Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hyomin in a new movie

Well, half of me is like "Fuck yeah, another T-ara member in another movie!" The other half of me is like "Fuck...Hyomin isn't really that good of an actress." It's supposed to be a horror movie. Oh, Koreans and their horror movies. That's just like Seth Rogen and his unfunny "comedy" movies. Well, Hyomin can't be any worse than Soyeon when it comes to acting, as Soyeon probably inherited the SM curse of no actress being able to act at all.

Supposed to come out this summer around the same time as Eunjung's White.

I'm just hoping it's better than Death Bell 2. The bar is set pretty low now, isn't it? lol. I watched that movie for Yoon Si Yoon, Kim Suro, and Hwang Jung Eum, but that movie was bad.


  1. i agree when u say fuck at her.. but not at jiyeon part..

    and i think u should stop bashing other groups.

  2. Fuck you. We bash everyone and every group.

  3. And where the fuck did I mention Jiyeon in this article?

  4. ^AntiKpop-Fangirl

    Have they released the Movie with Soyeon yet? Nice Soyeon picture btw


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