Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jiyeon stan is either super delusional or a great troll

As some of the readers from the beginning may know, I'm a T-ara fan but I hate Jiyeon stans more than I hate any other stan. Most likely because I'm around them the most. This article got a lot of Jiyeon stans to hate me.

Before I go on about the comments, I wanna say that I do like Jiyeon. Even with her mediocre-at-best singing, mediocre-at-best acting and her uncanny resemblance to a cyclops at times. I think she's better looking than Boram and Hwayoung at the very least.

Okay, for the comments.

"Jiyeon is terrible. Way to ruin a great song. I can't wait until Soyeon actually gets a solo song."
antikpopfangirl 1 week ago

This video is almost a year old, so no, I didn't go there to troll Jiyeon fans. I went there to tell it as it is. Then...

@antikpopfangirl "like you can sing better than her?!"

Defense #1 from a delusional fan. What does my singing ability have to do with Jiyeon's lack of singing ability? Shift the subject and ignore the facts! It could have been a SIN if this fangirl had name called me! (SIN = Shift the subject, Ignore the facts, Name call.)

@YounhaPia21 "How is that relevant? Soyeon sings better than Jiyeon, Jiyeon ruined the song. Simple as that."

Called her out on shifting the subject and ignoring the facts.

@antikpopfangirl "yeah i know that Soyeon sings better. but this song sounds better with Jiyeon inside. im not protecting her for being her fan, but it's real that this song is better with Jiyeon's voice."

My reaction after the first sentence: "Maybe she isn't as delusional as I thought."
My reaction after reading the whole comment: "I take that back."

@YounhaPia21 "Did you ever listen to the original? You sound like one of those T-ara fans that only knows about Jiyeon and ignores the other 6, blindly believing that Jiyeon is a God send and makes everything she's in better. Every part she sung was out of her range and it made the song sound terrible."

A lot of Jiyeon fans are like that on Tiara Diadem, so I didn't pull that shit out of my ass.

@antikpopfangirl "hey, i don't mean that this song suits Jiyeon more. i said, this song sounds better if Jiyeon sing some parts, just like in this video. srsly, i know in some perf Jiyeon didn't sing well, but in this one, she sings well!"

@YounhaPia21 "It took me so long to reply because every time I read this comment I couldn't contain my laughter. Jiyeon's range is very limited and this whole song is outside of her range. Please acknowledge this. You'll notice Jiyeon sounds exactly the same in her two solo songs. Because that's all she can sing. So, with this song being out of her range, how does she make this song any better?"

If I get more stuff like this I'll post it.


  1. SIN = Shift the subject, Ignore the facts, Name call.

    *taking notes*

  2. I think I know who's that id belong to, i've seen somewhere before...but not so sure. Yeah..Jiyeon did ruin the great perf. The song is too much for her limited vocal...but she did adding the charm to attract people. That's the real reason KKS made her sing.

  3. @ Suckmydee It comes from the phrase "It's a SIN to talk to a liberal."

  4. delusional fans are at it again

  5. ^ Not reading through 50+ pages of comments lol.

  6. lol bjs with their 'all kill' at akp....

  7. Okay so then Boram♥>Hwayoung XD. Should be obvious who I am then lol

    But yeah, gotta admit, (not a jiyeon stan) at least she can sing better than most "face" girls.

    I honestly wouldnt have ever noticed she was a bad singer until it was mentioned tbh haha.

  8. Yeah, sometimes i really can't understand Jiyeon's stans..It so obvious that the 3 main/lead vocalists in t-ara are Soyeon, Eunjung and Hyomin...Even if u are not T-ara's fans, u will notice that..ITS REALLY OBVIOUS!!!! But, there is some Jiyeon's stans keep arguing in YT that Jiyeon is one of the main/lead vocalist instead of Hyomin...WTF.

  9. it's called an ad hominem, not a SIN. ironic how you claim despise ignorance and proceed to make up a term for a well-defined fallacy.

    I used to enjoy the shit you guys post on this blog, but it seems in recent weeks the quality of your posts have been rather subpar.

  10. i learned a word today ^^

  11. "Defense #1 from a delusional fan. What does my singing ability have to do with Jiyeon's lack of singing ability?"

    Haha... nice! That's the best answer to give to that question!

  12. Obviously they both are lip-syncing.

  13. seriously give the k-pop stars a break. people who like soyeon will defend soyeon people who like jiyeon will defend jiyeon. different people like different stars. to you, you may think soyeon voice is nicer. i do agree soyeon voice is nicer, but at least give jiyeon a chance to show her talent. she might not be good at singing but she's good at dancing. At least to say, her singing is better than last time.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yeah i agree , u should listen to how she sing in dream high 2 now . She had improved alot . If she's tht bad , i don't think jyp will let her sing 7 songs in dh2 . Anyway, jiyeon <3 Give her break , seriously . She's can't singg so what ? But she can act and dance .


  14. When T-ara debuted I didn't like her,she some kind of Cold, and arrogant, BUT NOW I AM SUPER FAN OF HER, i like even her coldness,
    he he, ....
    ..she is GEMINI, right? THEY HAVE 2 FACES, ... won't get boring, always interesting,,...

    She stands most proud herself even surrounding her enemies....

    She knows her Value, he he...


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