Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Girl Groups compared to Countries

SNSD is about as overrated as America's "freedom".

Both the United Kingdom and Wonder Girls were both once top powers in their respective categories until they lost all that power to America. (Even though it sounds like I am saying SNSD beat Wonder Girls, I am not. I meant Wonder Girls keep trying to be popular in America even though they keep failing.)

The members of Kara are hurting themselves because of their internal conflict just like how Russia killed it's own people during World War II.

2NE1's love life is oppressed by YGE like how China's peoples are oppressed by the government. They also both produce some generic ass music.

Brown Eyed Girls and France............. I can't really compare a good group like BEG to the likes of France.

miss A won the rookie award and Spain won the World Cup. Both didn't deserve to win. Haha~ Germany!!!!!

T-ara and Japan both were at a height of success until a bad event hurt them. T-ara's being Yayaya and Japan being the earthquake.

f(x) and Canada are dependent on SNSD's fanbase and America's economy respectively.

4minute and Brazil both have sexy girls. Hot Brazilian ass for the win.

I already like the reason for Secret and Italy. "SECRET is compared to Italy due to the big gap between rich (big boobs) and poor (small boobs)."

After School likes to outsource it's songs to sub-units and package albums with one or two songs and add instrumental for each while India is where most jobs are outsourced because companies want to be cheap.


  1. Japan will bounce back once they figure out how to handle the nuclear disaster.

    Like how T-ara will make a super awesome comeback and make up for the fail that is Yayaya.

  2. I agree that SNSD is like America. At the top for now, but will will lose that position in the very short future.

  3. Taking out Sunmi and adding in that total gore Hyerim was the nail in the coffin for WG. Who the fuck cares if she's fluent in Chinese, she looks like a peasant rice farmer. Can't think of a clever analogy relating to the UK.

    France makes some nice music. Same with BEG.

    2ne1 is also the ugliest girlgroup ever. China also happens to be ugliest Asian country ever, or just the ugliest country period.

    I would switch Secret (Italty) with 4minute (Brazil). If we're talking about ass, Secret > 4minute. I'm from Italy, and the people there are skinny. Like fucking model skinny. You would think with all that pasta they'd be all fat n shit but no.

  4. You do know that it was capitalist propaganda that made up the stories of Russia killing off it's own people during WWII, and that there is no truth to it, right? I did a lot of research on this subject some years ago, and while you could consider some of the decisions the Russian leadership made to be a large cause to some Russian deaths, they were not gunning down deserters or any of the other crazy lies the British and Americans were, and still are, spouting off.

  5. Wartime propaganda is always bullshit, zzz.

  6. Very true, but the "western" countries have been trying to continue this propaganda long after the war. The movie "Enemy at the Gates" is a perfect example of these lies persisting even to this day.

  7. davidfresh said...

    Wartime propaganda is always bullshit, zzz.

    kind of like the poor ass propaganda America is trying to pull off this decade....

  8. Yeah it's even worse for governments nowadays because of bloggers who aren't delusional (hey, that's us!) and just the globalization of information.

  9. "how Russia killed it's own people during World War II."

  10. 2ne1's the prettiest girl group there is!!!
    and then snsd, 4minute is the one with generic ass music and they're ugly, no talent and not even hot or sexy, t-ara sucks, and brown eyed girls is just the worst, they're ugly no talent and just pure boring!!

  11. Yay! More delusional BJ bullshit. 2ne1 are hard-on killers. Anyone that can fap to those ugly ass chicks has probably had a lobotomy.

  12. ^^@Anon, This blog is specially for you. Just love the thing that everything you said is completely the opposite. Keep it up!!!

  13. This Blog is realy funny. as in! :D snsd was like us yeah i agree! haha :D bcuz they are the most popular group and powerful group nowadays. 2ne1 is china? kinda agree too. bcuz they are also popular like snsd. but the one who said 2ne1 was ugly? well dont you have mirror on your house? i bet you dont have? bcuz you said 2ne1 is ugliest girl group ever? haha :D i bet your house and you neighboorhood was full of Ugliness thats why you dont know what is Beautiful mean is? :D after school should be china too bcuz they are over populated, they are so many members but the fact is Only UEE is famous on them if UEE isn't there AS was nothing.

  14. Funny comparisons... BTW, russia killed its own people during WWII? Where the fuck did you read this shit? F for history!

  15. @8:47 How much more delusional can BJ's get? I mean, are you serious? Dumb blowjobs.


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