Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hyosung releases selcas

Hard to fap to.

Hyosung released new selcas, but it's hard to fap to due to the lack of boobage. If you didn't get the message Hyosung: 니 가슴이 내게 보여줘.......


  1. Hyoseong is one of those idols you just cant hate, if you hate her, your fucked in the head then.

  2. Whoever hates Hyosung is probably a jealous fangirl wishing a lot of people fapped to her.

  3. Or a guy who doesn't find her pretty at all, and kind of annoying on variety shows...

  4. ^ What djschlotte said.

    Her overly nice and sweet on screen personality is boring. And those gummy


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