Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jiyeon "ruins" FT Island's performance

"Jiyeon spoiled the performance.... she had listen to "Hello Hello" song for a month... she really don't pay attention to FT Island perf... she also spoiled beast's perf last year.... replace another MC!!!!!"

"I am sure this is not her first time to listen this song.. how can she be so stupid! such an unprofessional mc... kick her out !!!!"

Too bad there's a lot of comments that say "Comment removed."

Seriously, FT Island fans should be grateful Jiyeon did this. Now more than 3 people are tuning in to watch FT Island perform their faux rock music.

Yes, I'm sure these commenters' parents were like "Oh, you just shat yourself after I changed your diaper three hours ago. How fucking stupid are you? You're so unprofessional. I want a new kid who never makes mistakes and never shits themselves."

But we all know if Hongki did this while T-ara is performing it'd be okay according to them.

For the record I didn't watch the video. I don't give a shit about FT Island pretending to play instruments.


  1. anyone remember the junsu-bo peep thing? no one gave a shit and thought it was cute

    ahhh double standards

  2. *btw you should watch it just to see how exaggerated this is (starts at the 2:31 mark and only lasts about 2 seconds). i ca't stand her and thought the comments were too much

  3. I checked it and all I gotta say is "big deal." At least Hongki wasn't singing when it happened.

  4. lol you are fucking biased toward your noonas/unniers srsly, you didnt even bother to watch the vid. It wasnt a big deal tho

  5. ^ And you don't read any of the comments before you post, making yourself look dumb.

  6. if it was cnblue i would have given a fuck

  7. I agree with the earlier commenter.

    When 2PMs Junsu did it to T-ara people thought it was cute. But now it happened to a boy group and retarded bitches are out for blood.

  8. This was nothing like the JunBeep thing. Junsu likes the song so much that he actually sang to it backstage, without knowing that his mic was on. It was unintentional and it was cute because well...he likes the song. And his "BPBP" didn't affect anything since he only sang it in the intro.

    In Jiyeon's case, it is not cute or whatsoever. I'm not a fan of FT.I but it's considered disrespectful. Jiyeon obviously doesn't like the song (for she doesn't know when it ends)and tried to cut their performance. FT.I is T-ara's senior by 2 years. Granted that their popularity diminished and T-ara/Jiyeon might be more popular than them right now, but still, geez, Jiyeon go learn your cue.

    It's amazing how this girl is still popular after all the scandals she had

  9. ^ she was practicing , dipshit. "Jiyeon obviously doesn't like the song" oh hooo well i'm glad you have so much insight on celebrities' minds brah , care to share more with the rest of us ignorant folk ?

    btw your comparing skills are screwed if you think this is nothing like the Junso/Bo Peep thing >_>

  10. what the hell does ft stand for anyways? Fail troll island? They are pretending to be a band after all.

  11. "Seriously, FT Island fans should be grateful Jiyeon did this." - hope that wasn't strictly directed at jiyeon...anyone woulda watched the mistake regardless of who it was

    "Now more than 3 people are tuning in to watch FT Island perform their faux rock music. " - sad yet true.

    but these days, i'm surprised as to how many more people like singers who can't sing and take them for their personalities...derp t-ara derp

  12. It might be faux rock music, but I like it


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