Monday, April 25, 2011

AKF Rant: Oppa, Unnie, Noona, Hyung

Stop it mother fucker. Just stop. Just stop.

First, you embarrass yourself every time you use any of these terms for an idol. Aside from blood relationships, they signify a closer relationship (such as really good friends), and none of you fuckers who use these terms are close friends with the idols, or else you wouldn't waste your time on the Internet talking about idols, as you'd be hanging out with them instead.

Second, unless you're in Korea, speaking Korean with Korean people, and have a close relationship with a person, don't use these fucking terms.

Third, I don't even use them with the Koreans I talk to online. Yeah, I'm usually within 2-3 years (both ways) with most Koreans I chat with, but it's fucking awkward using them. Probably because I'm American and grew up in a white environment where everyone is "equal" in the sense that no one got more respect just because they were older.

Fourth, if you want to keep making yourself look stupid, keep using these terms. If you want one less person calling you a dumbass on the Internet, stop using these terms.


  1. One of my biggest annoyances with these kpop fan kids, which I already adressed numerous times.

  2. lmao...Reminds me of one of the first discussion we had in sbox. I still say it's silly to get your panties in a twist over kids being stupid, but obviously you are looking for early coronary problems. Be mindful of your health hubae.

  3. Oh Oh Oh Oh 오빠를 사랑해


  4. I keep seeing these fucking Muslims on twitter using "oppa" and "unni". I'm like "BITCH! YOU'RE NOT EVEN KOREAN." THAT SHIT LOOKS WEIRD WHEN BURKA WEARING BROWN FUCKS DO THAT.

  5. It's even more annoying when scooter driving European's spout the same shit.

  6. Aigoo Omona! Wae so angsty?! Don't be like that hyung. I enjoy being wannabe korean spurting random phrases at every turn. Saranghaeyo!

  7. THIS.

    i hate it when people use these terms and they're not even Korean or close with the person they use it with.

    They seriously don't understand how or why this term is supposed to be used.

  8. Damn Korea wannabes! All they ever do is suck dicks!


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