Monday, April 18, 2011

AKF's f(x) Reaction

Pinocchio is my second favorite girl group song this year, after Girl's Day's Twinkle Twinkle. Girl's Day has the advantage of having 5 hot girls while f(x) only has three.

Song wise, it's probably my favorite title track from f(x), barely beating out NU ABO. Choreography wise, well, it doesn't live up to the f(x) name. f(x) is supposed to be Asia's top dance group, not another group doing an easy dance so that the general public can follow along.

Victoria gives me wood like usual. I'd do so many things to her. And Krystal gets hotter every MV. TURN 18 BITCH. TURN 18 NOW. Sulli is as cute as always, but she'll always be stuck in the cute category.

They had Luna sing in a sugary tone, which doesn't really suit her voice. It shows, as this is her weakest singing in a title track. Manber, his rapping has improved. Well, he had no excuses while he was gone for a year getting another surgery for his dick.

4/5 because Victoria is bombing, Krystal is breaking the pedometer, and the song is good.


  1. In f(x) all I care about is Krystal Jung \m/

  2. I think the choreography works well with this song. It wouldn't feel right if they went fast. They had great pacing with their moves, it totally fits.

  3. Ok, this song isn't all that great. The choreo is boring, and so is the music and lyrics. They should have realized that after the shirt lifting move in NU ABO that the next logical step was Krystal dancing without a shirt. (and yes, you can probably figure out what would come off in the next track) Sulli is annoying as usual, and Victoria still looks like 30% of all Asians girls I've ever seen. Amber amazingly doesn't look quite so much like a boy, but then it couldn't have been hard to "girl up" Amber from her previous looks. Luna is, well, Luna. Do I need to say more on her? Anyways, was hoping for a lot more out of f(x)'s music, their dancing, and a whole lot more of Krystal's skin showing. Overall I'm fairly disappointed. 1.5/5, because Krystal is still hot, even in clothes, and they managed to make Amber slightly more feminine.

  4. Yeah, the song didn't stand out much, although I expect it to get catchier within the week. +1 for the image of a shirtless Krystal, I approve.

    And I don't doubt that I'm alone on this, but Sulli's 'raps' have always been strangely compelling (and addicting) to me. This song being no exception.

  5. Does anybody else think that the 'remember me' line reminisces of Eminem's song 'Remember Me'. No? Bueller?

  6. shiet song...

    but... KRYSTAL...fap fap fap


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