Thursday, April 28, 2011

IU Samsung Galaxy II CF

Sooooo cuuuuuuuute.

IU, please don't go to Japan where they'll try to make you fap material. They do it to Kara (ass shots all the time) and SNSD (leg shots all the time), but you're too cute to think of as fap material. I know there are rumors about Japanese companies wanting you, but please....nooo...don't go.

Gonna go watch this like ten more times.


  1. so if kara is ass, snsd is legs, IU is face.....bukakke....

  2. can't think of IU sexually either.... she's the perfect type of cute.

  3. Yeah, not IU.
    I almost fantasized once, won't go into details, but it was a pretty guilt-racking experience. (Why'd she have to wear shorts on Heroes?)

  4. Cuteness isn't really a hitch for me in thinking a girl is hot, but then I'm also not really one to fantasize. I've only real-deal fantasized about one idol.

  5. And lmao @ Rotary. I just got a bad image in my head of ten guys covering IU's face with their love cream.

  6. Wow, you refusing fap material. o_o

    Agreed though. Fuck Japan for making everything uncomfortable.

  7. You're a loser...but so am I for reading your site. Damn.


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