Saturday, April 30, 2011

Very Short Hiatus

Kpop fangirls, I have a feeling your whole legion is going down, but for now, I gotta study.

(Plus there's been no fucking news to make fun of this week.)

100/100 trolls with its new format

Yeah....not really digging the new format. Plus Kwanghee is in episode 23. Nooooooooo.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Another Day, Another Shitty Wonder Girls Photoshoot

Lookin' classy girls.
For those who are interested, a possibly shittier photoshoot.

Best Fap Group of 2011: Ocean Girls

I'm gonna go buy some stock in Kimberly-Clark Corporation, the company that sells Kleenex. Kleenex sales are gonna go up in Q2 and Q3 due to a lot of people fapping. Might need to buy some stock in Johnson and Johnson for the people who like to use lotion.

What kind of club did Hara go to?

If you were expecting a strip club and are extremely disappointed, join the club.

Jiyeon's plans for when she turns 18

After Jiyeon's scandal last October and her dead-face performance in December, Jiyeon lost a lot of popularity and was blamed for the "downfall" of T-ara, causing them to become less popular compared to before. Eunjung's new popularity has brought back T-ara to where they once were, and with time, people are giving less of a shit about Jiyeon's scandals. There was a short interview with Jiyeon just a short while ago.

Jiyeon was asked what she wanted to do for her 18th birthday. It was a shocking answer, and none of the reporters could believe it.

"I want to make a new stripping video. Since I'll be 18, everything should be fine, right?"

Soon after this interview was posted, search engines were showing "New Jiyeon strip video" topping the search list. Jiyeon concluded with "Everyone, after this video comes out, feel free to masturbate to me. It'll be legal to do so."

Unborn Unicorn Fetus Face Wants Hug

As the title says, recently tweeted, "HUG ME! lol Shirt is soo 귀여워(cute)!ㅋ".
Which is... great and all.... but let me just find... FUCK, where are all the paper bags?

f(x) gets their first #1

And all Luna did was cry. That's all she does.

Heva Clonia CF with Eunjung

Damn, this makes me want to see Eunjung in a lingerie CF now.

JYJ vs Avex

Go Avex. Seriously. Those three pussies won against SM, so I'd love to see Avex win the lawsuit this round. The faster those three money hungry crybabies are out of the industry, the better. The pussies knew what they were getting into when they signed with SM.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

IU Samsung Galaxy II CF

Sooooo cuuuuuuuute.

IU, please don't go to Japan where they'll try to make you fap material. They do it to Kara (ass shots all the time) and SNSD (leg shots all the time), but you're too cute to think of as fap material. I know there are rumors about Japanese companies wanting you, but please....nooo...don't go.

Gonna go watch this like ten more times.

Hong Su Ah is awesome

Heroes ends this Sunday. Gonna miss looking at those titties.

After School's Shampoo MV

Raina looks retarded in black hair. Why couldn't the lead have been, oh I don't know, Nana? But apart from that, I was rather pleased at the lack of UEE. And the new member? I don't like her. But I always feel that way with new members, maybe she'll impress me.

And I can't stress this enough, but: Nana looked fucking gorgeous.

Only performance you need to watch on M Countdown


Kara dispute is over

Because it's always better to fap to 5 (4 if you don't wanna go to jail) than 2, isn't it? This news made my day even better, and it's only 6:43 am. Couple this news with today being the last day of regular classes, I'm happy.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

High Kick Season 3's Casting Almost Complete

And it starts airing in September! FUCK YEAH!

Please, for the love of God, if there are idols, limit them. Limit them to having bit roles or something.

I loved Season 2, but could never really get into Season 1.

Rumor: After School's New Members?

After School's new album has been released, and I'm sure someone will review it. However, what really caught my eye were the two girls featured (Yoon Jo & Kyung Min), implying that After School will now have a total of eleven members. There is even some speculation among netizens that some of the older members (Kahi, Bekah, Jugs) may be graduating. Which is unfortunate indeed.

Nevertheless, I found it the manner in which they introduced the new girls extremely entertaining.

Dream (feat. Pre-School Girl Yoon Jo)

Funky Man (Nana Vs. Lizzy feat. Pre-School Girl)

That's right, Pre-School Girl. I love Kpop and it's lol-worthy moments.
And remember folks, you heard (or in this case, read) it first here at Anti Kpop-Fangirl. Unless the rumor is false. Then you never saw this shit.

Kim Bum's Facebook page has 2.59 million likes

The company forgot to add that they created 2.58 million accounts themselves and liked Kim Bum's Facebook page.

SISTAR's sub-unit "SISTAR19"

And while neither Hyorin or Bora are 19, both are above 19. Which, I suppose, justifies it.
There have been two major complaints coming from netizens:

a) The '19' in 'SISTAR19' comes off as a bit too sexual.
Well, by the way Bora's gnawing on her thing of lingerie, that's clearly a good thing. If she wants to do R-rated things, I'm not going to stop her.

b) The full group only has 4 members, why create sub-groups?
I could ask the same of Ji Eun (of Secret) going solo. What makes sub-groups worse than going solo?

But at the end of the day, what we're really interested is how fappable it will be. The future looks bright boys.

New Boy Band: Boyfriend

God please. Another one? There isn't really a new group is there?

Yep. With 6 members averaging at 18 years old, there may even be a member or two that are even younger than our favorite 12-year old fangirls. Okay, that's not true, but companies really need to stop creating fucking idol groups and get into the coffee business or some shit.

Hara poses in the elevator with a friend

We obviously don't know how hot Hara's friend is face wise, but she is showing off her cleavage, so +1.

Dearest Park Myung Soo...

You need to shut the fuck up and stop responding every time the bell rings. It's not funny in the slightest. 100/100 fans, I don't recommend episode 19.

Looking For Additional Writers

Hate fangirls? Want to hate on them on this blog? You just need to meet the following:

- Fluent English
- Can take criticisms about your favorite groups/idols
- Can find sources on your own time instead of having others do it for you

Optional Requirements

- Can read Korean. I've posted some articles here 12-16 hours before the English Kpop news sources have
- Can edit images. Hell, I use Microsoft Paint...
- Can write consistently

You don't have to write consistently, as a few articles a week would suffice. It'd just be nice to have more writers to lessen to load.

If you want to apply:

- Create a Google account first so that I can make you a writer on the blog
- Send 1 troll article to It doesn't matter if the article was written today, yesterday, etc. Just write about one that was written in the past week.
- Send 1 troll review of a(n) (mini) album or a MV to the same email address.

Japanese fans are awesome

Because they don't give a shit about Kwanghee.

Order up some sake! Kampai!

After School releases Shampoo

Based on all of the previews, I was gonna avoid this song like the plague. I find it okay, and it's much better than I thought. Though...I thought it was gonna be worse than Chichi's and Rania's songs.

I'm wondering how they decided to release Shampoo instead of Conditioner. Maybe this?

Moon Chae Won cast in The Princess's Man

Yay. Her last drama was boring, and even I couldn't finish it. Hope this one is better. Brb, fapping.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Teddy Riley praises TVXQ, Big Bang, and Yangpa

He praised them because he was so surprised at how crappy his group was compared to them.

Park Bom to perform "Don't Cry" live on Friday


I thought music shows were getting more boring lately, but this is just going to put me to sleep.

I liked "You and I" but when I saw her perform it live it was the most boring shit I had ever watched.

You can say it's because they are "ballad" songs and so there's no dancing or flashy lights, but I've seen other singers sing ballads without making their performance boring. Her expressionless face doesn't make anything better either.

AKF Rant: People Who Ask For Romanizations

Fuck you.

What drama is Hong Su Ah in?

Just saw this article.

Something about her character being pregnant. Don't really care about the story, but what drama is she in? She has a nice rack...yeah...that's why I watch Kdramas...because of the hot girls.

A History Of Gaypop

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Soyeon + Ahn Young Min teaser

Lucky mother fucker. I gotta get out my pitch fork since he grabbed Soyeon's hand and even wanted a hug. If he got a boner from being around her, I'll go grab a rusty saw and saw his fucking dick off. Don't wanna get a brand new saw and have get the job done earlier. He needs to feel the PAIN.

Fanboyism aside, this song is coming out at a good time. Not really liking the dance music coming out. Mr. Taxi is good, but that's Japanese. It's a shame SNSD had to release their song now when I'm gonna have to ignore it for a month. >.>

I already kidnapped Taeyeon* (that was a photo of me taking Taeyeon off from the stage), so Soyeon is next. Then I'll make them sing the duet I always wanted to hear from them.

Hyomin in a new movie

Well, half of me is like "Fuck yeah, another T-ara member in another movie!" The other half of me is like "Fuck...Hyomin isn't really that good of an actress." It's supposed to be a horror movie. Oh, Koreans and their horror movies. That's just like Seth Rogen and his unfunny "comedy" movies. Well, Hyomin can't be any worse than Soyeon when it comes to acting, as Soyeon probably inherited the SM curse of no actress being able to act at all.

Supposed to come out this summer around the same time as Eunjung's White.

I'm just hoping it's better than Death Bell 2. The bar is set pretty low now, isn't it? lol. I watched that movie for Yoon Si Yoon, Kim Suro, and Hwang Jung Eum, but that movie was bad.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Review: Jay Park - Take A Deeper Look

The first track is "Touch the Sky" featuring The Quiett. I love the beat of this song. Reminds (emphasize "reminds" not that it is) me of Korean hip hop (the chiller songs of Supreme Team or Dynamic Duo). While I'm not a fan of Jay's rapping, he isn't too bad in this song. I enjoyed the song up until The Quiett joined in and his rapping made me appreciate Jay's more.

"Abandoned" is the second and title track. I have already expressed my hatred towards Dok2 and thus this song so I listened to it not expecting much if anything. I was pretty right too. For a title track it's pretty boring. It starts off slow and as it's about to start up it doesn't. Dok2s rapping sucked too. He sounded like he was constipated near the end of each line.

The third song is called "Tonight" featuring Min Kyung of Davichi. It's an upbeat song and I was hoping to hear Min Kyung a lot, but she only sings a bit near the end. I had high hopes for this song, but that was shot down. Min Kyung made me enjoy the song a bit more, but still disappointed she was wasted on this track.

"I Can't Be Without You" is a slower song. I enjoy this song a lot because it's got that chill r&b beat with Jay singing which is what I prefer he does.

"Don't Let Go" is pretty average. It's nothing of note and boring.

"Level 1000" is another song that features disappointing rapper Dok2. It sounds like something Lil Wayne would rap to...not a good thing in my book. It sounds like wannabe tough hip hop and I didn't enjoy Jay's rapping all too much. I'd have to admit Dok2 did better on this track then "Abandoned", but he starts to lose it near the end.

The last track is "Bestie". It has Jay singing too so I liked it.

Overall my impression is pretty positive. Nothing great...average even, but I already knew what I was expecting with this mini album.

5/5 for the ratio of how many Jaywalkers think this reviews shit and it's the greatest album of all time.

ADKF: SNSD Mr Taxi MV Reaction

So first things first. I already liked the song when it was leaked weeks ago so this isn't commenting on the song.

I wanted to wait until the other music video came out, but I figured might as well.

It's only a dance version, but to me it has made up for the atrocity that was Hoot and Run Devil Run...almost.

I liked the yellow outfits they wear in the music video, but not a fan of the black ones. Generally speaking, most of them look pretty (face wise). I wonder who the hell chose their hair stylist. It's like they are purposely trying to make SNSD look more unattractive. I actually liked Yuri's blonde hair though, but she kind of looks "meh" when they show her forehead.

Fanboy mode: OMG Taeyeon was pretty throughout the whole music video.

I've heard people say that SNSD is famous for their long legs, but I think they should be infamous for how thin their legs are. It's kind of sad how thin they are really. Even Tiffany's legs are boney as hell now. Only legs I thought looked hot were Taeyeon's, but that's also because she's short so her legs don't look as gross compared to her long stick-legged companions.

Why the hell did they put Hyoyeon in the center so much? Bitch needs to be dancing by herself in the corner away from the camera. Usually the one that can't sing in the group is pretty, but I don't know why they chose Hyoyeon. Sunny looked pretty too until the video showed a clear shot of her face and made me sad. I actually found Seohyun and Tiffany pretty. Seohyun looks less boring then before and Tiffany looks pretty to me again that is until I see pictures of her skinny ass legs again.

I give the video a 0/10 for the number of chances Hyoyeon has to fix up that face. She's already tried it once, I doubt anything else will help.

AKF: B1A4 "OK" review

I came into the song wondering what the fuck their name meant. What body part they preferred? Boobs: 1 Ass: 4. I was like "Alright!" as I'm an ass man myself. Then I watched the MV...

Then I was thinking Boys: 1 Asexuals: 4.

After a minute in, and that's as far as I got...

Bitch: 1 Anal Pounder: 4. The four guys pound the Bitch in the ass. Only logical reasoning for their name. A visual kei group could call this song gay.

Kim Jong Min releases his MV

Sounds like trot. It's...okay. I don't think he's good enough to be on his own...he needs the other two members of Koyote to be with him. Bad wardrobe too. But hey...the MV almost made me laugh. Stick with variety Jong Min.

Park Kyung Rim and Tony Ahn aren't on 100/100 anymore

And all I gotta say is "FUCK YEAH!" I hate Kyung Rim's voice and Tony makes me laugh once every 5 episodes. I know they're changing up the show, let's hope they don't overdo the same games like they have been. But, I dunno if I'll like the next episode as much. Too many people on, not enough Soyeon and Hyosung screen time.

2PM performs on Heyx3

Wow, what a disaster. I actually like this song in Korean, but this is the disaster I was predicting. First of all, the whole song sounds bad in Japanese, and it's not just their accent. The song just didn't transition well to Japanese.

Anyone else notice how awful the rapping was? I called it. Shit is hysterical. They get a .001/10 on my Verbal scale for rapping. Watch the end though, the girls going apeshit after Chansung takes off his shirt is almost as funny as the performance itself.

AKF Rant: Oppa, Unnie, Noona, Hyung

Stop it mother fucker. Just stop. Just stop.

First, you embarrass yourself every time you use any of these terms for an idol. Aside from blood relationships, they signify a closer relationship (such as really good friends), and none of you fuckers who use these terms are close friends with the idols, or else you wouldn't waste your time on the Internet talking about idols, as you'd be hanging out with them instead.

Second, unless you're in Korea, speaking Korean with Korean people, and have a close relationship with a person, don't use these fucking terms.

Third, I don't even use them with the Koreans I talk to online. Yeah, I'm usually within 2-3 years (both ways) with most Koreans I chat with, but it's fucking awkward using them. Probably because I'm American and grew up in a white environment where everyone is "equal" in the sense that no one got more respect just because they were older.

Fourth, if you want to keep making yourself look stupid, keep using these terms. If you want one less person calling you a dumbass on the Internet, stop using these terms.

Rants+: Kpop fans reactions LOL

So I was reading a thread about this blog on AKP's forums. I say congrats to those who laughed and enjoyed it and yay to those who got mad.

People think we are insulting, crude, rude, and immature which is fine. We just post what we think. Whether that makes us come off as haters, rude, or immature isn't important.

Only thing I want to point out though is,

" I was laughing with bom and amber than kwanghees was a bit mean but you insult nana oh you should so die

Than you add taeyeon on top of that im so setting sunny on your ass.

Funny comment, but that's exactly what I am against.

All idols and celebrities are fair game. It's wrong to believe some idols can be made fun of, but others can't. That's coming from someone who is "retarded".


We may sound hateful, crude, and even perverted but at least we don't sound like ignorant ass holes who believe only some idols can be made fun of while others stand on a higher pedestal and should be immune to insults.

Just because we make fun of and insult idols doesn't mean we hate them, for me at least...

I generally like all groups, except ZE:A (I HATE them), and even my favorite groups have been insulted by others but it's not like I feel insulted. Rather, I feel happy that others express their opinions. I'd rather hear comments about why an idol/idol group isn't perfect or the best then hear "OMG *inser bias* IS SO PERFECT SPAZZ OMG THEY ARE THE BESTESZT" all the damn time. It's not like I am being forced to agree right?

But yeah I just felt like ranting since news has been pretty slow...

For the record: Antidelusionalkpopfanism is not Anti Kpop-fangirl. We are different people. This is also generally my opinion, but I'm sure AKF somewhat agrees with this.

ADKF: CN Blue Love Girl Reaction

So I am pretty spiteful towards CN Blue fans, but I like CN Blue for what they are which is an idol boy band. I actually like this song a lot compared to their other tracks.

They even added a slap bass bit in the song which impressed me a lot. It only impressed me because I didn't think the bassist was even trying half the time.

The music video is decent. It's nothing over the top and simple, just the band stalking some girl. Only thing though that went through my mind throughout the MV was why were they stalking such an ugly girl? I mean CN Blue are handsome guys, no homo, but they were following around a homely girl. The end of the MV explains it though so you can find out why for yourself.

Back to the song... I am so glad Yonghwa didn't do his terrible rapping, or whatever it really is, a lot. That's what usually puts me off CN Blue's songs.

This song is a pretty simple addicting pop rock song.

I'd say overall my opinion of it right now is pretty positive, that is until I hear fans tell me it's the best indie rock song of all time.

Lee Yeon Hee for Harper Bazaar

Yeah...LYH is my favorite Korean actress...but she needs sexier photoshoots. She has nice legs and a nice show them off for me! Hard to fap to, but I can always use my imagination or something.

Netizens dig up info on Lee Jia and Seo Taiji

So Lee Jia's scandal is still headlining the news. Netizens are discovering past photos and other information on the ex-couple. They should use those detective skills to find Tupac or my lost wallet from 5th grade... but anyways I thought this picture comparison was more interesting.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kahi Loves 4/20

Atta girl. Who else has the gall to smoke a pound of weed on air?

Korean racing models covering k-pop songs

Hwang Mi Hee I miss your old face :(

Weekend Rants: Debuts out the Ass, Comebacks, and Scandals(?)

So this week in K-pop has been pretty slow. Some would say the highlight of the week was Lee Jia's secret marriage with Seo Taiji and mister-tress Jung Woosung. Well no, the real highlight was Girl's Day Maxim shoot.

Anyways, there also have been a lot of debuts and comebacks in the last week. B14A, X-5, and A Pink debuted this week. B14A and X-5 aren't too bad, but nothing worthwhile to listen to. A Pink is awesome. They chose a good time to recycle cute flowery music. With all the wannabe American hip-hop crap, it made A Pink seem like they started something new. f(x) also had their comeback stage, but it was pretty boring. It wasn't even worth it to watch it for Victoria and Krystal. Luna and Sulli just killed my buzz for their performances.

Music Shows all this week were pretty boring. The worst one was Music Bank though with groups covering songs terribly.

Girl's Day should have sang this on Music Bank.

In other news, netizens are speculating companies are buying back their albums to alter chart positions...well I don't really care because it doesn't affect me.

Happy Easter Everyone

Yeah, not really gonna update much today. Most people are out and stuff. Antidelusionalkpopfanism should have his Weekend Rant up tonight or tomorrow. My only rant about the music shows is that they're boring right now. I also need to study for tests and school ends May 5 for me.

Mnet's Top 20 idol bodies

I'm sure you've seen the rankings on other sites. What a joke. Hyosung only at #12? No Yura? Yuri at #6? What is this fuckery?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

2NE1’s Bom wore a $20,000 USD Alexander McQueen dress in “Don’t Cry” MV

You think they would have spent that money to fix up her face, again. I guess not. Third times a charm Bom.

Girl Groups Buying Back Their Albums

People are bitching like it's a big deal. With 800 debuts in the past two months, a #1 song easily makes you noticeable, so the companies buy back the albums so that their chart positions increase. It may be unethical, but it's Kpop. If there were ethics in any music industry, shit would be boring, wouldn't it?

It's not like fans are stakeholders in the companies and need the groups to do well. If you like a group's/artist's music, enjoy it and don't give a shit about the rankings. Okay, you can give a shit a little bit, but to the point where you think the ranking is more important than the performance is when you need a reality check.

Kpop Sexuality going too far?

So there have been a lot of complaints from kpop fans about girl groups and their sexy outfits and dances. Well personally I think...

Wait what was I talking about again?

[Jpop] Amuro Namie is still a MILF.

She has a photoshoot for an upcoming magazine. I think it's called Glamorous or some shit. I don't remember, I was too busy looking at the pics.

(Click to enlarge.)


Of course I want to see your boobs Namie. You're a God damn milf. Though, it would really suck to be your son. You know he hears "Hey, I wanna bang your mom" 20 times a day.

What songs are you listening to recently?

Not really liking anything in Kpop right now. Last song I fanboyed over was Girl's Day's Twinkle Twinkle, and I haven't really liked anything from the girl groups in April. I like 4minute's Mirror Mirror, but it's not a song I can listen to a lot.

Right now, I'm going through m-flo's Expo Expo album. As for Korean music, Simo's album is gold. It's too good for me to listen to a lot. And well, it's not the typical kind of hiphop I listen to a lot. I really like it, but I think overlistening to it would ruin it for me.

So, what are listening to lately?

And I thought we hated fangirls

CN Blue's manager doing all of us a favor.

Can't forget SHINee's manager. "GTFO bitch."

If I was in Korea, I'd buy each of these guys ten bottles of soju and ask for their autographs.

If you could only bang one idol, who?

Slow news day today, so we need something entertaining.

Write the one idol who you would bang if you could only bang one. The one idol who you'd want to repopulate the world with.

Me? Still thinking...really tough choice.

Kwanghee couldn't drink alcohol for 4 years, but why?

He tries to blame it on plastic surgery.

What, Kwanghee mentioned plastic surgery? No way. That faggot never mentions plastic surgery.

Okay, I only read the title of the article and didn't bother reading the actual article. But I didn't need to, because it's always the same shit with this faggot. "DERHERHERHER I GOTZ PLASTUC SURJARY BECUZ I WAZ A FUKIN TROL B4 I GOTZ WORK DUN ON MAI UGRY FACE!!!!!!!"

God, I hate this mother fucker.

Hyosung releases selcas

Hard to fap to.

Hyosung released new selcas, but it's hard to fap to due to the lack of boobage. If you didn't get the message Hyosung: 니 가슴이 내게 보여줘.......

Untouchable to release new single before enlistment

To make up for the shit that was their second album.

I actually like Untouchable, but after listening to their second album, you can tell they lost touch with their underground roots. They had great rappers featuring in their songs, but the album was just bad. Their first album was a lot more mainstream (plus all of their mini albums/singles), but at least it was pleasant to listen to.

Overall, I'm on the sad side. No Untouchable means that Mighty Mouth and Supreme Team are the only rappers who appear on music shows. While we all like the eye candy on the music shows, when so many are promoting at the same time and most of them have bad songs...well...your ears can only take so much bad music before they need to listen to good music.

Seo Woo's pre transformation pictures

Not pre plastic surgery. Pre transformation. She looks creepy now, but creepier back then.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dedicated to Retards at allkpop (Girl's Day Maxim article)

Yeah, allkpop was 24 hours late like usual and finally posted the article about Girl's Day being in Maxim. Retards were complaining about them being in a nude magazine. Yeah, "nude magazine." God, I'm shaking my head so damn hard it feels like my head is gonna fall off. I don't see any of the members nude. Maxim isn't a porn magazine.

Retards. Complete retards.

Why I hate Jaejoong and Yoochun.

Yeah, mother fuckers ruined m-flo's been so long. I had to go to the doctor's because my ears wouldn't stop bleeding when I first heard it. The doctor fixed everything he could, but he told me the only way to treat my ears back to 100% is to listen to the original 100 times.

Jaejoong sounds more like a woman than Lisa. What the fuck? I never knew that Verbal's verses could have sounded so bad, but Yoochun had to troll m-flo fans by ruining the flow in the song.

I give Junsu some credit for being in Anyband. I miss them. I wish they had released another song or two.

4minute trolls BoA fans

Yeah, No. 1 is one of my favorite BoA songs and what is this shit? JUST WHAT IS THIS SHIT?

Girl's Day releases new MV

But fans are disappointed in the lack of sexy clothing.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Who Is The Most Expressionless Face In The Wide World of Kpop?

As the Kpop scene continues to grow more and more idol-centered, facial features are becoming increasingly important, and singers can no longer make it into the spotlight on vocal talent alone. As our favorite idol Kwanghee constantly reminds us (I mean it: every fucking article he's in), idols no longer show restraint in fixing their lesser features. We're not complaining.

However, too much 'fixing' is known to limit your ability to make facial expressions as shown by our favorite stars, Park Bom, Solbi, Kwanghee ect. I'll end with the same question as the title: Who is the most expressionless face in the wide world of Kpop?

Lyrics from a GDTOP song that didn't make the final cut

As you know, artists record many more songs than are actually on their albums. A lot of songs don't make the cut. The past couple of days, a song that didn't make it on GDTOP's album has been spreading on Korean messageboards, but people were only able to obtain GD's lyrics.


Love song을 들을때마다 탑이 내 항문을 따먹길 바래
내 침대에 탑 함께 잘래
탑은 내게 못 속해
이 세상에 모두를 욕해
다음엔 난 여자로 wanna roleplay
항상 탑의 좆 필요해
태양, 대성, or 승리와 섹스는 날 안 치료해
탑의 좆 없이 it's like I'm lost 미로에
I never squirm when TOP drenches my face in sperm
혼자서 탑을 생각하며 자위할때 난 우는게
탑 항문을 핥을때 난 웃는게
우린 섹스할땐 탑은 finishes like a boss
내 입 모두를 catches like Randy Moss


Everytime I hear a love song I want TOP to fuck me in the ass
I want to sleep together with TOP in my bed
TOP can't belong to me
I curse everyone in this world
I wanna roleplay as a woman next time
I constantly need TOP's cock
Having sex with Taeyang, Daesung or Seungri won't cure me
Without TOP's cock it's like I'm lost in a maze
I never squirm when TOP drenches my face in sperm
I'm crying when I'm alone thinking of TOP and jacking off to him
I'm smiling when I'm licking TOP's butthole
When we have sex TOP finishes like a boss
My mouth catches everything like Randy Moss

GD's best rhymes, skill wise, never made it to an album, but the lyrics creep me the fuck out. Just what the fuck is that fuckery?!

Kwanghee explains how he captured girls' hearts

What did you expect? That fucker couldn't ever get a chick to like him, so he could never capture anyone's heart in a figurative way, so he literally ripped their hearts out.

10 South Korean Men An Hour Have Been Cured of Erectile Dysfunction

And today is just the first day. What is the new secret drug? Nope, it's not a drug like Viagra that makes your heart work harder to achieve wood. It's a technique that was thought to only work on younger males, but doctors have found out that it works on every male, regardless of age.

Kwanghee explains why ZE:A doesn't have cell phones.

Kwanghee, pictured above, explained why ZE:A doesn't have cell phones, but no one cared to listen. They don't have cell phones because no one wants to talk to Kwanghee.

Jay Park releases "Abandoned" Teaser

Fucking mad respect for Jay Park. Hell yes I'd be jealous of that but I also love the guy. No homo. Anyone else see the busty girl? While the song doesn't sound like anything new, Jay Park's dancing is nice and busty chick helps too. Lucky bastard, I'd probably bust a nut in front of her. Looking forward to Jay's album!

edit: Not Kim Sarang just some model chick but still nice

K-pop Jealousy

So I have read comments saying that the writers here were jealous of people like Park Bom and Lee Jia. That really is offensive to me because they both suck.

Here is a list of who I would be more jealous of than either Park Bom or Lee Jia. (no particular order)

1. Shin Se Kyung - shes got a toned body and boobs, a pretty face, oh and I bet she'd be awesome at sex.

2. Yoo In Na - boobs, boobs, boobs

3. Kim Sarang - Boobs, boobs, more boobs, and for a fourth time boobs

4. Ry Ji Hye - cute face, big boobs, nice frame and body, toned as well, nice legs and ass and boobs

5. Kim Tae Hee - pretty face and bangable body

6. Pre-surgery Hwang Mi Hee - pretty face, nice ass, nice boobs, big boobs, nice body

7. Kang Minkyung of Davichi - Very pretty, talented singer, sexy body, and not an idol

8. Hyun Bin - Very handsome man and good actor, Gay for him actually no jealousy

9. Dog shit - lucky piece of shit doesn't have eyes to see 2NE1's ugly shit face so I am jealous

10. Yoon Si Yoon - actor, handsome, got to be close with T-ara

11. Yoseob of B2ST - He's cute for a guy and fucking a powerful vocalist for an idol

12. Na Eun of A Pink - pretty, adorable, close with B2ST, very bangable, underage...I mean hi

13. Won Bin - Amazing actor and fucking handsome to boot. NO HOMO (actually don't even care he's just that awesome)

14. Jonghyun of Shinee - Banging Shin Se Kyung and one of the members of Shinee I like the most because he's banging Shin Se Kyung.

15. Anyone in The Movement (except Dok2) - Fucking amazing rappers, etc, etc.

Gonna end with one more because this list can go on for quite some time.

16. Qri - Apparently she has had sex a lot so I bet she's good in bed. I am more jealous of the guys that get to bang her though. Who wouldn't want that sucking their dick? I would like a pretty face to look up when I blow my load in their mouth instead of throwing up when I see a daffy duck face in front of me.

Jealousy implies you want something the other person has. Well Park Bom got a face I don't want and talents I don't find above average. So yeah wrong person to be jealous of.

Lee Jia is a skank

Married to Seo Taeji, but is dating Jung Woo Sung.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dedicated to Blackjacks

This is kind of gross for me to even look at a lot, but L-O-FUCKING-L to whoever said Park Bom is hotter than Qri. I like 2NE1's music even though it's some generic ass shit, but fans need to at least realize some things before talking shit.

Anyways I apologize showing everybody this so I shall make it up with this no makeup (less makeup? prettier at least) picture of T-ara.

The Truth About Park Bom's Don't Cry

Whoops, sorry. Wrong picture.

With her frozen plastic face, I get her confused with Daffy Duck. They look the same, since Bom has a frozen face and already looked like a duck in the first place.

Don't Cry is a shit song. I was being generous earlier, but after a second listen, listening to chimpanzees fucking would be more appealing. The song sounds the same for three fucking minutes and Bom proves that she's the most overrated main vocalist in Kpop.

She may not be the best vocalist, but she's the best in "worst plastic surgery received." Frozen Duckface needs to learn how to sing before she releases another solo song.

T-ara's Soyeon to have another solo song.

On Bugs, it was revealed that Soyeon is gonna have a single with composer Ahn Young Min.

Soyeon singing What Should We Finish by herself, as it was originally a solo song.

Jiyeon joining her and trolling everyone by ruining the song. Except delusional Jiyeon fans who thought the song was better with her in it.

Teddy Riley is butthurt about Rania

So someone told Teddy Riley, "Rania has good vocals but don't try to make kpop look/sound sexy/slutty thats why some people dislike american music =^-^=" to which he responded, "Now who the f r u? Korea needs a change in your kpop music and if you don't like it go f off."

Is he a fucking idiot? Korea isn't like America where you can look like a transvestite and dance sluttier than strippers and still make money. Korea is a stricter place than America. It has been for a long time, and one bad K-pop group won't change that.

Teddy Riley is probably butt hurt because he failed to realize he just sucks dick at making music and can't seem to grasp the idea that his group isn't doing as good as he thinks they are.

Suck it up and stop hating on fans with opinions. K-pop groups are dependent on fans, but apparently Teddy Riley and Rania are good enough not to rely on fans to buy his shit. He thinks Rania can make it based on slutty outfits and dances with shit songs. He is almost as delusional and asinine as the k-pop fangirls.

AKF: Park Bom's Don't Cry Review

Best song any YG artist has released this year. Well, looking at the crap Big Bang has released, the bar was set pretty low. I like the song and think Bom is a good singer, but I just wish that this song had a little more variation in it.

I give it a 1 Bom face expression used out of 2 total face expressions Bom can use.

JYJ's Junsu shows off his home

I thought this pussy, along with the other two in JYJ were short on cash because SM were slave masters. Yeah, I'd love to have a house that nice while pissing and moaning that I don't get paid enough. Pussy. And greedy mother fucker.

Girl Groups compared to Countries

SNSD is about as overrated as America's "freedom".

Both the United Kingdom and Wonder Girls were both once top powers in their respective categories until they lost all that power to America. (Even though it sounds like I am saying SNSD beat Wonder Girls, I am not. I meant Wonder Girls keep trying to be popular in America even though they keep failing.)

The members of Kara are hurting themselves because of their internal conflict just like how Russia killed it's own people during World War II.

2NE1's love life is oppressed by YGE like how China's peoples are oppressed by the government. They also both produce some generic ass music.

Brown Eyed Girls and France............. I can't really compare a good group like BEG to the likes of France.

miss A won the rookie award and Spain won the World Cup. Both didn't deserve to win. Haha~ Germany!!!!!

T-ara and Japan both were at a height of success until a bad event hurt them. T-ara's being Yayaya and Japan being the earthquake.

f(x) and Canada are dependent on SNSD's fanbase and America's economy respectively.

4minute and Brazil both have sexy girls. Hot Brazilian ass for the win.

I already like the reason for Secret and Italy. "SECRET is compared to Italy due to the big gap between rich (big boobs) and poor (small boobs)."

After School likes to outsource it's songs to sub-units and package albums with one or two songs and add instrumental for each while India is where most jobs are outsourced because companies want to be cheap.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

f(x)'s Victoria shows off her DSL for "Estee Lauder"

Enough said

Jang Yoon Ju, the 'Ultimate Woman'.

I know this is quite old, but I remember seeing her, and thinking, "I know exactly how to fix this." Now I won't claim to be a master in the art of photoshop, but this is undoubtedly one of my finer creations.

Review: f(x) - Pinocchio

It's terrible... though honestly I can't say I was expecting much from these songs. SME is known to have terrible songs to accompany one good title-track.

I give this album a 9/10 based on how many songs I want to have erased from my brain even if it meant getting beaten into a vegetative state.

BoA to start filming in May

And it's a case of another Korean playing another Japanese in a Hollywood movie. Hey Hollywood, there's 130 million fucking Japanese people. Cast one of them to play a Japanese person. Stop casting Koreans to play Japanese people. We're not the fucking same ethnicity.

5dolls filming a new MV

Without Jay Park in their MVs, that's probably true.

And you think Kpop has gone downhill?

M-flo - Mirrorball Satellite 2012 by yyug

First song is an old school m-flo song from the early 2000s. Second is an AKB48 song. If you pay attention to Jpop, the ___48 groups are ruining Jpop more than idol groups are ruining Kpop.

So, before you think Kpop is going downhill, just look at the music industry next door and think to yourself "Yeah, Kpop may be going downhill, but it's not taking a giant shit all over everyone like Jpop is."

Jailbait Status

A lot of '93 girls are turning 18 soon. I'm only 20, but sometimes feel like one of those creepy 40 year old guys salivating over a 6 year old girl.

1993 Jailbait
Ryu Hwayoung (April 22)
Ryu Hyoyoung (April 22)
Minah (May 13)
IU (May 16)
Jiyeon (June 7)

1994 Jailbait
Sulli (March 29)
Hyeri (June 9)
Krystal (October 24)

Of course we missed some. Comment below and tell us who we missed and we'll add them in. If you say 2NE1's Minzy, I'll come find you and bitchslap you. No. Just no.

Girl Claims to be Kim Tae Hee's Rival

But she's not hot.
My penis is still flacid.
She's making herself look like an idiot.

Khuntoria caught kissing at a baseball game

Why the fuck are fans going to a baseball game and not watching baseball?

Victoria throws the first pitch

I'd be too busy focusing on her crotch to pay attention to the ball. If she wore a skirt...I'd have another "bat," and the umpire would tell me to go to the bench for cheating.

Yoo In Na For a Soju CF

But no one is paying attention to the soju.

After School releases second photo teaser for "Virgin"

Long legs...oh my. I am really liking OC's look in this picture especially Lizzy's photos. Hopes+1 for After Schools return.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Which girl group debut did you like the most?

I am curious as to what other people think about these girls groups that have just recently debuted. Leave a comment telling me your favorite group, least favorite, who you love, who you hate, your opinions, your rants, etc.

A Pink - I Don't Know

Brave Girls - Do You Know

CHI CHI - Don't Play Around

Rania - Dr. Feel Good

Personally it was a hard choice between Brave Girls and A Pink. Both were hyped up so much pre-debut and I think both did well when they debuted, but A Pink did better. Plus Na Eun just makes me want to bust a nut.

ADKF: f(x) - Pinocchio Reaction

So I love this MV. The video is visually appealing to me with all the colors and set designs. I like shiny things, and Krystal's abs...damn nice (I can say this stuff cause 17 is legal here. In your face Anti Kpop-Fangirl!). Victoria is smoking hot like always and I'm so glad she's gotten more screen time. Amber actually looks less like a man with her (that's right I'm using her now) blonde hair. Though when she puts her hair up, it just screams man. Amber has moved up a peg in my book with her less manly looks and somewhat better rapping. Luna...she's ok and she doesn't really do much even when she's singing the high notes since its auto-tuned but she's pretty.

Sulli is just terrible though. I find Amber more attractive than Sulli in this MV. That's right! I just said Amber, who I usually make jokes about being a man, is more attractive than Sulli. Does that make me gay? Probably not, but Sulli could probably do the trick. I hate her with a passion almost as great as I hate kpop-fangirls.

Song's great though. Definitley a highlight of early 2011 especially when compared with recent tracks like "I Don't Know", "Mirror Mirror", "Do You Know", and "To Me".

Good job SME, it's a good follow up to "Nu Abo".

I give the MV a 3/5...4/5 if I was drunk and Amber had a bag over her head.

AKF's f(x) Reaction

Pinocchio is my second favorite girl group song this year, after Girl's Day's Twinkle Twinkle. Girl's Day has the advantage of having 5 hot girls while f(x) only has three.

Song wise, it's probably my favorite title track from f(x), barely beating out NU ABO. Choreography wise, well, it doesn't live up to the f(x) name. f(x) is supposed to be Asia's top dance group, not another group doing an easy dance so that the general public can follow along.

Victoria gives me wood like usual. I'd do so many things to her. And Krystal gets hotter every MV. TURN 18 BITCH. TURN 18 NOW. Sulli is as cute as always, but she'll always be stuck in the cute category.

They had Luna sing in a sugary tone, which doesn't really suit her voice. It shows, as this is her weakest singing in a title track. Manber, his rapping has improved. Well, he had no excuses while he was gone for a year getting another surgery for his dick.

4/5 because Victoria is bombing, Krystal is breaking the pedometer, and the song is good.

A Pink releases "I Don't Know" Music Video

omg Kikwang...just kidding but still looks like my rating is a 4/7 for A Pink.... Though the 2 I have been drooling over are damn fine. They definitley do remind me of early SNSD except for the fact most of them are hotter or at least better looking than most of SNSD. Good job A Cube :)

Victoria and Sulli for a CF