Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kahi Loves 4/20

Atta girl. Who else has the gall to smoke a pound of weed on air?


  1. Why is her face so god damn manly?!

  2. No wonder Kahi never did anything on Heroes. She was always stoned.

  3. Gahee always looks stoned lol
    I bet you when she doozed off on strongheart, she was just high as fuck

  4. it was confirmed that during this 'episodes of sleepy Kahi' in Heroes n Strong Heart, she was soooo tired because of the Bang's comeback. she put extra efforts on research for the choreo n drum line, plus there were so many variety shows for her to shoot at the same time. ending up less sleep. she had apologized for her unintentional attitude (cz u can see she tried hardly not to sleep during Strong Heart) n was afraid that she might be scold by her company. but the company was really understanding.

    stop bashing her. u r not even in her shoes to judge her. get lost.


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