Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Soyeon + Ahn Young Min teaser

Lucky mother fucker. I gotta get out my pitch fork since he grabbed Soyeon's hand and even wanted a hug. If he got a boner from being around her, I'll go grab a rusty saw and saw his fucking dick off. Don't wanna get a brand new saw and have get the job done earlier. He needs to feel the PAIN.

Fanboyism aside, this song is coming out at a good time. Not really liking the dance music coming out. Mr. Taxi is good, but that's Japanese. It's a shame SNSD had to release their song now when I'm gonna have to ignore it for a month. >.>

I already kidnapped Taeyeon* (that was a photo of me taking Taeyeon off from the stage), so Soyeon is next. Then I'll make them sing the duet I always wanted to hear from them.


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