Thursday, April 21, 2011

K-pop Jealousy

So I have read comments saying that the writers here were jealous of people like Park Bom and Lee Jia. That really is offensive to me because they both suck.

Here is a list of who I would be more jealous of than either Park Bom or Lee Jia. (no particular order)

1. Shin Se Kyung - shes got a toned body and boobs, a pretty face, oh and I bet she'd be awesome at sex.

2. Yoo In Na - boobs, boobs, boobs

3. Kim Sarang - Boobs, boobs, more boobs, and for a fourth time boobs

4. Ry Ji Hye - cute face, big boobs, nice frame and body, toned as well, nice legs and ass and boobs

5. Kim Tae Hee - pretty face and bangable body

6. Pre-surgery Hwang Mi Hee - pretty face, nice ass, nice boobs, big boobs, nice body

7. Kang Minkyung of Davichi - Very pretty, talented singer, sexy body, and not an idol

8. Hyun Bin - Very handsome man and good actor, Gay for him actually no jealousy

9. Dog shit - lucky piece of shit doesn't have eyes to see 2NE1's ugly shit face so I am jealous

10. Yoon Si Yoon - actor, handsome, got to be close with T-ara

11. Yoseob of B2ST - He's cute for a guy and fucking a powerful vocalist for an idol

12. Na Eun of A Pink - pretty, adorable, close with B2ST, very bangable, underage...I mean hi

13. Won Bin - Amazing actor and fucking handsome to boot. NO HOMO (actually don't even care he's just that awesome)

14. Jonghyun of Shinee - Banging Shin Se Kyung and one of the members of Shinee I like the most because he's banging Shin Se Kyung.

15. Anyone in The Movement (except Dok2) - Fucking amazing rappers, etc, etc.

Gonna end with one more because this list can go on for quite some time.

16. Qri - Apparently she has had sex a lot so I bet she's good in bed. I am more jealous of the guys that get to bang her though. Who wouldn't want that sucking their dick? I would like a pretty face to look up when I blow my load in their mouth instead of throwing up when I see a daffy duck face in front of me.

Jealousy implies you want something the other person has. Well Park Bom got a face I don't want and talents I don't find above average. So yeah wrong person to be jealous of.


  1. only think about sex, boob, ass, etc when you see a girls...

  2. Of course. I am talking about girls I have never met in real life. I can't tell their true personality through tv, that'd be ignorant. With celebrities, you can only truly love their looks and/or talent. There is no way you can truly perceive how celebrities truly act without meeting them and befriending them.

  3. 11. Yoseob of B2ST - He's cute for a guy and fucking a powerful vocalist for an idol

    This made your list irrelevant.

  4. That doesn't even make sense. This is a list of who/what I would be jealous of, not a list saying who's good and who's not. Did I emphasize I(I)I am jealous...not you :)

  5. I'm jealous of f(x)'s manager. Easily one of the best jobs ever. You can sneak into Sulli's room and smell her panties and shit. Jack off in her pillow. Fuck. I'd kill for that job.

  6. i don't see TOP on your list

  7. That's because no one into hip hop would ever be jealous of TOP.

  8. lol 14 doesn't make sense...

  9. @anonymous. i think he means that he's jealous of jjong cause he's dating shin sekyung and because he's in shinee and wants to bang shinee? (yeah lol that doesnt make sense xD)

  10. for a second i thought 11 was either sarcasm or just mixed messages from what i've been reading so far.

    and then i realised that it was a different author.

    and then i read "no homo" and some other parts....


  11. oh my god, this is so shallow.

  12. Chorong better than na eun. Park bom jjang!


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