Sunday, June 19, 2011

Secret wins the Mutizen

You know, originally I was gonna post this for two reasons.

1) About damn time that someone other than Beast and Kim Hyun Joong won any awards.
2) I know a lot of people dislike Starlight Moonlight and wanted Secret to troll people.

But as soon as I started watching the video there was a new reason. A reason more important than the first two. A reason that coincides with the name of the blog.

As of this writing, the video has 676 likes. Not bad. It also has 160 dislikes.


Seriously? God damn. Your fucking oppas (Beast) were winning all of the awards until today (yesterday for some people) and Secret gets a win and B2ties are thumbing down the video while hoping Secret would give their Mutizen to Beast. It's okay to be sad that your favorite didn't win. To be this butthurt over it is laughable. There's also a chance that fans of Bae Yong Joon's knockoff are mad but SS501's fans have always been well mannered.

Time for some YouTube comments since they're usually funnier (okay, more pathetic) than allkpop or Soompi comments. I also posted some comments that agree with what we think around here.

"i dont think the results are real"

"Fuck the B2UTIES who disliked this. Go be butthurt somewhere else."

"Why aren't FT Island winning?? I think they deserve it even more...T^T"

"When it's boy groups winning, fans will go "omg omg oppa so cute don't cry you deserve it! so cute so cute"

But when it's girl groups winning, "Don't cry idiot, they don't deserve it. Stop acting"

Mind f*cked. :|" (Got +91 for this comment)

"you can see by the dislickes that secret should just disband"

"FT Island supposed to win today... the bessst performance so far... Yeah... Secret also can win.. but not with "Starlight Moonlight" song... korean market really love slow music and artist that can dance... they don't even more attracted to rock or the song that really challenging... totally pissed off with the secret's winning..."

"ughh...stop crying"

There were many people calling out the antis and way too many people wanting Hyosung + Kikwang. Most of the antis must have just disliked the video and left. Now I'm gonna go watch Secret's performance in spite of B2ties.

*If you're a B2ty or a KHJ fan and you're rational just know that this post was directed at your fellow immature 12 year old fans.

*Had to edit this. SS501 fans are fairly nice and rarely bitch so it was most likely butthurt B2ties disliking the video. 


  1. Stuff like that happens most of the time.

    I remember people getting pissed over IU winning for 'Good Day' and they started to bitch about her being 'overrated' which is ironic since the same people whined about her being underrated a while ago.

    B2uties sure are starting to come across as a rowdy bunch however Elf's are still #1 at being retarded.

  2. bout' time SECRET won an award is damn correct!

    It's not only beuties, it's's (whatever ss501 fans call themselves)...

    bout' time a group that doesn't rely on abs won...

    bout' freaken time!

  3. B2ties are becoming more obnoxious while Super Junior is in their twilight before they become irrelevant. Only dumbass ELFs think Suju is a top idol group these days.

    and UGH i really hate that "you can see by the dislickes that secret should just disband" comment! >_>

  5. It happens with every group, there are comments like "I wanted X to win! They deserve it more!" in every week's show.

  6. ^ That's true and I didn't say it didn't happen but I've never seen that many dislikes for a group winning before.

  7. @ AKF
    "Only dumbass ELFs think Suju is a top idol group these days. "

    so what do you think are top idol groups nowadays?

  8. Im glad that secret won even though its not my favourite song as well ^^
    and beauties can gtfo, rude bitches -.-
    btw suju may not be popular as beast but I think they still sell more albums? we will see when they make their comebeack this year :D

  9. "Stuff like that happens most of the time.
    I remember people getting pissed over IU winning for 'Good Day' and they started to bitch about her being 'overrated' which is ironic since the same people whined about her being underrated a while ago."

    This SFM. People were always whining that IU,B2ST,f(x),MBLAQ,Secret,Sistar..etc. are sooo underrated. They win some awards and BAM! "ohh,they are so overrated yada,yada..."

    LOL kpop bipolar fandom LOL

  10. I love secret but i fuckin hate starlight moonlight D: fuck beast kjh, the only one who deserved to win was lim jong hee

  11. @Kimmy: The 'IU is overrated' act always irks me. She is, of course, as is every Korean idol, but by actual definition of the word, she's still less overrated compared to other idols.

    ELFs aren't idiots, honest! Just because we drove a girl to suicide for taking selcas with our precious oppars... psh, not even that bad.

  12. "you can see by the dislickes that secret should just disband"

    lmfao this one's the best because i'm sure the first thing they did after winning was check this youtube video to see how many dislikes they got

    another thing that annoys me is the Kikwang fangirls all over every Secret video. like we get it, you love Kikwang and Hyosung, you wish he had smiled at her or hugged her or made a sex tape with her but can you shut up about it already

  13. The song is good, man. Melody and lyrics.

    The best answer to Beast fangirls would be "You liked Beautiful"

    And just like that, you win, and they don't even understand what you meant.

  14. Music show awards are just a popularity contest anyways, who gives a fuck.

  15. kpop fans, the most blinded group of folks I have ever encountered. They are like horses with blinders on.

    I love the song, glad they won.

  16. Most international Kpop fans are 12 year old girls from SEA or some obscure country like Peru. Go figure.

  17. B2uties are starting to become the next Elf's and what cassiopeia used to be (before they started hating each other lol). and it's at a SUPER fast rate! the fuck?...i just don't get it.

    and they can hate on Secret all they want. i hope Secret can cope with the hate while polishing their new trophy ;)!

  18. Hyosung looks so urgent, like she has to take a shit. Cute.

  19. obscure country peru? damn LOL
    anyway LOL im triple S lol and im happy that kim hyun joong won 2 awards, i dont like haters i think the girls r good the song is not the best but they have talent so its ok congrats to secret

  20. fangirl rage

    haha david may have just revealed some info about his sexual preferences.

  21. Sunhwa look retarded as always
    Hyosung is so fake
    Zinger ... i got nothing against her
    Jieun is super cute

  22. i think b2ties can be content with their oppas' results,they won triple crown,didnt they?
    now it's SECRET TIME.

    Hyosung is the cutest thing ever.

  23. @Anonymous (June 19, 2011 2:12 PM)
    Primadonnas are for FT Island...
    If ur mentioning SS501, their fanclub is Triple S (if i'm not mistaken)
    & in my opinion, FTI deserve some awards for their new song too....

  24. I love BEAST and Secret...!!! I bet Gikwang will be so happy...

  25. Yup, Ss501 fans are Triple S and regarding on the win, congrats Secret : D


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