Wednesday, April 27, 2011

After School releases Shampoo

Based on all of the previews, I was gonna avoid this song like the plague. I find it okay, and it's much better than I thought. Though...I thought it was gonna be worse than Chichi's and Rania's songs.

I'm wondering how they decided to release Shampoo instead of Conditioner. Maybe this?


  1. I've already listened to the song 10 times, and I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. I like AS. They were my favorite idol group for a long while. I want to continue to like them and their songs. Having seen the teaser photos and such I had really low expectations for them. Now how the hell am I supposed to think with this song?

    The music is good. The music is really good. It's a well produced track. The opening verse is complete shit, and the vocals for it suck. Too tinny. I'm assuming Nana had some part in them.

    The chorus is too tinny too for my tastes, but it's not so horrible. It has a pleasant vibe to it, and I came out from the first chorus thinking "OK, this might have a shot". And then comes Jungah's experienced vocals, like a fine single malt Scotch rolling over my palette. Sweet. Soon Kahi and Bekah's rapping hit with a nice flow, as they are both far above average for idol rappers.


    Raina bridge. Not bad, good vocals, but not impressive either.

    More good rapping.

    An ABBA-esque harmonizing club-style ending.

    Sounds pretty positive, right? So Why do I still feel disappointed? Oh that's right, because they used to have awesome songs like Bad Guy and Playgirlz....

  2. It's a pretty good song, but I do agree with dj. It's terrible for a group that used to be so sexy :(

  3. Billy Madison reference… best blog

  4. I was hoping for a strong chorus to back up the soft verses but the entire song is soft, almost ballad like. WTH happened to AS. Im pretty sure theres going to be songs like Diva, and Playgirlz, and using this as a lead track for the album. But if there isnt....going to be hell to pay!! Too soft for a lead song.

  5. There isn't RK. Virgin is very slightly "sexier" than Shampoo, and there's a re-recorded version of Bang. Jungah's solo song is the best on the album imo. Oh well.

  6. There's no 'fierce' factor in Shampoo.
    LOL. The lyrics are stalkerish weird too.
    Singing about wanting to be shampoo... T_T
    Still, the song is good. Don't think I'll get addicted to it though.

  7. WTF? The first rapping part is Nana? I would have never thought that in a million years. I am in shock right now.

  8. Ah, but the rapping part that I didn't like was Uee's, so that kinda makes sense. Still can't believe Nana has a talent other than looking anorexic. I might have to rethink my distaste for her.


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