Saturday, June 4, 2011

The truth about SM-stanners

Within Kpop there are many groups who have a distorted view of reality, but none come close to SM stanners. They are THE MOST delusional collection of horny fangirls put together. I say fangirls cause the ratio of female to male within SM-stans is 9:1. Kill me, IDGAF but I’m venting this shit out. I can’t distinguish SM-stanners from any weird ass cult anymore.

Part 1: Fangirl & Oppar

Lee Soo Man knew:

So SME, mainly consists of testosterone filled acts (including Manber). Over the years H.O.T/Shinwha/TVXQ/SUJU and their manwhoring have created millions of lusting girls crying over boys who don’t know of their existence, devoting every moment of their lives for their “GODS”. They fill every waking moment of their sexual frustrated lives by relentlessly spamming “Oppar this” “Oppar that” “Oppar let me suck your 9 million inch dick and have your babies” whilst writing disgusting fanfics and fantasizing about any “couples” interactions between members. If you don’t know what I mean with couples, it’s when fangirls make guyxguy pairs within groups to satisfy their needs. FUCK! Can’t people interact with each other these days without you having to soil your pants? Watch some Korean gayporn, fap.....again if needed, get it out your system and move on with your life. I sometimes wonder about their emotional states, they seem like they’re 24/7 PMS-ing.

They have literally fucked over any logic in their head sideways and creampie’d it with their bullshit (if you understood what I meant. You disgust me *wink*). I blame these people for making Kpop filled with the tone deaf stripper’s ... i mean singers we have today. It’s these same bitches that go round gangbashing any female remotely hotter than them in Kpop as “SLUTS” & WHORES”. Oh, how you gotta love the double standards within Kpop.

Their delusions only get more crazy as their “devotion” has turned them all into vicious dogs on a constant defensive guard. You mention one slightly negative thing about one of their “GODS” and immediately you get branded as an ANTI/TROLL/HATER. Usual shit I get from them is:



“Who are you to say that? You’re probably ugly in real life. Nothing like our handsome [insert random name]”

TAKE A FUCKING CHILL PILL and stop commenting like a fucking broken record. Thing is, i can handle a few comments like that hoping atleast some will understand my point of view. But NO! They’re all pitchfork holding sheep who are on the lookout for any slightly negative comment AND WHY MUST THEY COME IN THOUSANDS? Most people stop trying to start shit with these people, because they know nothing gets through their skulls and they’ll continue whining and moaning relentlessly. These bitches seriously need to calm the fuck down and learn to distinguish criticism from TROLLing.

Thank God shit has changed within the company over time for the better. After the disbanding of TVXQ , the girls within the company have become the cashcows (excluding fx... that last album just sucked ass.) But will ho’s learn new tricks? We had the Black Ocean/BoA tweet hate shizz , but now the latest campaign within SM-stanners has become “SME is female biased”.

*shake my head*

These girls need to get their heads out of their biases vaginas and see everything for what it is. TVXQ has been killing the charts .......…............................................. below BigBang. SUJU. Don’t even get me started on them, i’ll talk about their fans later. They have NEVER been mainstream and always have only catered to a select group of deaf, music deprived girls. Some girl tried calling them “legends”, i just laughed and pissed all over her comment TROLOLOL.SHINee’s popularity aint increased over the years and frankly Japan is their last hope of gaining the same successes as their seniors.
The rest I won’t even bother mentioning.


Now if you’re reading this and you think I’ve offended you. CONTINUE READING:

Their aegyo is fake.
Their personalities are fake.
They’ve all had girlfriends on a regular, which they’ve fucked (hard).
You will never be one of those girlfriends.
They’re only there to do their job, earn their money and go home. Even if it means becoming strippers instead of singers for a day.
Last but not least: Get laid, you’ll feel happier in life (seriously).

Next time (hopefully), Lee Soo Man + a depth into the fanclubs. :D


  1. This shit is so true. Evident by the number of Cassies that piss and moan on here.

  2. I lol'd all the way through.

    And I like alot of SME's artists.

  3. First and foremost, Welcome to the dark side/ family Lickmypunani! :D

    'whilst writing disgusting fanfics and fantasizing about any “couples” interactions between members.'

    Motherfucking Jonkey/YunJae/Taeny fanatics I'm lookin at y'all.

    Beautiful post (Y)

    SM stans are hilarious, K-pop won't be the nutter fest it is without them. Whether it be the Dream Concert, GDA + year end awards, weekly music shows, album sales or controversies...shit always goes down. Conflict between the fandoms in SMtown is pure entertainment.

  4. Glad to be part of the family Suckmydee! :D

    This shit is only the start on my view on SM-stanners. I have had to store in so much crap about SM fans without finding a proper outlet. All the theories/rants/deaththreats etc. are yet to come. lol Dont get me started on the fandoms, each one deserves a essay in their own right, xcept 4 f(x) fans. They aint evn gt a name..... hopeless >_>

  5. If this is part I as you said earlier, I can't fucking wait till part II comes out lol.

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  7. Next im thinking Lee Soo Man/Fanclubs lol

  8. I only listen to their music.
    I'm a 20yo guy.

    I don't give a shit about "aegyo" or whatever fake shit they put out there.

    Good read, thanks for posting.

  9. You guys are THE SHIT. ^^

    Love the article 100%, even if I am an SM Stanner :D

  10. Those super junior guys look ugly. That's all I gotta say.

  11. PLEASE do one for YG stans

  12. ahaha OPPA MARRY ME!!!! pftt

    ^ lol yeah make YG and the gaylord JYP

  13. I fucking HATE all that fanfic and couple-within-group shit. What the fuck is up with all the horny ass fangirls anyway? They seriously think they have a chance with all these fake ass idols who don't give a rat's ass about their fans. All they want to do is make some cash and look "hot/sexy". But of course, dumb bitches will fall for everything. It's a good business strategy I say. There's so many god damn ugly virgins out there, why not take advantage of it by forming a group full of "good looking" plastic idols and have these loser forever-alone fat virgins THINK they have a chance with them? That's why they fucking make MILLIONS out of all these dumb bitches.

  14. I 2nd the YG stans request, maybe with focus on Dara stans.

  15. Hm... Cant fully agree with your post here.
    I dont think idols are just doing their job and go home like every normal human. i think they are really dedicated to what they do. cause otherwise you just could never be successful and/or bear the stress you have like... always! and maybe they dont give a shit about the single fangirl, but overall you really gotta be keen on being adored by others. or you wouldnt want to become an idol. so somehow they have to care.

    and also with the personalities... its clear, that they put theirselves in the best light as possible, but do you really think s.o. can actually PLAY a character like... many many years?!
    not sooo convincing to me...

    but yeah, fangirls are overprotective and that sucks. your point.

  16. "Those super junior guys look ugly. That's all I gotta say. "

    let me guess. your girlfriend was a dedicated fangirl and left you because of them... *daaaaaaawwwwwwwww*

  17. This article is the TROOF!

  18. @nikita
    lololol i'm a girl. and i just felt like randomly stating that cuz in know what happens there. xD

    anyway, i want a YG article tooooo!! :D

  19. oh yeah, a YG article and how everyone under that company thinks they're "gangster" and how YG himself makes them seem like they're special and "different" from other idols. LMAO

    "OMGGGGG 2NE1 is so different from all the other girls groups"
    ummm....NO. Give them any song, they will sing it. Give them a concept, they will do it. Give them a choreography, they will learn it. JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHER GIRL GROUPS

    "OMGGGG, they don't sing about heartbreak and getting hurt over some stupid guy"

    LOL....see "Lonely"

  20. Holy shit, the perfect article.
    I'm jealous it wasn't me who wrote this...

  21. .... read my comments woman, I said Monday.

    Wait; Suckmydee & Lickmypunani? Fhat the wuck?




  23. So, ah, what about the male SM-stanners who aren't (probably) delusion?

    Also, where did the term 'stan' come from anyways?

  24. LOL

    this one is for you author


  25. @ David - I'm sowwie I didn't backtrack ;___; Aren't you supposed to be like packing n shiet?

    We decided to have couple usernames trolololol.


  26. *delusional. Please excuse my shitty grammar.

  27. Stan - Refer to Eminem's hit song.
    @Anon who posted fucking SHINee hentai: no.

  28. Oh wow. Who attached 'stan' to delusional kpop fan girls?

  29. Hey guys, can you, ah, make the font color a little bit blacker? Grey on white hurts my eyes ;_;

  30. Anon @ 10:02 - Stalker + fan = stan.

    Anon @ 10:04 - Err...we'll try lol, thanks for letting us know!

  31. Holy fCK! My virgin eyes got raped!!! FK those links by anon haha.

    Those cowboys should be included in this post haha

    The only PURE left for their idols are their nostrils and ear canal wahaha

  32. Now i'm itching for a Taeyeon cosplay from the previous post. CEO x Taeyeon

  33. gg anon with the hentai links...


    Or I'll just write it myself. Can I, pleeez?

  35. really good article, hope you got soem of it out of your system haha. have a beer and relax.

    crazy fans... well I can kind of understand where most of their fawning adulation comes from. but what I don't get are those whack-ass fanfictions. do they seriously believe everyone in suju is banging each other? that is delusion to the extreme.

  36. WTF!!! MY FUCKING EYES WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU GUYS LINK ME THIS SHIT..................... is what I would've said had I not seen that crap years ago. Troll harder :D

  37. I'm with you but YG stans piss me off even more because they actually do believe their "oppas" and "unnies" are great artists, above other idols, make good music, etc. Now THAT is delusional.

  38. First of all I had no idea what a SM Stammer was until someone in the comment section clarified it, and second.... this article ... no offense seemed like a disorganized mess. I mean I kinda got the gist of what you were saying:
    -kpop artists are fake, the personalities you see on t.v. are not who they really are.
    -obsessed fangirls are crazy defensive about their idols.
    -all of this drives you crazy

    Maybe it's because I don't follow this blog regularly, but when I was reading this, it sounded you were on some weird charlie sheen rant. Even though the other contributers thought this entry was hilarious, if you want to cater to more people, maybe you could... I don't know... be a little more organized with your rants, I don't know. It could have been funny...

  39. ^ I'll take it on board. Or not....

    P.S. *SM-Stanner

  40. You forgot to mention the fact that SM stans think SM idols are the best and that everything which comes out of SM is da bomb.
    The only SM groups who truly had vocal talents were Fly To The Sky, The Grace and TVXQ before fucking JYJ decided to make themselves scarce.
    JTL were actually far better than H.O.T., no thanks to SM, and eventhough Shinhwa were sexy and had catchy songs we can't really say they had amazing vocals. Not even talking about the girl groups because we could easily remove half of the members considering how useless and untalented they are (but yeah, they are fappable ;D), but... when I think about it it's the same for the boys band (yes, I'm looking at you Super Junior and ShinEE).
    Even the so called Queen of KPop BoAhoe isn't that talented (but she can thank her mother for solding her to LSM who made her his sex toy in exchange of a career).

  41. Oh wow, didn't expect you guys to change the font color so fast. Easier to read now, thanks for that.

  42. All too true.
    You forgot to mention, also, that these fans are so crazy, they happen to turn on each other and bash each other (particularly crazy ELFs) while maintaining fake cute personalities in hopes of attaining their OPPA OPPA OPPA.
    case in point:

  43. SM stans embarrass me, The Grace stans in particular. They aren't that good, like really.

    SM, YG, JYP, doesn't matter. All stans from the Big 3 are delusional as fuck.

  44. Best entry I've ever read so far on the internet.

  45. You have to post this on 6theory, where a large number of dumbshit fangirls hang out.
    Quality blog.

  46. @Anon June 5, 2011 6:21 AM

    I agree with what you wrote but most TVXQ's korean songs suck anyways, their japanese songs are far better, why ? Because SM give shitty songs to their idols and since it doesn't keep fangirls from spazzing over their oppas/unnies and buying their cds they don't even bother trying to step up their game.

  47. Awesome blog!! Can't wait for the next part..
    When I first came across SM videos on YT, I liked the catchy songs but after scrolling down to the comments section I think my brain cells got fried by the sheer idiocy of SM stan comments. >_> They have quite a few screws loose!!

  48. Genuinely enjoyed reading this entry, hit's the mark on so many levels.

  49. let the fangirls dream, they'd grow out of it someday, and if they don't, all the better for you


    Now, I like SHINee and DBSK (sometimes) but I don't spend my life fapping to retarded, badly written fanfictions, I don't desperately try to find every (even minute) criticism and get all angreh and I do fucking not think they are gods.

    I remember the other day I said I didn't like Mr. Taxi outfits and all these 14 year old morons were like I HOPE YU LIEK SNSD IN THA FUTUR and OMG ANTI ANTIII!

    Stfu and go get some RL sex with a real person and stop being retarded.

    Had to vent it out somewhere. This is my new blog of choice.

    Oh, and I really hate Suju. Their music sucks so fucking hard. Only good thing about them is Eunhyuk's pretty good dancing skills that never get shown... and some of them can kind of sing. Otherwise, they are so bad. So, so bad.

  51. i agree with this article...

    those crazy stans over estimate their freaking boy group idols....

    they're so delusional that one day their dreams would really come true...

    their oppas look like unnies to seems like a lot them are gay...


  53. i think this site has articles that has reasonable articles like this one...

    but some other articles makes me feel like they are made out of hate towards the kpop groups that it becomes pointless and just full of hatred...

  54. *i think this site has articles that has reasonable points like this one...

  55. Rofl, sounds like a bunch of you fucks are jelly of these niggas.

    Yes fangirls are ridiculous, but don't hate on the guys making them wet. Hate on the retarded fangirls.

    "their oppas look like unnies to seems like a lot them are gay..." - seems like you know a thing or two about being gay? See wut I did thuuur?????

  56. I love how fangirls think that their oppas are all cute, and are in love with their shipped partner and are all perfect and goody-2-shoes. When in reality, they probably go out to bars and get wasted, experiment with substances, smoke like a chimney and fuck all those sexy bitches at their company.

    WAKE UP Y'ALL. K-pop isn't as innocent as you make it out to be.

  57. LMFAO! I usually hate your posts, I try not to comment because there's no point getting mad at someone I haven't even met through a computer screen. But I HAD to comment on this because it's so true. I'm a huge fan of SME, but I can't agree with you more, people really spazz when you say the smallest thing about their idol. -_-"

  58. SMEnt's a bunch of idiots that fail in providing decent entertainment!

  59. SME sucks anyways, LSM thinks he is almighty and can conquer the world just because of 2 concerts in Paris (which, contrary to what medias and SM told us, were actually far from selling out in 10 minutes only). They're so gonna flop, Europe and the US will only see their precious boysband as a bunch of faggots and their girlsband as fap material (eventhough most people will probably find them too flat). The mere concept of boys/girlsband is so 90s over there that people will probably laugh at them, just like french medias totally ridiculized them.

  60. Anyone who calls his or herself a "stan" is fucking out of their mind.

    stan = stalker + fan

    If you're stalking someone, you need to be in jail. YG stans, JYP stans, and CUBE stans are nuts, but no one comes close the the level of fuckheaded-ness that SM stans can reach.

    Sones and ELFs are the worst fandoms and Shawols are the horniest with their gay couplings and sheer hatred for Shin Se Kyung.

  61. I agree, Sones and Elfs are fucking crazy and scary !

  62. Tooo funny and yet sooooo TRUE. Honestly I love f(x) but I will even admit that their last album sucked ass But don't you dare comment on it or the STANS will eat you alive. I made a comment on a Shinee video about their gay looks and got like a thousand responces: and I wasn't even bashing them. These STANS need to realize not everyone is going to just bypass whats in front of them. The funny thing is, they all want these "artists" to go overseas and become international. Good luck fending off the rest of the world when they tell you what we've been trying to say for the longest.

  63. OMG, I hate it when they make fanfics between the group members. I just don't get it, if one of them came out and admited he/she was gay, majority of the fans would be pissed!

  64. SM-Stanners are THE WORSE.
    How I know? I use to be one but after SME fuckin' screwed over my bias group &singer I said screw them..but seriously SM stanners are fucking retards. They just got worse over the years.
    Everyone thinks SME are all pure &shit but reality of it they are all manwhores &whores in general.
    Them boys fucked them girls &vice versa.
    That's just the dayum truth, learn to accept it.
    I made a comment simple comment about SNSD's time is coming to an end. Their era is gonna be over soon since that's how it is with all artists &dayum those sones were quick to fucking attack, smh

  65. To be honest, I enjoyed the article to an extent. I don't disagree with anything stated. SME fans (I say fans, because my imagery of a stan is this rabid psycho fangirl/boy) are protective to the point of them worthy of study. Some certainly need a wake up call.

    The artists mass produced by SME are laughable. Not to say they're all plastic but most of them are, and are lacking in the talent aspect. Some of them can sing, some of them can dance, and some of them can pathetically claim to do both, but hardly any of them can pull it off.

    So many of these kpop boy & girl groups sound horrendous live, this applies to almost all the groups.

    For SME though, The Grace and TVXQ were vocally talented. My favorite songs from TVXQ were Bolero and Love in the Ice, which are two ballads from their Japanese albums. It doesn't fall under k-pop, maybe that's why I actually like them. They also manage to sing live in comparison to many other groups.

    I'm a fan of kpop and some of these groups. I have never though of marring any of these guys however. As lovely as they are, I can't marry someone I don't actually know, so I didn't bother with delusional dreams to.

  66. Thought of marrying*
    Marring would be borderline crime, wouldn't it?

  67. Life is too short for you DEAR.......
    Oh and Before you ignore or delete this Message READ this Carefully

    I really envy You for making this blog/site and post some of YOUR SO CALLED OPINIONS....

    What are you trying to Prove? That you are too good to be true?.... who are you fooling?XD With all Your Posts,comments insights
    I can easily tell that You are MORE DELUSIONAL Hypocrites as you claim To be ,,, PERFECT? LOL

    Why Im telling you this?,, Coz if you think you are better than those Delusional rabid fangirls.

    Then why you also completely drawn into whining,complaining,hating,comparing? Whatever

    You are the same as them or YOU are more extinct,low class,or frustrated compare to them.....Pretending to be brave and YOU ALL KNOW,EVERYTHING...

    Well sucks for YOU and your little Bunch of Parasites.....

    AND Don't CLAIM Me for Delusional or butt hurt Fan girls as you claim to for replying with you this. Coz I AM NOT.....

    Well good luck with your own FANTASY.... You really are the worst creature ever exist.

    1. ugh, can't believed i wasted my time reading this piece of shit

  68. i love the whole article.

    SME artists suck. they can't even sing nor composing song. they shouldn't even be called an "Artist".

    The girls are paid to sway around their legs and show off skin. The boys are paid to do gay porn.

  69. SMEnt appears to be the posterchild for what a K-pop recording label SHOULD NOT DO. Seriously, those guys were once notorious for slave contracts and now their idiotic marketing methods.

    Let me tell this:
    The more SMEnt continues down their path of fail, the more antis they will get. Take for example SuJu. We all know that SuJu has male strippers masquerading as singers and at least one gay man by the name of Heechul. The more they market SuJu and their moronic songs they would expect to get TONS of ELFs running around and fapping off to Heechul kissing Siwon for one. In reality, SuJu gets MORE antis than ELFs because of that. Thus, whatever marketing strategy SMEnt does, it's counterproductive.

  70. would you mind to just reduce the swearing part, like "fucking" and etc. even if you're that mad you don't need repeat those words for million times. i'm not bashing your post but just asking you. peace.

  71. This company BULK-BUYS their own albums.

    Plus, they try hard to push competition off. Let's see how well SHINee and SNSD will go on the next few years. I'm betting you that the only thing that they can push aside is KARA and 2PM who isn't from their company and are Koreans. They have no match against J-groups and J-artists.

    Anyone, remember last year when they stole Kara's nomination at the Japan Record Awards as Best New Artist to SNSD who barely did shit in Japan? SMent = two-faced liars.

  72. I just discovered your blog and i have to say, you guys are AMAZING. Thank you SO MUCH for expressing your honest opinions. Your occasional snark makes me laugh nonstop at times, I really do enjoy reading through everything your blog says! Keep it up! I really love reading your opinions!

  73. Hey !
    If you really hate with kpop , please just keep it yourself . No need to make a blog and said kpop idol is bitch ,horny or gay .. gay ? how do you know they are gay ? did you saw they .. (you know what i mean ). Actually , they are not like a gay or horny , they just close to each other because they have been training in the same training class for many years . "aegyo problems" . did you jealous because your face is not aegyo like them ? i think you are .
    Hey , Haters ! i think you should think back about your opinion about kpop idols . grrr :p

  74. 황 미차 , let me guess, you are a rabid K-pop faptard who claims to either be a half-Korean or some hormone-filled twit who loves using Korean characters (Hangul) whenever you type so that you'd appear more Korean? YOU FAIL.

    Now, that aside, I'll attack your pathetic retort.

    First of all this blog is NOT anti-ing K-pop.
    Secondly, this blog is expressing their views on your oppas.
    Thirdly, what some of your oppas are doing on stage(like Heechul) are homoerotic in nature. You might claim it's "fanservice" but it's definitely not.
    Fourthly, how DARE you say that it's the way they express being close to each other? In Korea, homoerotic acts are a taboo.
    Fifth, Who said ANYTHING about jealousy? I swear, if I get US$5 for EVERYTIME I hear deluded fapgirls like you say that retort, I'll be a bloody millionaire!
    Lastly, why should we?

    I therefore conclude that you are a horny idiot that deserves to get smacked with more comeuppance, you deluded bastard!

  75. AMEN to this article!

  76. Again you guys have made my day hahahaha,i could spend all day,everyday on here.OMO does that make a stalker/fan.well fuck it hahahah.

    I like a lot of people here am requesting one for the delusional YG stans.PLEASE!

  77. ^
    LOL I was going to say the same. YG stans are the worst after SM stans:

    "Big Bang/2NE1 are so original and talented and different blablabla"

    My ass.
    They are a bunch of tryhards and copycats,like every other group.

  78. HAHAHHHHAAA!!!! You tell'em ^.^ oh my god i totally cracked up reading this shiz, laughing cuz someone finally understood my point of view!i totally understand that if you say one tiny thing bad about their damn oppas they gang up in MILLIONS and come hunt u down like you killed all their families and whatnot. i luv how ur not afraid to tell it how it is=D

  79. The only thing SMEnt loves to push around is their failure across the world! Their idol groups have invaded the Philippines!

  80. @anonymous: "stan" means "stalker fan" ... which SM has a lot of. no shit.

  81. got to love this..
    i never seen an article that i couldn't agree more..
    seriously.... i am a fan of SuJu. i listen to variety of kpop. ... but srly.. SM Stans are bad... like they are out of their minds completely.. Too Much..

  82. i'm a girl..but i'm sone (loved their new japanese album).. sm-ent boys looks more like women imo (except maybe siwon?), somehow i found this a bit..uhm repulsive.. but maybe it's just me >_<

  83. ^
    Sorry,but japanese their album was shit.
    But shit sells so no1curr. lmfao

  84. ^
    Thats merely nothing more then your opinion.
    Anyways, this article speaks heaps of truth, hopefully one day kpop can be rid of delusional girl fans.

  85. @ June 4, 9:14


  86. the author is full of bitterness and negative energy...

  87. I do enjoy some of the artists that SM churns out but I do also have logic and a perfectly functioning brain.

    It is idiotic to even THINK that your idol will fall in love with you on sight and marry you. Good-looking groups are a ploy. They seem easily attainable and sing songs that further this belief but stop deluding yourself. You are money.

    Everyone of the more demented fans(I am a fan who laughs at those with this mentality) thinks that their "oppa" or "noona" actually cares about their feelings is delusional.

    And if anything, the talented ones are usually cast off into a sea of nothingness and have better personalities... It's sad really...

    I am an SM-based fan but, I pity those who think in the ways described...
    And, it's not just the girls who are crazy... Fanboys are fuckin' nuts too... Don't forget that. Got into a fight with and "Insane"(Sone) and his horny ass was crazy. Followed me on social networking sights to argue with me about his precious girls.

    Hopefully, we can get rid of all these demented retards...

  88. Fake personality? It's hard to keep a fake personality?

  89. SNSD LOVE SooMan. We Hate SNSD and Lee Soo Man.

  90. Ok, now you gotta do a YG stans one. They are just as bad.

    The artists are bearable (and even occasionally come out with good songs) but the's like arguing with a bunch of mad black women.

    Fresh + Unique? Have you gone stupid from the autotuning?

    Then there's G-Dragon's fashion sense. Oh, and let's not forget Jeremy Scott's hand in creating the YG fashion mess. Though I gotta admit those wings shoes & jackets are kinda nice...except that tie die one. WTF?

  91. Once again, I love you <3

  92. @6:27 It has been proven that those "millions" made from horny butter faced girls go mostly to the company and not the idols.

    Lets all face it, SNSD is making more now but at the cost of working to true exhaustion. Much like the old DBSK. I heard something about Sunny passing out on stage.

    ....Sad but if they want to put up with it until their looks dry up (catering to unappreciative horndogs like davidfresh who has probably never bought an album as well as nasty old men and secretly jealous fangirls)then whatever. Their lives, their choices not mine.

  93. yeah lee soo man! best singer in kpop! if you can't sing at least five times as well as him, you got no right to be hating!!!111one

  94. i couldnt agree more. HAHA, way to go~

  95. I agree with your article but stop pretending that fanboys don't do anything. They constantly fap over females and get all defensive if you say anything negative about their girl groups especially Yoona fans. OMFG THEY GOT ALL BUTTHURT BECAUSE THEY HAD MORE DISLIKES ON THEIR VIDEO, to the point where they said Japanese are stpid. Wtf they sing shit in Japanese what do u expect, sones and other fanbases are just as annoying. Yeah they all are, but don't exclude fanboys, they're just as bad. Delusional fans are delusional.

  96. my fanboy radar is going peeeeep pee peeep

  97. just placing myself as neutral person when I read the whole blog to prevent me getting mad :D

    but I really love your opinions!! sometimes I think that way, too.
    even though I like kpop.

  98. truth indeed. i fucking hate sm stans, allkpop is filled with them, can't even say anything slightly bad about their artists without getting them on my back and attacking me.

    and sm fans are so effing delusional. there was one on akp that said SM was the best company and gives us good music. I LOLed at it and didn't bother saying anything since she was an ELF and I know how damn crazy ELF are.

  99. So true hahaha, this fans act so pathetic and sickening, they need a reality check.

  100. Well this ... blog? is somewhat true. I didnt get to read all of it. BUT if you go on about in an educational way, wouldn't that be more effective?.
    Yes, i will admit i've been liking k-pop for a while now. Before a couple of days ago, i never actually thought about their bacgrounds. I am not a HARDCORE fan, but i do know what names need to be known. I watch k-pop shows, drama, songs, movies and so on everyday. Until recently i've always thought of them as pure, as they are portrayed to be by the eyes of fans and such. But i started doubting if they really are as innocent as they seem. Most of the k-pop stars have been trainees for years before they eventually get grouped up. In every show they go on, they make it a BIG DEAL if they are DATING. The fact that most k-pop stars say that they haven't dated at the age of 30 or ... 25 (whatever the age may be). DOES NOT seem believable AT ALL. Yes you do become a trainee at a very young age, which may not provide the opportunity to date, but young kids break the rules any way. No matter what obstacles there are. Which is no problem to me, if they lie what so ever about their pasts or present.

    What bothers me is that some IDOLS / STARS / CELEBRITIES use their "status" to lure young girls or their fans into having sex with them, IF THEY'RE LUCKY OR PRETTY. That is absolutely disgusting. I'm sure there should be one person out of each member that does that. At the very least.

    How can they survive many years without having psychical contacts with anyone? That is a whole lot of bull they come up with. YES, its private. You do not need to tell everyone who you have sex with. But don't lie and say you've never done it.

    Also for some reason, i have this gut feeling that the kpop celebrities, do have sexual contact within each other. Hence why there may not be too many OUTRAGES or BRAGGING of which celebrity they've had sex with. Celebrities cannot reveal their sexual lives or their carier can be as good as over.

    What i'm saying is that... I'm starting to doubt kpop and what it really represents.

  101. Wow you are fucking amazing you had me laughing the whole time are hilarious I personally adore kpop but not for the people but the music so I guess this.didnt offend me I dont understand how truthfullness can be offensive kpop is a job they do their job and make money and most ppl dont understand that its sad but they prob never will lol bless this blog you are amazing coming frrom a kpop love that likes kpop :)

  102. Wow you are fucking amazing you had me laughing the whole time are hilarious I personally adore kpop but not for the people but the music so I guess this.didnt offend me I dont understand how truthfullness can be offensive kpop is a job they do their job and make money and most ppl dont understand that its sad but they prob never will lol bless this blog you are amazing coming frrom a kpop love that likes kpop :)

  103. Wow you are fucking amazing you had me laughing the whole time are hilarious I personally adore kpop but not for the people but the music so I guess this.didnt offend me I dont understand how truthfullness can be offensive kpop is a job they do their job and make money and most ppl dont understand that its sad but they prob never will lol bless this blog you are amazing coming frrom a kpop love that likes kpop :)


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