Monday, April 25, 2011

Review: Jay Park - Take A Deeper Look

The first track is "Touch the Sky" featuring The Quiett. I love the beat of this song. Reminds (emphasize "reminds" not that it is) me of Korean hip hop (the chiller songs of Supreme Team or Dynamic Duo). While I'm not a fan of Jay's rapping, he isn't too bad in this song. I enjoyed the song up until The Quiett joined in and his rapping made me appreciate Jay's more.

"Abandoned" is the second and title track. I have already expressed my hatred towards Dok2 and thus this song so I listened to it not expecting much if anything. I was pretty right too. For a title track it's pretty boring. It starts off slow and as it's about to start up it doesn't. Dok2s rapping sucked too. He sounded like he was constipated near the end of each line.

The third song is called "Tonight" featuring Min Kyung of Davichi. It's an upbeat song and I was hoping to hear Min Kyung a lot, but she only sings a bit near the end. I had high hopes for this song, but that was shot down. Min Kyung made me enjoy the song a bit more, but still disappointed she was wasted on this track.

"I Can't Be Without You" is a slower song. I enjoy this song a lot because it's got that chill r&b beat with Jay singing which is what I prefer he does.

"Don't Let Go" is pretty average. It's nothing of note and boring.

"Level 1000" is another song that features disappointing rapper Dok2. It sounds like something Lil Wayne would rap to...not a good thing in my book. It sounds like wannabe tough hip hop and I didn't enjoy Jay's rapping all too much. I'd have to admit Dok2 did better on this track then "Abandoned", but he starts to lose it near the end.

The last track is "Bestie". It has Jay singing too so I liked it.

Overall my impression is pretty positive. Nothing great...average even, but I already knew what I was expecting with this mini album.

5/5 for the ratio of how many Jaywalkers think this reviews shit and it's the greatest album of all time.


  1. Dok2's rapping was the only redeemable part of the album, and he's far from being a great rapper. "Tonight" would have been better if it was just Minkyung. Her part was too short, and Jay's was far, far too long. Jay is way overrated. I hope Jay has another scandal and is kicked out of Korea for good.

  2. Considering the crap getting released every week, this album sounds like a godsend. 2pm are the ones who need to get kicked out of korea, I hope they stay in japan forever.

  3. The Quiett could take a shit and that'd still be more pleasant than Jay's rapping. Our point is to troll fangirls, not people who like good hiphop lol.

  4. I wouldn't mind 2PM being stuck in Japan either. They can take the rest of the shitty boy groups with them. (read as all of them created post 2006) Still Jay sucks ass just like he did with 2PM and since.

  5. I'm going to assume this is a piece of shit, I'll never know for sure though.

  6. @djschlotte, you're a fucking retard dumbass that obviously has no taste in music. Hey dumb fuck, Jay's rapping is fucking you would honestly know what the fuck good rapping is. He writes his own shit and can even rap as extreme fast paces. I'll take him over pieces of shit like lil wayne any day. You want overrated? look at half of the american music industry you deaf fucking retard. Yeah you try doing what he does, he's barely in his twenties and is able to write high quality songs, rap far better than any idol, and break dance at a pro level. You're obviously too fucking stupid to see talent when it's right in front of you. But I forget who I'm talking to, stupid shit trolls who couldn't find good music even if it got rammed up your asses. @Davidfresh, yeah go ahead and assume you idiot. You're too much of a pompous, narrow minded 12 year old with autism to even try it out. You and rest of you assholes can all fuck yourselves.

  7. I'm a JWalker.
    And I respect that this is your opinion.

    I mean, Jay can't please everybody, and the fact that you even took the time to listen to all of his tracks and even more effort to write your sincere thoughts and opinions and review about his music, deserves some respect.

    If i could, i'll apologize on behalf of all JWalkerz bcos of a few intolerant fans, it has lead the stereotypication of the whole reputation of the fanbase, but hey, it's inevitable I guess.

    Your review's pretty amusing, tbh, had a good read.

    I don't think Jay's album is the greatest album of all time, BUT, i would give it 5/5 for his effort and love that he has put in this first foray into solo artistry which he was thrusted into without planned. You can't deny, if many had to go thru what Jay Park went thru, they prob wouldn't be able to get where he is at right now if they lack his talents and perseverance. He proved that he has got the potential...and I believe while this album may not be the greatest, it is still a very solid production with good tracks that's easy to listen to.

    Hate the guy all you want, but it's not gonna make him lose hair or his talents or drive to pursue his music. Don't hate, appreciate.

    To the anonymous above, i'm assuming which is a Jay Park fan too, well, chill out. Retorting with crude language and anger will only serve to paint a worse image of Jay's fans.... and you're not helping at all. Respect that this is this person's opinion, and ignore her if you disagree her comments and reviews.



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