Monday, April 18, 2011

Which girl group debut did you like the most?

I am curious as to what other people think about these girls groups that have just recently debuted. Leave a comment telling me your favorite group, least favorite, who you love, who you hate, your opinions, your rants, etc.

A Pink - I Don't Know

Brave Girls - Do You Know

CHI CHI - Don't Play Around

Rania - Dr. Feel Good

Personally it was a hard choice between Brave Girls and A Pink. Both were hyped up so much pre-debut and I think both did well when they debuted, but A Pink did better. Plus Na Eun just makes me want to bust a nut.


  1. 1. Brave Girls - Do You Know (I really like that song..
    2. A pink - I Don't Know (Props to them for not using auto-tune. Wonder how long that is going to last..Still don't get what's happening in the MV though. It's weird & stalkerish.)
    3. Rania - Dr. Feel Good (They got the power vocals down pat. Though, I like my Kpop classy-sexy not trashy-sexy. Also, tell me when they can actually sing the whole song live and not rely on backtrack so much)
    4. Chi chi - Don't Play Around (A group whose name and live vocals are a laughingstock. Enough said.)

  2. Based on bangability, Rania. Holy crap, some of the girls are hot. Music? I still haven't listened to all of the girl groups' songs lol.

  3. Well out of this selection I would say the best girl group debuts are:
    3)Baby VOX
    4)torn between T-ara's "Lies" and AS's "Ah"

    Sorry, but all 4 of the groups you posted video's for seem to suck. A Pink would get my highest rating, and that's only due to reminiscing about those innocent days when I thought SNSD was good. I have a feeling A Pink will eventually disappoint just like SNSD did.

  4. As just a debut, I like Rania's best because it was the most bold and interesting. The rest of them just scream "THIS IS A DEBUT" and even though Rania's isn't perfect, you can tell they are trying to do something more with the music/concept than just debut.
    if that makes any sense

    second would be Brave Girls, even though for some reason I always end up listening/watching Don't Play Around.

  5. Rainia music video is on eof the most trashy thing I ever watched. Can't believe it it took at least ten time to finish listening the song. Just can't make myself finish watching the video. The lyric is the worst. I thought some other girl group was trashy. Rainia beats them all.

  6. Of the four videos posted, I'd have to go with Brave Girls. It was the only one that was bearable to watch (except wthell was that at the end of the video? looked like a recycled 4minute).
    The rest were pretty boring. Including Rania. Sure they're wearing some skanky clothes and doing some major hip thrusting, but they've got no boobs/ass. They're flat. I'd like to say that for anyone who gets turned on watching them, it must not take much to get a rise of you. But of course, to each his own.

  7. Rania and APINK were the two I looked forward to. APINK is the only one that stayed relevant. As for the others, I could give two shits.

    @djschlotte: 'Lies' sounded like a cheap rip-off of 'Nobody', and I don't like Wonder Girls whatsoever. I would say the best girl group debut in recent memory was miss A. BGGG was one hell of a song.

  8. Oh that's terrible to compare Lies to Nobody. Nobody was one of the worst songs I've ever listened to that I can still name (I try really hard to forget the horrible songs). Plus, looks go a long way for me liking a debut, and Soyeon had long hair back then. I do probably like Ah more than Lies though.

    Miss A has never had the looks to draw me in, though Min kinda did back when she was posing in her underwear pre-debut, and BGGG was not that great of a song.

  9. Nobody is like the worst song ever, those ppl who made it famous mustve been deaf. I mean i couldn't even bear to finish listening it and listening to it the second time is like torture. Lies is good but their live debut kinda been a flop.

  10. @anonymous they may not have boobs but that have the ass and hips

  11. for me it was rania (i like the leather-outfits, like the song, like the slutty-ness, like the - maybe unintentional- trashy-ness) and brave girls (but not for do you know, but for so sexy).
    a pink for me is just plain crap. the mv is the stupidest thing ive seen in a while. god, how i hate that aegyo...
    concerning chi-chi: yeah, whatever. dont really care. song was okay, i guess. but just because i like dance-tracks. lets say i can understand when one hates that song. the mv: lee jong suk is still gay, even without secret garden.


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