Sunday, June 19, 2011

Alert the presses, 2autotune1 is in the building y'all.

They have guns.
CL's teaser is so fucking short. 
YG the pedo-faced oldie is trolling as usual with a 9 second teaser.
& it's brimming with the deliciousness of club beats.
Only time would tell if the song's a I'm Busy 2.0 or as shit as Clap Your Hands.
I'm hoping it's a I'm Busy 2.0 since that song was the shit.

...for the hell of it I'm praying to God that Dara gets 3 lines so that her annoying ass stans will create some drama like they did with Lonely. Oh lord the comments on OhDara (her fansite where all her crazy ass stans unite) were freaking hilarious.

These are from the Lonely MV article on OhDara btw.

''You are right but sometimes we love to bless Teddy and YG too…. with hot boiling water''

''For me, if everyone thinks that MINZY is the most underrated 2ne1 member, I guess they fail cause Dara is the one. Dara can dance as minzy, can sing high notes as bom, and sounded great as cl. yet her doubters/haters NEVER saw it because YG kept on hiding her capabilities.''

Omg the highlighted bits made me lol so hard. Shit I need to stop, maybe I'll look at Kwanghee and the immense laughter would cease immediately.


  1. I'm usually neutral to 2NE1, but I hate it when their fans say: This is how a girl group should be. All other girl groups are irrelevant/whores/sluts/what have you. These are REAL artists.

    I find their songs fun to listen to but that's it.

  2. ^
    I agree, don't be surprised if a person with a Dara avatar says it though. Then again stuff like that happens everywhere e.g. Block B stans going around preaching how they're 'real hip hop' which is an absolute joke.


    I just died laughing reading the comments.

    "… I do really think that the reason why she got little lines, its because….SHE WILL SHOWCASE HER PLAYING GUITAR SKILLS..for the win…I think that If they would do it on LIVE, she will be the one who will really “OUTSHINE”, a pretty girl.. playing guitar..hahaha.. thats why.. they are not still promoting it… "


  4. ^
    Whenever I need a good laugh I do two things.

    1) Watch 4minute sing this

    2) Read OhDara whenever a song comes out where Dara gets no lines.

    Pure entertainment <3

  5. LOL @ your 4minute link.

    Omg. I can't stop laughing.

  6. LOL I always get a good kick out of the Blackjacks on 2NE1's videos.

    I'm hoping that Dara gets the same two lines repeated throughout the song, her singing is dreadful.

  7. 2pm cover > 4minute

  8. 4minute fails when covering 2NE1's "Fire":


  10. ^ lolllllllllllllllllllllll

  11. ^^ fails? i think jiyoon did an awesome job covering fire. try listening to cl/minz/bom singing it without autotune.

    2ne1 stans are one of the worst...first they worsthip towards both bb and 2ne1 calling them the best thing since bread. then they keep preaching that yg is a troll. they try to justify all actions by the company; calling each and every move "genius".

    and if you disagree even with one stan, you get trolled upon like nothing else.

  12. Dara is being ruined by her stans.

    I swear, had she been in f(x), Wonder Girls or SNSD, things would have been best for her and the whole subgenre that is K-pop girl groups.

  13. 1:32 AM fail my ass , she sang it better than autotune 2ne1

  14. hhhhhhhhhhh XD u guy's are suck u mean anti2ne1
    not antkpopfangirls
    cuz u just talking bed about 2ne1
    im sones but u are silly

  15. Yoonacute, what are you talking about?

  16. Anyone who thinks that Jiyoon is a better rapper than CL is delusional. When she did Fire, her lines weren't as clean as CL's and she kept her voice so monotone the entire time. It's like she was just talking instead of rapping, like Manber.

  17. CL screams, not raps. But I think both CL and Jiyoon suck, so yeah.

    @yoonacute Suckmydee is our resident 2NE1 you really can't say we're anti2NE1.

  18. I read a comment on how Kara was copying 2NE1 when they were promoting Jumping.

    I laughed my head off for a good 5 minutes.

  19. I'm a blackjack.. well not exactly a good one, cause I can't fucking stan DARA. I can't stand her.

    I love Bom, CL and Minji but I want DARA out of 2ne1. Seriously and her annoying as fuck stans

  20. I can stand Dara as a person and singing for a blackjack, but I really have a strong dislike for her stans. They're always making her sound like she created the actual group for God's sake. She's already about the most popular member outside of the group but they still want to blow her image up everywhere they go. Sick of them.

  21. 21 comments. I had to ruin it, sorry.

  22. @anon 11:34

    total agreement with you there. i like dara, but every time i see a dara fan comment about her, saying that she's so great at singing blah blah blah, i always roll my eyes. and when they start pairing her up with wooyoung or jaejoong, they call themselves 'delusional' like it's a good thing. smh.

    stans in general refuse to see the limitations of their biases.

    fucking idiots, the lot of them.

  23. i also hate the fact that they think there's a lot of haters...i mean there is a lot, but they keep saying "haters will hate" and it gets pretty fing annoying.

    no matter what 2ne1 comes out with, they just go crazy with their delusions... it's pretty see a culture where ppl do nothing by promote idols who just have the image.

  24. IMO
    yg stan (bj &vip) + elf are the most idiotic fandom ever.

  25. ^ Sones are, by far, the worst. You should check out the SNSD plastic surgery article on AKP. SMH.

  26. ^all i see was elfs there lol, no wonder

  27. rofl I'd rather defend my bias from plastic surgery (unless the artist themselves admit to it) than blindly deny that they are talented/can sing.
    sup Dara and Hyoyeon stans

  28. ^ I would rather defend my bias' musical talent because their main profession is SINGING.

    Dara and Hyoyeon can sing... I mean, anyone can carry a tune, especially if they have two lines per song. They just can't sing *well*.

  29. People won't necessarily give two shits about them tbqh, it's just that their fans (more like people who pity them) exaggerate their 'talents' to an extent where you simply don't find it as amusing anymore, especially when they're everywhere

  30. "YG kept on hiding her capabilities."..... puahahahaaa
    dara stans are funny and delusional..

  31. As a Blackjack, I always get in arguments,well Dara stans start bickering at me,when I say Dara's singing is below par. They always show me this video (at 1:02), saying "oh as if you can do better" "you must be deaf" and stuff of that nature.To be honest, i'm okay with Dara just standing there(while not singing)and being a pretty face. Or she could just get out of the group and stick to modeling/acting of whatever she was doing before,that would also work.

  32. True that, Minzy is the most underated member, but dara can not sing like Park bom dance like minzy or be good as CL. Dara is better that T ara or After school, but she still isn't the best member.

  33. ^ You're hilarious. Please, keep telling me how Dara is more talented than all of T-ara. Please, there's a lot of T-ara fans here so we'd love to hear it.

  34. 2ne1 is my favorite girlgroup and dara is my favorite 2ne1 member and although i am filipino, i refuse to say that it has something to do with my ethnicity. (It's up to you to believe me or not.)

    but i have to agree with minji being the most underrated member because i honestly think that she's the best in 2ne1. It was their pre-debut choreo practice vid that made me follow them in the first place. (i would not say she's the best dancer though. She's good but not the best)

    I am currently suffering from an identity crisis thanks to people who're sharing my fandom.

    I hate it when they fight and bicker with people who criticize Dara, labeling the criticism as a form of flame or personal attack. But what i hate the most is their delusions with shipping. It's as if they can't live without pairing her with another celebrity, worse, they sound so sure about it. I used to enjoy pairing her up with other artists too but now it's just, i don't know, too wild to be a part of.

    After 3 years of being a member of forums, I've come to realize that the best way to represent the 2ne1 fandom is by keeping my mouth shut. Better not be caught saying something stupid. ye?

    LOL @ the quotes. My, why did i never see those? 0.o
    and yes, i'm busy was the shit and I like i'm the best too, it's a song i would want to listen to when i think about my mean teacher.

  35. ^" You're hilarious. Please, keep telling me how Dara is more talented than all of T-ara. Please, there's a lot of T-ara fans here so we'd love to hear it. "

    so now its about getting humiliated and jeered at by "antikpop fans" eh....

    can this be another form of cyberbullying?hmmm....

  36. ^only if you're a crybaby


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