Monday, April 25, 2011

ADKF: SNSD Mr Taxi MV Reaction

So first things first. I already liked the song when it was leaked weeks ago so this isn't commenting on the song.

I wanted to wait until the other music video came out, but I figured might as well.

It's only a dance version, but to me it has made up for the atrocity that was Hoot and Run Devil Run...almost.

I liked the yellow outfits they wear in the music video, but not a fan of the black ones. Generally speaking, most of them look pretty (face wise). I wonder who the hell chose their hair stylist. It's like they are purposely trying to make SNSD look more unattractive. I actually liked Yuri's blonde hair though, but she kind of looks "meh" when they show her forehead.

Fanboy mode: OMG Taeyeon was pretty throughout the whole music video.

I've heard people say that SNSD is famous for their long legs, but I think they should be infamous for how thin their legs are. It's kind of sad how thin they are really. Even Tiffany's legs are boney as hell now. Only legs I thought looked hot were Taeyeon's, but that's also because she's short so her legs don't look as gross compared to her long stick-legged companions.

Why the hell did they put Hyoyeon in the center so much? Bitch needs to be dancing by herself in the corner away from the camera. Usually the one that can't sing in the group is pretty, but I don't know why they chose Hyoyeon. Sunny looked pretty too until the video showed a clear shot of her face and made me sad. I actually found Seohyun and Tiffany pretty. Seohyun looks less boring then before and Tiffany looks pretty to me again that is until I see pictures of her skinny ass legs again.

I give the video a 0/10 for the number of chances Hyoyeon has to fix up that face. She's already tried it once, I doubt anything else will help.


  1. Oh wow, this is actually quite positive, considering the blog I'm on.

    You've gained a new reader, bro. I'm still a hardcore sone, but it's nice to see critcism once in a while.

  2. i agree that Seohyun is getting more interesting. her line in the song @ 1:20 impressed me, it actually had a but of passion.

  3. seohyun is losing her baby fat (finally) so yeah, she's getting prettier.

    taeyeon was boss. so was sooyoung's hair.

    hyoyeon is in snsd because she was a favorite trainee along with yoona. they were both in SM for years and years and were the first couple finalized in the group... which is pretty indicative of how "talented" even SM wanted the group.

  4. Wow... Complete shit coming out of SNSD again. Not like I expected anything more. I doubt there is a better definition of generic ass pop dance music than what SNSD puts out. They even managed to fuck up the one girl who was even slightly attractive. I give it a 10/10 that I won't ever watch that video again.

  5. You know that picture of the guy taking Taeyeon off from the stage? That was me. Tired of fapping to her. In the meantime, fapping to Sica, Seohyun, Yuri, and Tiffany. But yeah...Tiffany needs her honey thighs back.

  6. Really miss the old Tiffs body
    But why in the hell would they change from a bright color to a dark color outfit in contrast to a dark background....
    I actually love all their hairstyles, as impossible as it seems, I love hyoyeon hair the most.....weird LOL

  7. Hyoyeon is fugly and tiffany looks like tranny

  8. hyoyeon is fugly i agree and tiffany isgetting to look like a corpse or skeleton

  9. "Sunny looked pretty too until the video showed a clear shot of her face and made me sad..." I bet your just saying that coz your insecure that you'll never look better then her. DICKHEAD.

  10. I'm not even a fucking fan of SNSD but your just being a cow.

  11. ur opinion the same as mine


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