Monday, April 25, 2011

Rants+: Kpop fans reactions LOL

So I was reading a thread about this blog on AKP's forums. I say congrats to those who laughed and enjoyed it and yay to those who got mad.

People think we are insulting, crude, rude, and immature which is fine. We just post what we think. Whether that makes us come off as haters, rude, or immature isn't important.

Only thing I want to point out though is,

" I was laughing with bom and amber than kwanghees was a bit mean but you insult nana oh you should so die

Than you add taeyeon on top of that im so setting sunny on your ass.

Funny comment, but that's exactly what I am against.

All idols and celebrities are fair game. It's wrong to believe some idols can be made fun of, but others can't. That's coming from someone who is "retarded".


We may sound hateful, crude, and even perverted but at least we don't sound like ignorant ass holes who believe only some idols can be made fun of while others stand on a higher pedestal and should be immune to insults.

Just because we make fun of and insult idols doesn't mean we hate them, for me at least...

I generally like all groups, except ZE:A (I HATE them), and even my favorite groups have been insulted by others but it's not like I feel insulted. Rather, I feel happy that others express their opinions. I'd rather hear comments about why an idol/idol group isn't perfect or the best then hear "OMG *inser bias* IS SO PERFECT SPAZZ OMG THEY ARE THE BESTESZT" all the damn time. It's not like I am being forced to agree right?

But yeah I just felt like ranting since news has been pretty slow...

For the record: Antidelusionalkpopfanism is not Anti Kpop-fangirl. We are different people. This is also generally my opinion, but I'm sure AKF somewhat agrees with this.


  1. Jay Park is so a crook. They should have never allowed his ass back into Korea.

  2. I know I've insulted Nana. I was probably the one insulting Taeyeon too, but I can't remember.

  3. Who cares if they did, this is like when Ricky Gervais went to the Golden Globes for the first time and ripped jokes on EVERY A-lister in Hollywood, people we shocked/mad and others found it absurdly hilarious. Why? Because it's all a joke, it was a little crude but humor none the less. If you can't laugh at yourself(Bias) then your going to have a tough life. They said he would never host another awards show again, what happen next year? He was back making some of the most epics jokes ever seen on A-listers it's all on Youtube. You know why he came back? Because the people that enjoyed the crude jokes far out weighed the stuck up ones who denounced him. Just because they didn't have a sense of humor didn't mean the rest of American didn't. Because honestly that was the most entertaining awards show in history simply because he didn't hold anyone on a pedestal and had balls of steel. He said WHAT EVERYONE WAS THINKING but to afraid to say it, and in the end that's what gets you respect. Opening your mouth while others stay silent. Keep up the good work AKPF/Blog.

    -This is your site, you have freedom to do what you want. Others that can't laugh or hate it, then i think you typed in the wrong web address. If you think it's pretty hilarious as i do myself and refreshing to see something like this rather than blind worship on other sites. Your in the right place.

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  5. What comment?

    And I haven't insulted either of them but I'm sure someone else has *cough cough*

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  7. I "insulted" Taeyeon fans with the "I'm tired of fapping to you" picture.

  8. Oh, glad it was you. I would hope that if I had insulted Taeyeon enough to get that type of reaction it would have been good enough to remember.

  9. I bet a lot of people are tired of fapping to Taeyeon, and just dont have the balls to do what the guy did in real life

  10. I purpose we all use "Gay Park" when mentioning Jay Park from now on. It'd be so lulzy having everybody here do it.

  11. Hajimama, for some reason, the blog counted your essay as spam. Your comment is up now.

  12. Lol k thanks. I take out the others ones that basically say the same thing.

  13. Must...insult...Manber! :)


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