Monday, June 27, 2011

Asian babies are always so cute...

Seriously. 95% of all Asians were adorable little things when they were toddlers, but as soon as they grow up, they turn into hideous, fish-eyed (okay just these two) monsters that nobody wants to waste their cones & rods on. 4.9% of them discover the magic of plastic surgery, and the last 0.1% happen to be naturally beautiful people.

On the topic, twins are supposed to be hot, but Kpop seems to be fighting the rule. Boyfriend's Youngmin & Kwangmin coupled with the T-ara/5dolls twins (I still can't be bothered to learn their names) have proven that it is possible for twins to be absolutely fugly.



  2. those arabs and indians gonna rolling their eyes when they read this shit.hehe they are asians too,mate. thanks for the info. you are so smart :p

  3. The Min-Twins are not fugly. They're alright.

  4. asians looking hideous?

    how so?

    most asians barely age...take a hard look at jackie chan....and jet lee...what ages do you think they are...

    i say other races age horribly...

  5. I think they are cute, kinda creepy but definitely not fugly

  6. I feel bad for the Jo Twins because everyone thinks they look creepy... They're compared a lot of Kim Hyun Joong, but the difference there is that KHJ has some fat on his face so his eyes don't protrude so much. He said himself that they look just like him when he was their age, and he's a hottie now. :3

    They're still in their teens, so I think they'll mature a lot and become good-looking...

    All of Boyfriend should have just remained as backdancers for K.Will a couple more years... They're so young... -_-

  7. Funny how you are writing about stuff, which I always tell my friends xD
    Cute like hell all of them, you would expect all of them will look like hotties but than a lot f them become ugly like hell ._.
    (I was prettier as a kid as well xD)
    Especially guys turn out..not so well.
    Disappointing and not nice to look at :D

    @anonymus 3:29
    Haha yeah we stay young really long but
    youthfullness doesnt mean that you look good, you know :D
    And right now its quite annoying, Im twenty but everyone think Im 16 years old -.-

  8. ^ I'm 20 and still look the same as when I was 13. Only difference is the amount of facial hair I grow.

  9. people usually have to stop videos at a certain time to get derpy images but these dudes are natural derps.

  10. @ 4:44 and Anti Kpop-Fangirl
    I guess I'm a special Asian girl as everyone always thinks I look older. When I was in University at age 16, I had a law student argue with me about my age as he was certain I was 27. I had to prove to him I was that young with my ID.

  11. you went to college when you were SIXTEEN ? holy fuck

  12. @ blackbeltbaybee

    Haha I wasn't a full-time university student when I was 15/16. I just did a uni class at night while in grade 11. I only became a real university student at 17.

    Oh I responded to you on the Balloon Wars blog post too btw =3

  13. Wtf, asians age the worse. Like out of all races, asians look the worst when they are old. Just Saying.

  14. ^thanks broski

    @Shin-B did you skip senior year and graduate early ? i had a few friends that did that. and i responded to your response LOL this is getting confusing

  15. 9:42 - I was going to write that actually, because it's fucking true.
    I say this as a fellow Asian y'all. We age horribly.

  16. "T-ara/5dolls twins" --> wait, there are twins in these groups ?! O.o

  17. I think it depends on what kind of Asian you are. Asians who have dark(er) skin or ones who stay out in the sun a lot age terribly. Growing up in America and seeing how white people age... LOL. I think it's the karma they get for being so mean to the Native Americans and whatnot. :p

    The rate you age at depends heavily on your environment and your diet. Genetics don't matter too much if you tan all the time and shovel lard in your face for dinner.

  18. On the aging bit y'all know what they say "black dont crack" justsayin anywho...

    Im with anon 11:35
    I didnt know that either.I learn something new everyday.

  19. I think asian people look 14-20 til' their in their 60's. Then they look amazing. Like gollum and dobby had a beautiful child, but it's still pretty wrinkly. They look like all-knowing magicians.


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