Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Teddy Riley praises TVXQ, Big Bang, and Yangpa

He praised them because he was so surprised at how crappy his group was compared to them.


  1. Lol, i was kind of thinking the same thing.

    He didn't expect to see how good Tvxq and Big bang's performances were, in retrospect he came a little weak to the Kpop game.

    But after looking into Rania's members a number of them have talent, just that he used it completely wrong with their debut song/mv.

    Completely wrong.

  2. Yeah. I was seriously wondering if he had done any research into kpop before he formed the group but apparently he didn't. I actually hope he works with Big Bang though. That would be kinda cool.

  3. I'd bang a couple of the Rania members.

    Oh...we were talking about music...

  4. Has he figured out that he's a shitty producer yet? Dude needs to just GTFO.


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