Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kwanghee couldn't drink alcohol for 4 years, but why?

He tries to blame it on plastic surgery.

What, Kwanghee mentioned plastic surgery? No way. That faggot never mentions plastic surgery.

Okay, I only read the title of the article and didn't bother reading the actual article. But I didn't need to, because it's always the same shit with this faggot. "DERHERHERHER I GOTZ PLASTUC SURJARY BECUZ I WAZ A FUKIN TROL B4 I GOTZ WORK DUN ON MAI UGRY FACE!!!!!!!"

God, I hate this mother fucker.


  1. Not seeing the word plastic surgery next to the name Kwanghee is like not seeing a Blackjack try to defend Bom from plastic surgery

  2. U know what funny is , kwanghee looks even more natural than duck face Park Bom.
    Atleast he gotta better doctor than her. LOL

  3. He did get a good doctor lol. You see how bad he looked before? But he still uses the two same expressions, showing that he overdid it on the plastic surgery.


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