams
My flow is nastier than the tiger that is drunken
With time passing his skill has sunken
Standing above the group the group who thinks they're epically high
All the girls think I'm especially fly

I shit on other MCs with my unibrow
To understand my raps you need to enroll in uni now
In this inner course to understand my rhymes
The revelation will blow your mind like intercourse every time
Deciphering my lyrics is tougher than learning hanja
You can't solve them even using ganja
You think you know hiphop from listening to G-Dragon
But you're only well versed in writing fanfics of GD and Top faggin'


In the toilet bowl I see the fruits of your labor
I'm sitting #1 in the rankings on Naver
All you can do with your shitty rhymes is to dream high
No need for me since I already banged Suzy on the set of Dream High
I dumb down my lyrics for the masses
I numb down my 13 inch dick for the lasses
I'm Korea's top MC
Your bank account is empty
With Jay gone I'm now 2PM's face
I'm this group's saving grace
I run over Jaywalkers on the street
I use the powerful lyrics that roll off my tongue
My fans say my flow is deadly
They compare it to the car used by Daesung



So, what do you think of Taecyeon's possible new career? I'd have to actually listen to the song when it comes out because I don't know how Taecyeon would flow, my his lyrics seem improved from the shit he had to rap with 2PM.


  1. LMAO...yeah right. you are a fool if you believe in that. no way does he have the balls to mess with the netizens and fans

  2. "I write better rhymes when fucking girls in my hammock"


  3. Rhyming dream high and Dream High...NICE!!!!!!!!!!

  4. It's giving too much credit to the guy if you think he can be that clever... I suspect he's just JYP's bastard son. Both got that primate thing going on.

  5. Who knows? Maybe JYP was holding back his "talent."

  6. 'I numb down my 13 inch dick for the lasses'

    Exaggeration at it's finest.

  7. Anti Kpop-Fangirl is a really good song writer, total respect...

  8. Future of hip-hop tbh

  9. Fucking lol @ how he repeats everything. How obnoxious.

  10. I heard he only spent half an hour writing this, so he went with the lazy route and repeated the chorus a lot.

  11. no way he can be that clever,
    the only thing he can do is shirt ripping

  12. not sure if this is supposed to be funny or not

  13. f*ckin hilarious to whomever wrote that :L

    srsly do something with that talent

  14. Lol at the person writing that, some antis got way too much time xD!

  15. I''d so love to hear an audio version of this.
    I extend my applause to whoever wrote this. Fucking fantastic shit.

  16. I have no means to record anything. Plus I can't flow, I can only write.

    now that's a work of art (x


    What a tool. Also, his rapping is fucking horrific.

  19. LMAO..this legit? cause really if it is. I sooo wanna see him release this shit so he can get murdered by dynamic, tiger, supreme &who knows he calling out epik high too I wanna see tablo educate this fool on how to spit.
    & wow really now? Jay? He gonna call out Jay? Please Jay got more swag then this fool will ever have. Him and his two inch steve urkle glasses from his days as a chess team member.

    man I really do hope this is true cause I would laugh my ass off so much just to see him get murdered on the mic. Taecyeon please go back to ripping your shirt &your horrible plain acting. Leave the rapping game to the big boys.

  20. lmao XDDDD marmar u great !!

  21. fake ass!!!! Taec doesnt get balls to write this

  22. lol taec got mocked again

  23. @Anti Kpop-Fangirl wow, u sure have a lot of time to write these lyrics!!!

  24. I dont consider him a rapper. or anything related to music because he came into JYP because he was curious and wanted fun. He was casted as a model and then modeled for a few years before being a trainee for 2pm. lol. I don't consider him a rapper. He can write lyrics, that doesnt mean he CAN WRITE lyrics. lol.

    If this is actually true. I think its just a publicity stunt to get into acting.

    Whenever someone thinks Taec is good at rapping, I LAUGH.

  25. Taecyeon is not a rapper. No one in JYP is a rapper.

    As long as he has that old ass fag writing songs and lyrics for him, he's not a rapper.

    And his flow fucking sucks. "Tik Tok" was acceptable, but that's only because it sounded like he was trying to talk a girl out of her panties.

  26. Seriously? If this is real, I'd like to see him in a freestyle rap battle with Tiger JK. See if he can last for even 10 seconds.

  27. Lol @ the people who believe this is real.

  28. I am so sick of this idiot and his bucky beaver teeth. His only talent is ripping off his shirt and looking like a complete dumb ass. Useless and talent less just like everyone else in that piece of shit group whose first name doesn't begin with J.

  29. Uhhhh...To the people who accually believe that taecyeon wrote this shit...YOU KNOW NOTHING!...I'm not a hottest,but really,"i banged suzy" part is what completly threw me off.1st of all:Even underground rappers don't write shiz like this.So please,for the fans who are crying.WIPE YO TEARS!Cuz this shit's fake.and the people who are hating on taec.Ya'll need to find lives.

  30. Really? Anti fans need to get a life. Why would you waste your time on people you hate when you can give your time to the people you like or love? Like really!?!

  31. So funnnyyyy. I feel bad for laughing at the last part. Dae Sungs car accident is no laughing matter. Taec couldn't be so clever when it comes to rapping :P. All the people mentioned are REAL rappers (Supreme Team, Dynamic Duo, Epik High, Tiger JK).


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