Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Brave Girls and their radical transformation for the 'So sexy' MV.


''In it, they’re seen wearing charismatic uniforms, making fan boys especially excited for their return.''

If the girls look fappable in the MV then the fanboys would be singing...

However if the fanboys get trolled really bad they would be singing...


  1. oh my we have cuts now eh?

  2. "So Sexy" reminds me of this:


    Really liked the girls and the song. Where are they now?

  3. so sexy is a shitty song idk why they would follow up with that plus the lyrics make no sense

  4. @anon 2:51PM

    They released another song called Lower Your Sight

    I think they are preparing for a Japanese debut.

  5. why the fuck do koreans insist on saying random shit in english in their songs (the most egregious example is blithering idiot that speaks jibberish in the intro to son dambi's DB rider- WTF) when they can't even speak it properly?? this group is like a parody of 2ne1 ... sooooo awful

  6. Thumbs up for the NWA "fuck the police" love me some gangsta rap


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