Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Block B wants you to "Tell Them" that Zico's hair is retarded.

If you couldn't tell by the title, Zico's hair is retarded. If Zico's hair was in a special ed class, the other students would be calling Zico's hair retarded. Asian + dreads = rofl. My favorite Asian rapper looked terrible when he had dreads and it's not going to change for any other Asian male. Don't get dreads unless you want to be called retarded.

Okay, I watched 10 seconds of the MV and expected to rip on it because of Zico's hair.

Block B isn't that bad if you go into them with an open mind. They still suck compared to, you know, people who can actually rap (no you stupid fangirls, GD and Top don't count.) The song isn't that bad and is the only second boy band song of the year that I like (the other being Infinite's Before The Dawn.)

Block B would be a much better if they got rid of some members. At the very least get rid of the guy trying to emulate Top. Top is by far the worst idol rapper. I know some of you are like "what the fuck is AKF smoking?" Let me explain. Minho, Taecyeon, Chansung, Nichkhun, and Amber suck too. But to their defense, they don't write their own lyrics. Top writes his own garbage lyrics and his flow is just as bad as the other lame idol rappers I just listed. The others can lay the blame on the writers, composers and producers for their shitty lyrics. The composers/producers more than likely determine how those idols rap in their songs. Thus they can't take all the blame for their suckage. Top is responsible for all of his suckage, thus he is the worst idol rapper in Kpop. I know this should have been a separate article but fuck it.

Okay, to get back on topic, they really need to get rid of the fucker that tries to rap like Top. It's irritating to listen to. Zico and the other rapper are more than enough and they could stand to lose a few vocalists since they all sound the same in this song/none of them stand out.

Yes VIPs, AKF will say it here: Zico raps circles around your oppas GD and Top. It's not even close. Well, comparing them on an idol scale there's no comparison. Zico will be stifled doing this kind of music.

I came into this MV expecting to make fun of it, make fun of the song, and make fun of Zico's hair some more. The song is good for the most part. Get rid of that one Top-wannabe and I'd probably say it's enjoyable.


  1. I don't like it but... I agree (if I understood well)
    GD and TOP...
    Zico is a better rapper
    and I don't think P.O wants to be a second TOP
    is just that his voice sounds so similar..

    but you guys gotta admit Block B is a fresh breeze compared to all the new groups like B1A4 or boyfriend

  2. It's not just the voice. P.O tries to emulate Top's (lack of) flow. But yeah, Block B is easily the best male idol group to debut this year even though I really don't give a crap about any of them. Boyfriend should just get the fuck out of here and put those twins in some horror movies.

    1. boyfriend should fuck up ......but i think block-b ....should fuck up too..then peace will come...XD

    2. Boyfriend should fuck the holy shit up.....but i think block-b should fuck up too...then peace will come XD

  3. You do realize the song was before the dawn...

  4. zico should just leave that fail group and go back to the underground. THe song is meh

  5. @ Anon 2:26 Edited. That goes to show you how little I care about boy bands if I can't recall songs correctly.

  6. I love BTD, great song.
    I hate it when authors write titles like this, fuck you Charles :l

  7. ^ akp does it all the time. I felt like making fun of that fact.

  8. lol i love you so much!

    no you stupid fangirls, GD and Top don't count.

    THANK YOU! I'm a VIP as well, and i enjoy BB's music but they're no hip hop artists. GD&TOP aint the best rappers ever either. Try dumbfounded or epik high! D:

    as for Zico's hair, i HATED it on Taeyang's head, dislike it even more in Zico's head. as for PO, i also think that he's trying too hard to be like TOP. nothing to do with the voice, but his facial impressions and his "swag" is so similar to it! D:

    btw~ just a question, why u so hate fangurls so much? D: are fan boys really that much better? (other guys, yes, but k-pop fanboys?)

  9. @ 4:15

    Ngl,you have a point there (this is coming from a female btw).

    However most fanboys I've come across so far can handle an opinion without causing an absolute ruckus unlike most fangirls. There are obviously exceptions in this case as some out there are downright freaky e.g. dude who dragged Taeyeon off the stage etc.

    Girls are more sensitive and emotional, things are worse when they're younger, their hormonal imbalance can really fuck things up. Simple shit turns dramatic + levels of stubbornness shoots up which can easily translate into their comments online, it all reflects their state of mind. Hope this helped.

    On topic, Cho PD needs to get bitch-slapped multiple times. Why does that moron keep picking shitty songs as their title tracks instead of the better ones? If he keeps doing that no-one will take them seriously.

  10. zico looks like CL's brother
    it's the eys

  11. ^
    It's because of this isn't it?

  12. huh? tell them? oh i like the song in the teaser better

  13. lol i obviously hated Zico's hair too zzz

  14. Zico alone shits on GD and TOP's "rapping".

  15. Zico used to have fucking Verbal Jint backing him up...
    Obviously not now, but still. There was a time..

  16. I wonder what would've happened if Zico stayed in SM Entertainment.


  17. "Zico raps circles around your oppas GD and Top."

    it's sad because i can listen to zico's mixtapes non stop but block b songs...only so much. i would listen to a duo of zico and kyung because they're the only rappers in the group that worked underground.

    P.O. is...ridiculous.

  18. I feel rather happy that you like BTD. It always tugged at the back of my mind that it was never mentioned here. So yeah, I'm happy.

  19. the song is okay i think, but as you said, nothing to be taken serious with as a so called "hip hop" group or whatever.
    i even enjoyed POs parts. i think his voice is a good contrast to the other two rappers. but yeah... im not very well versed in hip hop.
    and i opposite i dont think they have too many rappers, but singers. there were 4 singers? what have they done?! really just recognized the black-haired guy.

  20. i think they just have too much of everything.
    definitely cut jaehyo. he does nothing. then P.O, maybe b-bomb too.

    i'd also suggest for zico to keep on with his underground material too since he's no where near developed yet, but i know how impossible that is.

  21. FYEAH INFINITE loool... i spazzed!

  22. that is nasty child... You can fangirl, just not have a deluded perspective on your idol group shit?
    sorry i fail at explaining things.

  23. I don't think P.O is trying to be like TOP> The only reason why he may have that same lack of flow is probably because CHO PD tells him to rap like that. But his voice, it can't be helped. He just...sounds a lot like him but there are differences.

    As for Zico's hair, I hated it at first (because I used to not give a crap about BB but as I keep looking at it, I don't mind). I agree with everyone about CHo PD needing to pick better songs.

    And also ppl need to realize they are not hip hop artists and never were trying to be. THey may have members who were once in Hip hop, but the group? no. CHO PD said he'd be making an IDOL boy band group. so therefore, its a idol boy band. However, I like them better than anyone. I used to like INFINITE before I realized like only 1 or 2 can actually sing and the rest are...idk what they are.

    and it makes me giggle that Block B are weak dancers jsut tell me they focused on other areas like singing or rapping. All I really want is the Uhllzzang boy to kind of leave..because he really is dead weight.

    and by Korean standards, ZICO is a pretty good rapper. and so is TOP. NOT THE BEST i would say but they're above most people.

  24. Block B is kind of a disappointment for me. I was expecting more from them because 1) Cho PD said Block B will be debuting as a hip hop group 2) Zico's mixtape was pretty good. He can rap for sure (better than GD & TOP. Suck it VIP. Go cry somewhere else). Hopefully, their next single/album will be better. Oh, and I love BTD. It's the most underrated song in kpop this year.

  25. been reading your blog for a little while now and I just wanna say that as a VIP myself....GD&TOP ain't good rappers....they suck....BB image is a moshpit of confusion....their quasi gangstah wannabe image that they protrayed (but blatantly denied ever being a hip hop outfit) is kind of a joke....their music is ok overall...but half the time I cringed at TOP and GD's Kongrish rap doesn't even make sense...and GD overworked his limited vocabs like a callgirl over the 4th July holiday weekend.....tell me what in the name of beejuzuz is 'fo sho'...i facepalmed myself.....

    back to topic...zico and taeyang dreadlocks don't look good.....there is a reason reggae followers smoke they are high enough to not give a f*ck to how terrible their haid really are...

    as for useless weight on Block B...the ulzzang and the two dancers...u-kwon and b bomb and po ...should just be dropped.....zico...kyung...and that main sufficient...and maybe....just maybe....they can actually be artistes...instead of being forever cursed to oblivion.....discredited at being another idol group.....bcause zico pretty good....and it would sad to let him go to for kyung....need to see him do more....if not he would be overshadowed by zico...

  26. BAP's rapper are good.. same as Infinite's and Teentop's and Myname's..
    I agree TOP,Tecyeon,Amber and the other really sucks when it comes to rapping...
    Zico is not bad anyways.. I'm starting to like him...
    TOP wrote his own rap is like WTF,, so ugly..
    At least Shinee's Jonghyun is good in writing..
    Back to the topic: His hair is like OTL.. I tried watching it too but seeing his hair is a pain in my eyes.
    Jaehyo,Ukwon,BBomb,Kyung is not that bad.. PO is not bad either..
    But Still my overall rating to them is low..

  27. 1 question,
    do you know how to rap?
    another question,
    do you know how to write/compose a song?


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